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NXT Results 10/26/10

WWE NXT Results from Milwaukee, WI:

Cole said it's appropriate this is Halloween week because tonight's show will be horrifying. Matt Striker was in the ring to introduce each of the rookie divas who were dressed up in Halloween costumes. AJ was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Naomi was Hamburger Helper Hand, Kaitlyn was Vickie Guerrero, Maxine was Ice Queen and Aksana was the Red Devil girl.

Striker said starting tomorrow WWE Universe begins elimination voting. The next elimination will be next Tuesday. He mentioned winning the most challenges gives a rookie diva immunity from being eliminated.

Tonight's first rookie diva competition was the Halloween Costume Contest. Each rookie got fifteen seconds to impress the judges, the live audience. Basically the rookies just posed and walked around the ring to some corny music. Kaitlyn grabbed the mic and started her Vickie "Excuse Me" immitation, then fell on her huge butt and pounded the mat as the fans cheered. The audience gave their reaction to each rookie diva and gave a lot of applause to Kaitlyn giving her the win.

They showed Ted Dibiase and Maryse walking backstage. Maryse said "I don't want to be here," to Dibiase and Matthews said that's how we feel too.

Naomi vs. Maxine

Pro divas Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox were on hand to coach their respective diva rookies. Naomi and Maxine were still dressed in costume, with Naomi wearing her big Hamburger Helper Hand costume.

Cole and Matthews started watching an advance copy of "Knucklehead" while the match was going on. The duo finally started commentating. Maxine took the fight to the outside, beating up Naomi around the commentators table.

In the closing moments, Naomi started firing away with punches, knocking down Maxine for the win.

Winner: Naomi wins via pinfall over Maxine.

Backstage, Goldust told Aksana she has to stay focused on tonight because Ted Dibiase and Maryse are there to try to get the Million Dollar Belt. Aksana brought up the wedding next week, but Goldust said not to think about that yet. Just then an immigrations officer walked in. He told them if they're not married next week, Aksana will be deported.

Brie Bella vs. A.J.

Nikki was ringside for her twin sister. AJ came out in her TMNT Halloween costume along with her pro diva Primo. Brie had the upperhand early on, as she settled into a headlock on AJ. AJ got to her feet to elbow her away out, but as she came from against the ropes, Brie leveled her with a clothesline. Brie put a headlock back on as Nikki yelled "finish her off!"

Brie got outside and Nikki started arguing with her. Primo came over and told them not to try that "switchy thing". AJ gained control as Brie got back in the ring. AJ had repeated takedowns for near falls with Brie kicking out. At one point, the ref was giving instructions to AJ and missed it as Nikki yanked her sister out of the ring and took her place. Nikki was now in the ring and able to finish off AJ with a Faceplant to the mat.

Brie wasn't happy with her sister's actions nor was Primo who got in the ring to yell at the ref.

Winner: Brie wins via pinfall over A.J.

Dibiase and Maryse were backstage. Maryse said she doesn't want to be here anymore because it smells like vomit and the girls outside are tacky looking. Dibiase said they're here tonight to get his Million Dollar belt back. Maryse suggested he just buy another. Dibiase said that particular belt's been in his family for years. He told Maryse tonight she's going to help him get it back too. Maryse said "Fine" then went off in French before leaving the scene.

NXT returned with the new Standup for WWE campaign which featured the various superstars talking about how working for the NBA is their dream job. Included in the segment were Michelle McCool, Eve, The Bella Twins, Big Show, John Cena, Alex Riley, The Miz and John Morrison supporting WWE. Josh Matthews and Michael Cole encouraged fans to also Stand Up for WWE. Matthews said he's been a part of WWE for ten years now and it's the only thing he ever wanted to do.

Time for the second Rookie divas competition. The rookies were seated at a table with their pro mentors standing behind them. This was the "Halloween Candy Eating contest." Striker said for a competition of this magnitude he needs a little help. Hornswoggle came rushing to the ring in a cowboy costume. Striker had the minute countdown start as the divas started to shovel their face with chocolates from a plate. Striker had two referees count up pieces of candy eaten and Maxine won the competition.

Maxine was up to celebrate and ended up getting into it with Hornswoggle. AJ came over to help out and shoved Maxine with Hornswoggle crouched down behind her. Maxine fell to the mat and Alicia started to push AJ a bit. Next, Kaitlyn appeared to be choking. Vickie yelled at her to spit it out. Kaitlyn went over on the mat and Hornswoggle gave her the Heimlich, causing Kaitlyn to spit on Vickie. Vickie stormed off up the ramp upset over what happened.

Friday's episode of Smackdown will be the Undertaker's funeral, held by Kane. Cole said maybe next week's episode of NXT should be its funeral. Matthews said replay highlights of NXT are available on YouTube, Hulu and WWE.com.

Backstage, Vickie was screaming behind a closed door. Kaitlyn knocked on the door and Dolph Ziggler came out to talk to her. He said it's not a good time to go in there right now. Vickie kept screaming as Dolph told Kaitlyn she's a shoe-in to win this contest and looks great in her costume. Vickie screamed for Dolph to get back in there so he left Kaitlyn and closed the door.

As NXT returned, Michael Cole said next week's episode will feature the wedding of Goldust and Aksana. Matthews chimed in that it will be held in the most romantic city in the world, Bridgeport, CT.

Goldust & Aksana vs. Ted Dibiase & Maryse
Mixed Tag Match

Maryse slapped Aksana to start things off then took her down to the mat. Maryse continued to beat on Aksana in the corner until the ref ordered her to back off. Still Maryse choked Aksana against the bottom rope before smashing her face first to the mat. Laster on she put a Camel Clutch style submission. Aksana managed to kick Maryse away, prompting Dibiase to tag her, and Goldust tagged in as well.

Goldust had momentum with the inverted Atomic drop, but as he went for the Bulldog, Dibiase countered it to take control. The two ended up fighting outside with Dibiase smashing Goldust face first into the commentators table. As Dibiase rolled back in to distract the ref, Maryse kicked Goldust on the outside. Cole clapped for Maryse's tactics yelling "Good job Maryse!"

Moments later, Goldust hit the backdrop on Dibiase and crawled to the corner. Aksana tagged in and took control against Maryse. She had the drop down punch to get the near fall on Maryse, but Dibiase rushed in to pull Aksana off the pin. Goldust rushed in to take Dibiase to the outside. Meanwhile in the ring, Maryse tried to go for the finish. However, Aksana grabbed her into a surprise rollup pinfall for the win.


Post-match, Goldust stood on the apron and praised Aksana for the win. Dibiase came up from behind, yanked out Goldust's leg causing him to hit the apron face first. Dibiase grabbed the Million Dollar Belt and rolled into the ring. Despite all that, Aksana was able to slap Dibiase in the face and pull the belt away from him. Goldust got back into the ring to fight off Dibiase. Goldust and Aksana were able to retreat with the belt still in their possession as NXT ended.

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