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WWE NXT Results 09/28/10

WWE NXT Results from :

They started off with highlights from last week's challenges: Musical Chairs and Talk the Talk. AJ won both competitions, giving her two wins just like Naomi.

Matt Striker was up on the stage to introduce the NXT Season 3 diva rookies: Aksana, AJ, Kaitlyn, Jamie, Naomi and Maxine. Striker said starting tomorrow the WWE Universe can cast votes on WWE.com at 12 noon to determine the WWE's next breakout diva. Tonight's competition is "Wheelbarrow Challenge." The divas each had to push a wheelbarrow around the ring. Whomever did it fastest would get a challenge win. Striker said they needed to make it tougher though. He called out Hornswoggle to put in the wheelbarrow to push around.

Maxine went first and got 14.7 seconds, even though she shoved the wheelbarrow after crossing the finish line and Hornswoggle fell on the ramp. Hornswoggle responded by biting her on the butt. Next up was Naomi who did the contest in 15.2 seconds, not quick enough to beat Maxine. Jamie got 14.4 seconds to edge out Maxine. Kaitlyn got a very impressive 12.0 seconds to take the lead. Next up was AJ Lee and got 17.7 seconds. Aksana got 13.9 seconds, giving Kaitlyn the win for her second competition.

They presented a this week in WWE history segment. September 22, 1997 Monday Night Raw was the historic moment which included Cactus Jack vs Triple H in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Also o nthe show, Vince McMahon who had been a longtime announcer confronted Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring. McMahon ultimately fell victim to a stunner and Austin was taken away in cuffs.

Josh Matthews introduced a video package on AJ Lee, who represents all the nerds out there. She said she stayed home on Saturday nights playing video games and was fine with that. She talked about waiting in line for eight hours for Wrestlemania tickets with her dad. She said her passion and determination will get her to the end of NXT.

Still to come tonight, another challenge: Diss the Diva.

Raw Rebound was shown once NXT returned. It was a recap of the Jericho vs Orton main event. Orton was ready for the win, but Sheamus came in to try to ambush The Viper. Instead, Orton DDT'd Sheamus off the middle rope. As Sheamus prepared to get up, Orton got ready for a punt kick. As he ran, Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker. Sheamus got out of the ring, and Jericho grabbed a steel chair. Jericho swung at Orton in the ring, but Orton avoided the chair shot, then hit the RKO on Jericho. With Sheamus still watching from ringside, Orton delivered the punt kick to Jericho, requiring medical staff to take him out on a stretcher. Cole said Sheamus and Orton meet Sunday in The Viper's Playground: Hell in a Cell.

A special announcement came from Michael Cole and Josh Matthews that starting next Tuesday, WWE NXT will only be seen on WWE.com, instead of SyFy. It will be the only place to find out the first NXT Season 3 diva elimination.

A background video was shown on Kaitlyn. She was a huge tomboy since birth, but got into fitness competitions as well. She feels she can showcase more of her personality as a diva. She said she wants to be the one that everyone can laugh with. She wants to show girls they can be goofy and still be feminine. Her role model is Beth Phoenix.

The theme song for Hell in a Cell is "Sacrifice" by Atom Smash, available for download everywhere.

They showed a replay of what went down on Friday Night Smackdown involving Kane and the Undertaker. In the segment, Kane arrived to the ring to make a new challenge to Undertaker. Kane said he plans to destroy Undertaker for good, this time in a Hell in a Cell match. He said Taker's not welcome in Hell, unless he brings him there. As Kane kept talking, suddenly the Undertaker's bell sounded. Next up was the ominous theme music, as druids brought a casket down to the ring. They left it at the bottom of the ramp, ringside.

As the lights came on, the casket was bright red, Kane style. Kane went over towards the casket saying "the games are over big brother." He ripped open the casket lid, and laying inside was Paul Bearer with the classic urn. He sat up anad the lights wnet out, with Undertaker's bell sounding. As the lights finally came back, Taker was in the ring behind Kane, with Paul Bearer standing in front of him. Bearer raised up the urn, and Undertaker went over to attack Kane ferociously, seeming to have recovered his strength. He was about to go for the chokeslam, but Kane rolled out of harm's way and got up the ramp. Bearer held up the urn as Taker knelt down. Kane yelled "Nooooo!!" from up on the ramp, realizing Undertaker may have recovered his powers.

Time for "Diss the Diva" where each rookie diva had to diss her competitors. Aksana and AJ went first. Kaitlyn tried to impersonate Naomi, by walking around with her butt stuck out. Naomi took exception and kicked her down. When Naomi went she talked about how Kaitlyn was talking trash on her video confessional. AJ ended up getting the victory based on crowd cheers. As she celebrated the win, Vickie Guerrero started her "Excuse me" routine and came to the ring.

Vickie confronted her rookie Kailtyn, saying week after week she's tried to mold her in her likeness. Vickie asked the audience to just feel her pain for once. Vikcie said she wishes Kaitlyn would step it up. Kaitlyn got on the mic saying she's tried her hardest from the start. She said next week is the first elimination and she won't have another chance to do this. She said she's going to step it up and challenge Vickie to a match. Vickie asked her if she remembers who she's talking to. Vickie said she'll accept her challenge next week and show her why she's the pro.

After she accepted the match, Vickie suddenly slapped Kaitlyn in the face. Kaitlyn fell to the mat, then got back up and shoved Vickie down. She jumped on her to start the cat fight. Eventually, Matt Striker had to break things up with Michael Cole yelling he wishes he was Striker right now. Vickie Guerrero backed up the ramp looking angrily towards the ring at Kaitlyn who was still holding her slapped chin.

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