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WWE NXT Results 09/21/10

WWE NXT Results 09/21/10:

They opened with highlight of the Obstacle Course challenge which Smackdown Counsltant VIckie Guerrero had to show off on first. She made it to the end and then tripped and fell. Kaitlyn ended up winning the contest with the best time, and Vickie came out to congratulate her. Michael Cole had enough of the show and ended up walking off saying it violated his journalistic integrity.

Josh Matthews was still on hand for commentary and the seat next to him was empty. Matthews said Cole stayed true to his word and is gone. Just then, CM Punk arrived out in his wrestling gear with a suit coat on. He joined Matthews for commentary who handed him a picture of himself. Punk tore it up and tossed it into the crowd.

Matt Striker was in the ring and introduced all of the rookie divas with Punk making jokes about them and Matthews. Striker told the divas that in two weeks will be the first elimination. Striker talked about Jamie winning a competition and Kaitlyn also winning. Just then, Vickie started her "Excuse me" bit and came down to the ring she said it was her leadership skills that helped her win. Vickie said she booked Kaitlyn for a match tonight against Jamie, and then said she invited a few of her friends to coach Kaitlyn. Team LayCool arrived out.

LayCool talked about being the co-divas champs and the reason Kaval won Season 2. They started in on each of the diva rookies making wisecracks. They dissed Kelly Kelly as Smelly Kelly, so she got up and came down to the ring. She said Bella Twins aren't there for Jamie, but she and Naomi are. Kelly challenged them to a divas tag match: her, Naomi and Jamie vs LayCool and Kaitlyn. LayCool agreed, then started a shoving match with other divas in the ring.

With order restored in the ring, Striker was with the diva rookies and a bunch of chairs set up. He said "timing" is important for divas, so they will play Musical Chairs in the ring tonight. Kaitlyn was the first eliminated. Jamie was out next followed by Maxine, who got into it with Aksana. Next one eliminated was Aksana. In the final round, AJ managed to sit on the chair first before Naomi to win her first challenge.

They showed a video package about Aksana who is from Lithuania. She talked about being a former fitness champion several times and getting an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She said competing in fitness is very similar to being a WWE Diva.

Aksana was shown backstage when Goldust walked in. She was upset so Goldust asked what was going on. She said there's a possible problem with her working papers and if it's not resolved soon she could get deported. Goldust said they will fix this. He told her she's lost 2 matches now but she can still win NXT. He had her do his breathing technique to relax.

Josh Matthews brought up what happened on Raw with Nexus and John Cena. Time for the Raw Rebound which showed highlights of Cena going to the ring for a one-on-one with Barrett. Barrett brought out all of Nexus and told Cena since he said he wants to pick apart Nexus one-by-one, he can go against the other four first in Gauntlet match. Cena got through Slater, Tarver and Otunga, but when he faced Gabriel, all the others came in to attack. Cena chased them off with a steel chair. Raw ended with Cena and Barrett agreeing to a match where each had stipulations. If Barrett wins their match at Hell in a Cell, Cena must join Nexus. If Cena wins the match, then the Nexus is done.

Josh Matthews mentioned the other known match for Hell in a Cell, a Hell in a Cell WWE Title match with Orton defending against Sheamus.

AJ vs. Maxine

Alicia Fox brought her rookie diva to the ring. Primo accompanied AJ to the ring. Maxine had control in the late stages of the match. She whipped AJ to the corner but then ate a boot as she charged. AJ started flying around with takedowns and dropkicks. Maxine hit a brainbuster, but AJ managed to roll over for the pinfall cover to win it.

Winner: AJ wins via pinfall over Maxine.

Just then, Michael Cole came out asking "Can I have your attention please?" He said he's heard the rumblings, tweets and text messages. Cole said he got dozens of notes asking him to return to NXT. He said he NXT without him was unwatchable." He made analogies to Bristol Palin on DWTS and NY Jets player Braylon Edwards. Cole said for all his loyal fans the "Cole miners," he's decided to bring back journalistic integrity to the show. Cole officially announced his return to NXT then got a hug from Punk and Matthews.

Time for the "Talk the Talk Challenge" where each diva gets to talk on a given topic. Jamie's topic was "teeth" but she started to talk herself up and dissed her competitors saying she'll prove to WWE what sexy, powerful and smart really is. Striker reminded the divas to stay on topic. AJ had to talk about caffeine and said she's a natural dynamite every day. Naomi had to talk about toupe, but instead said she was there to wrestle. AJ and Kaitlyn got a lot of applause, but Striker said it was AJ who won. AJ with her 2nd competition win of the night.

Kelly Kelly, Naomi & Jamie vs. Kaitlyn & Team LayCool

Early on, Layla mocked Jamie doing various flex movies, so Jamie took it to her. Finally, Kaitlyn tagged in to go against Jamie. At one point she hit a Spear as Jamie was coming against the ropes. Naomi tagged in and had to contend with both members of LayCool. Michelle had her down for the pin. Kaitlyn came in but didn't tag. Michelle told her to get back out and make the tag. She did and by the time she got in it was too late. Naomi was able to roll her over to take the winning pin.

Post-match, LayCool yelled at Kaitlyn over the finish. Kaitlyn ended up shoving Michelle, so Layla got down and grabbed Kaitlyn's legs. As Kaitlyn ducked down to get Layla, Michelle came over with a huge kick to Kaitlyn's head, leveling her on the mat. Vickie was in the ring now and screamed at Kaitlyn how she never listens. Finally, McCool, Layla and Vickie left, backing up the ramp and pointing. A referee checked on Kaitlyn who was still down on the mat holding her head.

CM Punk said he will return for commentary again on next week's episode of NXT.

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