Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stand Up for WWE? CEO Vince McMahon asks fans to help

Vince McMahon appears on the site to address politics and World Wrestling Entertainment. He notes that the US Senate campaign involving Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal has put the spotlight on WWE resulting in negative and innacurate attacks on WWE. Therefore, WWE is reaching out to the fans to help respond to these malicious attacks.

So "Stand Up for WWE" is the campaign set up by WWE to help "correct biased and inaccurate media reports." Vince is asking fans to upload videos and photos to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube. He wants to show the enemies and opponents of WWE that it's not as bad as it's being painted to look. That's why we're being bombarded with that special video package as of this week to highlight the money-making global sports entertainment machine that is the WWE.

Among the suggested ways to "Stand Up for WWE" listed on the website are "Friend WWE on Facebook" make "I'm Standing up for WWE" as your Facebook status, and create "I Stand Up for WWE" signs or T-shirts for live events. It's also suggested fans email reporters who wrote unfair pieces on WWE, or write to editors of local newspapers to address the topic.

You've got to admit this is an interesting campaign in an effort to help his wife and former CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment company. Unfortunately, Vince may be trying a little too hard to bury the past. That past includes he and Linda in storylines with the likes of Trish Stratus, where she was demeaned as a member of the WWE divas roster. Vince also engaged in storyline affairs with the likes of Candice Michelle and Stacey Keibler during his heyday.

Still, the WWE has tried its best to clean up its act with its switch to a PG rating over the past years. There's been some slips here or there from improv guest hosts trying to push the limits, but for the most part there's been no sex or over-the-top bloody violence unless someone accidentally started to bleed. If they did, the refs have stopped those matches to address the wound, something which was rarely seen during the WWE's earlier days.

You've seen the video bits on WWE programming which feature talk of WWE's vast charitable efforts, which is true. The positive should far outweigh the negatives with WWE's entertainment right now, which is global and brings smiles to many fans. It's up to you which side you choose in politics, but if you're a WWE fan you may want to assist in the anti-smear campaign.

Check out the Stand Up for WWE page here at to find out more on how you can help out.

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