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WWE Superstars Results 09/23/10

WWE Superstars Results 09/23/10:

Todd Grisham opened on commentary. He said tonight we'll take a look back at Raw's Gauntlet Match with Cena taking on Nexus to see if Cena survived. JTG of Smackdown arrived out to the ring for the opening match. Grisham and Striker talked about Kane still being the World Champion after beating up Undertaker at Night of Champions.

JTG vs. Primo

Primo was accompanied to the ring by his NXT rookie, AJ Lee. AJ rooted on Primo as JTG took control from the apron. He flipped in over the ropes and over Primo's back, then knocked Primo down. With Primo in the corner, JTG ran over and hit the Mugshot to plant him face first to the mat. He started to stomp with his boots to get the crowd going. As he went at Primo, Primo sidestepped his move then hit the Backstabber for the win.

Post-match, AJ got into the ring and hugged Primo to help celebrate the win. She got an unexpected slap on the backside from Primo.

Winner: Primo wins via pinfall over JTG.

They rolled highlights from Tuesday's WWE NXT on SyFy. The diva rookies played musical chairs with AJ Lee winning her first competition. Later on they had a "Talk the Talk" challenge which AJ also won tying her with Naomi with two challenge wins prior to the first elimination in two weeks.

Coming up on WWE Superstars, a look at the Gauntlet match in which John Cena faced the Nexus for a chance to get his hands on leader Wade Barrett.

Raw commentators Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were now on hand to discuss this past Monday night's episode of Raw. They introduced an in-progress segment from the show featuring Wade Barrett and Cena. Barrett told Cena he could take apart Nexus one-by-one by competing in a Gauntlet match tonight. Cena had to go through Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel. He got to Gabriel, but when he was about to hit his finisher, all of Nexus got in the ring to attack.

Cena managed to grab a chair away from Barrett and chased them off. Up on the ramp, Barett stood with Nexus while Cena was still in the ring. They ended up agreeing to a match at Hell in a Cell, Cena vs Barrett but each had stipulations. If Barrett wins, Cena must join Nexus. If Cena wins, Nexus must disband.

Cole and Lawler talked of the other match for Hell in a Cell, where Randy Orton defends the WWE Title against Sheamus in Hell in a Cell.

Goldust vs. William Regal

Goldust was accompanied to the ring by his NXT rookie diva, Aksana. At one point, Regal went to the outside to recover. He began to pace around the ring and spotted Aksana, then started to follow her. Goldust came out to attack Regal from behind. Regal soon turned the tables though and hit Goldust against the steel steps area before Superstars went to break.

Regal worked on Goldust's left leg down on the mat for a bit with submission holds. The Bizarre One managed to flip Regal across the ring with his leg at one point. However, Regal quickly regained control and took Goldust down again.

Towards the end of the contest, Goldust got to one knee and punched away at Regal. He stood up and hobbled a bit on one leg. As Regal came at him, Goldust hit the Final Curtain for the win. Aksana got into the ring to celebrate the win.

Winner: Goldust wins via pinfall over William Regal.

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