Monday, October 18, 2010

Raw Preview 10/17/10

On tonight's Raw, fans will once again be watching to see if John Cena will continue to adhere to Wade Barrett and his orders as part of Nexus. Last week's show saw Cena nearly snap when Barrett hit the ring and pulled Cena off Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. To add insult to injury, Barrett added a stipulation for tonight's tag match: if Cena and Orton lose, then Barrett will induct McGillicutty and Harris into The Nexus. What will go down when Cena tags up with the WWE Champ Randy Orton? Will Barrett order Cena not to compete in the match, leaving Orton to fend for himself?

The Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View is approaching quickly, and Natalya has her eye on the prize. That prize is the WWE Divas Championship which she'd love to bring back to the Raw divas roster. She's had to contend with the "flawless" team known as LayCool for the past several weeks. Just recently, Team LayCool went a bit far in suggesting that Natalya has a beard much like Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart's. Natalya seemed to take it in stride, but don't expect her to lay off LayCool. With the impending match less than a week away, how will Natalya prepare? Will she be in action tonight?

Last week also saw six of the seven members qualify for Team Raw at Bragging Rights PPV. In individual matches John Morrison, R-Truth, Sheamus, Santino Marella, CM Punk and The Miz all secured spots on the team. The Miz was able to take over as team captain, thanks to interference in his match with John Cena. Still there is one spot left open on the team. Which member of the Raw roster will take that final spot? Will they be revealed on tonight's Raw?

Catch Monday Night Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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