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Raw Results 10/18/10

WWE Raw results from Calgary, Canada:

Cole and Lawler were on hand to start off the show, less than a week before Bragging Rights PPV. Just then, Smackdown GM Theodore Long arrived out. Long said he came tonight to Raw, because he can. Long said he'd be taking over Raw tonight. The fans booed, just as the computer email lights and sound effect went off. Cole got up to read as usual.

The email from the Raw GM said "Get out of my ring, now." and told Teddy Long he has no business being there. Long had a ref bring out the Bragging Rights trophy which currently belongs to Smackdown. Long said they will repeat as champs. The lights flashed again for another email, saying "Get out of my ring, or else." Long got out of the ring so Cole went up and confronted him. The lights flashed yet again, so Long went over to the podium and made an announcement. He said now the Raw GM is disconnected. He shut the laptop down, then introduced his Team Smackdown.

Team captain Big Show arrived out first, followed by Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks and finally Rey Mysterio. All seven guys wore Smackdown blue t-shirts and assembled in the ring together. Just then, The Miz's theme music hit and he arrived out wearing a red Raw T-shirt with his apprentice Alex Riley.

Miz said it looks like the smurfs got blown up near a nuclear power plant. He called Show "Fat Smurf," Del Rio "Rico Suave smurf," and Edge "Smurfette." Miz said that Raw will be taking the trophy home this year, then introduced his team: CM Punk, John Morrison, Santino Marella, newest member Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus. The Miz warned Team Smackdown to get out of their ring, or they'll make them get out. Smackdown didn't budge so Team Raw advanced down the ramp in formation, then charged. A big fight started up in the ring, including Alex Riley in the mix.

Miz eventually pulled his men out of the ring and held them back, saying "save it for Sunday." Big Show got on the mic saying they'll get out of the ring willingly if Miz faces him one-on-one in a captain vs captain match. CM Punk whispered in Miz's ear, then the rest of the team shoved him forward saying "do it." Miz agreed to the match later on.

Teddy Long was still standing nearby Cole and Lawler, with the Raw GM laptop in hand. Cole told him to get away and go back to Smackdown. They reviewed highlights from last week's Cena vs Miz match to win the captain spot for Team Raw. Cena had control of things and was ready to win until Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty interfered. Miz won, and Cena went after McGill/Harris post-match. Wade Barrett hit the ring to pull Cena away and continually insulted him to end Raw.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

DH Smith and Tyson Kidd seemed to be back together despite recent tension between them. Kidd was the early recipient of a major beating from Drew McIntyre, in and out of the ring.

Late in the match, Smith hit a running powerslam for a near fall. Rhodes came in to break up the move, then went against the ropes, but Kidd was able to deliver a kick move from the apron. Kidd prepared for the Hart Attack, but Smith instead went for the Sharpshooter, ignoring Kidd. Tyson yelled at DH so he turned around to confront him. As DH went back to Drew he got kicked in the leg and Drew hit the FutureShock DDT for the win.

Post match, Kidd backed up the ramp angrily smirking at DH Smith. Natalya tried to confront both guys to get some team unity.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Backstage, John Cena was preparing in the locker room when Randy Orton came in to confront him. He said they need to lay all their cards on the table. Orton said he knows Cena won't have a problem helping Barrett defeat him for the WWE title. He said he has no problem kicking him in the skull if he gets in his way. Cena told him if he even tries it, he'll break his leg off.

They had a video segment displaying the new R-Truth theme song "Get Crunk" with Eve as his dancer. The clip showed highlights of Truth dancing as well as moves in the ring. Truth is one of Team Raw's members for Bragging Rights.

Goldust vs. Zack Ryder

Goldust arrived wearing the Million Dollar belt and accompanied by his NXT rookie Aksana. As the match was about to start, Ted Dibiase and Maryse arrived out onto the ramp to watch.

Goldust his several moves including "The Final Cut" to finish off Ryder in quick fashion. As he was celebrating over near the corner with the Million Dollar belt and Aksana. Dibiase rushed to the ring to attack. Aksana and Maryse started to tug on opposite ends of the belt, with Aksana grabbing it and taking off. Maryse chased her backstage. Dibiase was watching it, then turned to get hit by Final Cut by Goldust.

Winner: Goldust wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

Raw returned with The Nexus assembled in the locker room. Cena walked in asking Barrett if he wanted to see him. Barrett told Cena to give Harris and McGillicutty everything he's got tonight. Cena asked if he was really ordering that and Barrett said yes. Barrett said he wants Cena to test them to see if they're the real deal for Nexus. Barrett then told Cena to go get him a glass of water as the other Nexus guys smirked.

Backstage, one of Big Show's co-stars from Knucklehead was backstage playing the new Smackdown vs Raw 2011 video game, using Big Show to defeat The Miz. Miz walked in behind him and then told him that won't be happening on tonight's Raw. The kid kept talking trash so Miz picked him up to talk some sense at him. Big Show walked in behind Miz, and took his co-star to place him on a table. Show joked around with his co-star after The Miz left the scene.

John Cena walked into the locker room with a glass of water which he handed to Barrett. Barrett took a sip of the water, then told Cena he's really enjoying this. He threw the glass of water in Cena's face, causing all the Nexus guys to start laughing. Cena was clearly upset, but walked out of the locker room as Wade chuckled with the guys about it.

Another reply was shown of Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty interfering in the Miz vs Cena match to help Miz become captain of Team Raw.

John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty

Before the match could get underway, Wade Barrett and The Nexus arrived out onto the ramp to watch the match. Cena and Orton stared up the ramp at them before the bell sounded. cena immediately took it to Michael McGillicutty. After a major suplex, McGill rolled out of the ring holding his back. Cena yelled up the ramp at Barrett "that good enough for ya?" Raw hit commercial break.

Cena and Orton worked effectively as a team early on. McGillicutty finally managed to get a move in on Cena and tagged in Husky Harris to pound away on Cena. Harris hit a huge running splash on Cena in the corner. Later on, Harris went for the big splash with Cena on the mat, but Cena rolled away. Cena made the tag to Orton who came in for a huge scoop slam, and then a DDT of McGillicutty from the ropes.

Afterwords, Cena hit Attitude Adjustment on Harris. Orton hit the RKO on McGillicutty to take the winning pinfall. They celebrated in the ring post-match.

Cena offered a handshake with Orton looking at him. Barrett told Cena not to think about shaking his hand. He ordered Cena to step out of the ring or be fired. Cena rolled out as Barrett told him to stand by the announce table. Nexus surrounded the ring with Orton in it. Wade said Cena's got the best spot in the house to watch the demise of The Viper.
Orton fought back early on, beating up Slater near the corner. Barrett attacked from behind so Orton rolled out of the ring then pulled Barrett out. He got a few moves in, before the rest of Nexus pounced on him. They brought Orton back inside for more beating, including finishing moves with Justin Gabriel's 450 Splash the final one.

Cena yelled "Stop" at Barrett and crew. Wade grabbed the mic and ordered Cena to get in the ring now. He yelled it a second time and Cena complied. Barrett told Cena to pick up Orton and give him the Attitude Adjustment now, or get fired. Cena questioned it, then went over and put Orton on his shoulders. Barrett told Cena to hold up, and hand Orton to him instead for his finisher. He hit the Wasteland to slam Orton to the mat then looked down at Orton. Cena left the ring and walked up the ramp after shaking his head at Nexus.

Winners: John Cena and Randy Orton win via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

Raw returned with a look at what just happened in the Cena/Orton vs McGill/Harris match, including Barrett and Nexus dismantling The Viper post-match with Cena watching.

As Cole and Lawler were talking over what happened and the upcoming PPV. Just then Vickie Guerrero came out with her "Excuse Me" line. She said she's happy to take the credit for the Smackdown superstars appearing tonight on Raw. She introduced the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler came out in street clothes then took the mic from Vickie. He said people confuse his confidence for cockiness. He said he's got it all including the most talented and gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth. Ziggler called Vickie his "little ray of Sunshine when his skies are gray."

Just then, Ziggler was interrupted as US Champion Daniel Bryan arrived out. He said he's no ladies man but he's sure he could do better than Vickie. Bryan said he doesn't have the movie star looks or shredded physique like Ziggler, but he knows he can exploit his weaknesses in the ring and make him tap out. Bryan challenged Ziggler to wrestle him at Sunday's PPV. Ziggler said he accepts, but why wait until Sunday. Ziggler got a slap in on Bryan, prompting Bryan to try to fight back. Vickie stood in front of him to block his path. Ziggler stared to try to get out of the ring, so Bryan rushed and tackled him out through the ropes. He put on the Labelle Lock with Ziggler tapping on the outside.

As Vickie screamed from in the ring, Eve's theme music hit. Eve, Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins, Melina and Gail Kim all got into the ring with a bucket. They surrounded Vickie, then Gail Kim tried to throw the bucket at her. It missed and the red glitter inside spilled out. Eve picked it up and dumped some of the glitter on Vickie to try to complete the gag. Daniel Bryan got back in the ring, and the divas got him to dance with them to some generic music. He did a somersault backlfip and then a split, appearing to hurt his groin a bit.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Natalya will challenge for the Divas title on Sunday at Bragging Rights. Early on in this one, Alicia Fox slapped Natalya in the face several times to gain control of the match. Natalya came from against the ropes to grab Fox and toss her into the corner. After a German suplex, she tried to pull Alicia to center ring. Alicia tried to get the ropes but Natalya pulled her back in and put the Sharpshooter on to make Alicia tap.

Team LayCool arrived out from backstage to start insulting Natalya and Calgary. They said the Harts don't belong in the Hall of Fame, they belong in the Looney Bin. Michelle started to get in the ring but Natalya was ready to fight. Layla rushed in from the other side to grab her leg. Natalya fought back a bit, but Michelle got in the ring and kicked her. Michelle put the Sharpshooter on Natalya while Layla layed down with a camera phone to snap a pic. Natalya reversed it, so Layla dropped her camera to help Michelle escape. Natalya grabbed Layla and tried to get the Sharpshooter on her, but Michelle pulled her out of it to escape the ring.

Winner: Natalya wins via submission over Alicia Fox.

Cole and Lawler discussed CM Punk's impressive debut on Raw last week where he defeated Evan Bourne to join Team Raw. Post-match, Punk destroyed Bourne including a severe submission hold the Anaconda Vice Grip. Cole said Bourne needed surgery that will have him out of action for months.

Backstage, Teddy Long was meeting with Big Show and Smackdown mascot Hornswoggle in a hallway. Josh Matthews rushed up to ask Teddy if it was sort of brazen for them to show up on Raw like this. Teddy asked if it's brazen for him to ask a stupid question. He told Hornswoggle to go do what he does. Horney went down another hall then re-emerged carrying a Smackdown flag. He lead the entire Smackdown roster out from the hallway as they walked past Matthews.

When Raw returned, Cole said recently WWE has been subject to political attacks. Cole said this is what WWE's really all about. They rolled a highlight video which included celebs like Shaq, Nicole Scherzinger, Bent Stiller and Snoop Dogg singing the praises of the sports entertainment company. The video included stats about its viewers, PPV buy rates and website visitors. After the video, Cole told fans who want to participate they can go to to help standup against those who are bashing WWE. They showed a "Stand Up for WWE" logo on screen.

John Cena was walking backstage. Wade Barrett came up to him and told Cena he's not done yet. He said he's not finished with Randy Orton by a longshot. He put his arm around Cena to lead him down a hallway.

On a split screen they showed The Miz walking with Alex Riley and Big Show walking, all smiles. Their match is up next.

The Miz vs. The Big Show

Justin Robers introduced Bobbie J Thompson from "Knuckleheads" the co-star of Big Show. Thompson gave the introduction for Big Show after getting some boos from the crowd. Show arrived out with the entire Smackdown roster.

Justin Roberts handled ring intro for The Miz, who arrived out with Alex Riley. He told Riley to stay back and walked to the ring on his own. Miz stopped bottom of the ramp then signaled up the ramp for Riley to head down. Riley started to, then the entire Raw roster arrived as well.

Early on, the action broke down as Miz fell to the outside. MVP got down on the floor to taunt him. Big Show arrived out to go after Miz, but the Raw roster intervened. Just then, Smackdown GM Teddy Long arrived out. He said since both rosters are there with Bragging Rights six days away, they should have a Smackdown vs Raw Battle Royal, right now.

Winner: No contest as Teddy Long ordered a battle royal instead.

Smackdown vs Raw Battle Royal

Raw returned with the Battle Royal in progress. One Raw member was eliminated. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle attacked Michael Cole and took his headset away. Swoggle started grunting and breathing heavy on the mic. Cole got back on a headset asking Hornswoggle what he was doing.

Team Smackdown member Tyler Reks was eliminated early on, followed by Mark henry from Raw. Chavo got tossed out next, then Regal. Cole told Hornswoggle he's better than Matt Striker. Kozlov was tossed out as the train wreck commentary continued with Cole, Lawler and Swoggle. Santino was eliminated.

John Morrison and Del Rio fought on opposing sides of the turnbuckle, then punched each other off to eliminate one another. Swagger somehow got eliminated and blamed Edge, so he yanked him out of the rang and put the ankle lock on him.

The match came down to Big Show versus Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Miz was hiding at ringside. Daniel Bryan got tossed out, so Sheamus and Ezekiel Jackson took on Show. They teamed up to hit a double suplex on Show. Sheamus whipped Jackson into Show in the corner. Jackson tried to return the favor, but Show clobbered him down. Show managed to shove Jackson out over the ropes

Things broke down as Edge snuck back into the ring and hit a Spear on Sheamus. Show was on the apron and grabbed Miz around the neck to throw him out of the ring. Edge followed up with a clothesline on Sheamus for the final elimination. Hornswoggle ran around with the Smackdown flag to celebrate their win.

Winner: Big Show and Edge of Smackdown win the Smackdown vs Raw Battle Royal.

Backstage, Wade Barrett told his Nexus crew it was time to practice what's going to happen when he wins the WWE Title on Sunday. He ordered Cena to join them. He said when he wins a match his hand gets raised as a token of victory. He ordered Cena to do it now. Cena shoved past Slater and Otunga then raised Barrett's hand up. Barrett laughed with his hand still raised as Cena walked off.

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