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NXT Results 10/19/10

WWE NXT Results from Edmonton,


Michael Cole opened with Josh

Matthews, saying there are 2 weeks until the

next elimination. Host Matt Striker

introduced the five remaining NXT rookies:

Kaitlyn, Aksana, Naomi, A.J. and Maxine.

Cole said Maxine's grown on him and he loves

her attitude. Striker said it's the halfway

point of this season. As he was talking

about the competition a loud "Excuse me!"

came from Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie said she can't listen to how Striker

talks about the rookie divas. She walked up

to Kaitlyn asking what she's thinking in

wearing the outfit she is. Vickie said she's

recommited to being Kaitlyn's pro and helping

her win NXT. Vickie had a gift for Kaitlyn

to save her from the disaster. She gave her

a sweatshirt to wear but Kaitlyn tossed it

onto the mat. Maxine piped up saying Kaitlyn

needs to learn some respect and she'd take

her as her pro any day.

Alicia Fox got up from her seat on the stage

to confront her rookie asking what she just

said. Alicia said she could coach her rookie

to beat Vickie's rookie any day. Vickie said

they barely had time to prepare, and Alicia

said the match will happen right now.

Striker said it was official, right now.

Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

NXT returned after

commercial. Kaitlyn was now wearing the

hoodie sweatshirt Vickie gave her. Alicia

was on the apron to coach Maxine. They

showed highlights from 2 weeks ago when

Kaitlyn defeated Vickie in a match, and

Kaitlyn hugged Dolph after the match

infuriating Vickie.

Vickie and Alicia wore mic headsets on the

apron to coach their rookies in the match.

Maxine started to wrap the hood around

Kaitlyn's face and choked her against the

bottom rope. Michael Cole took a cell phone

call during the match. Matthews said it must

be the Raw GM because Cole doesn't have

friends. Cole handed the phone to ring

announcer Tony Chimel too. Eventually

Matthews found out it was Cole's mother on

the phone.

Something happened near the ring apron with

Kaitlyn fighting Maxine near Vickie and

Vickie falling off the apron. Maxine managed

to roll up Kaitlyn for a pinfall and held her

butt to secure the pinfall. Kaitlyn tore off

the sweatshirt and tossed it off. Vickie

confronted her about the loss.

Winner: Maxine wins via pinfall over


Cole introduced the WWE's "TV PG" video

package to show how WWE is a good, clean

sports entertainment phenomenon across the

globe. Other parts of the video segment

showed WWE's involvement with charities like

the Overseas tribute and Make A Wish. Cole

encouraged viewers to stop by WWE.com and

help support WWE in the face of all the

political attacks going on now. "Stand Up

for WWE" is the latest campaign.

Time for the "Who's That Body?" Competition

for the rookie divas. The divas had to

identify various diva or superstar bodies

shown to gain points. They each had air

horns again like the name that tune contest.

Naomi got the first body right with Cody

Rhodes before Striker even gave choices. AJ,

Kaitlyn and Naomi were the only ones to get

answers. Naomi got the last answer right,

Melina, to win with 3, to Kaitlyn and AJ's 2.

When NXT returned, Matthews and Cole

discussed the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV

with Team Raw vs Team Smackdown, as well as

Orton defending the WWE Title against Wade

Barrett. John Cena will be in Barrett's

corner as a Nexus member. They showed video

highlights of how Cena became a member of

Nexus after losing to Barrett at the last

PPV. Ever since, Cena's been subjected to

humiliating orders from Wade Barrett. Cena

was ordered to help Barrett win the Battle

Royal weeks ago to become #1 Contender for

the WWE Title. Just last night, Cena teamed

up with Orton to take on Husky Harris and

Michael McGillicutty. They won but after the

match, Nexus attacked Orton while Cena could

only watch.

Matthews brought up the Goldust Aksana

situation. Backstage, Goldust was petting

the Million Dollar belt and thanked Aksana

for saving it. Goldust said if Aksana

married him she wouldn't be deported.

Goldust said in two weeks they get married.

Goldust got down on one knee and presented a

ring to Aksana to make it official. He moved

his lips towards Aksana but held back, then

wished her luck in the limbo contest later


Time for the next divas competition "The Limbo." Two refs held the limbo stick for the divas to limbo under. As Striker told the refs to "lower the bar" Cole said it's just like the show's bar has been lowered. Kaitlyn and AJ started clowning around under the stick. Kaitlyn was eliminated for not clearing the stick. AJ was also eliminated, followed by Aksana. It came down to Maxine vs Naomi. Naomi ended up with the big win to have 3 competition victories, giving her a chance at immunity.

Kelly Kelly & Naomi vs. The Bella


Early on, The Bella Twins started to dominate Kelly with several double team moves. Kelly eventually made an escape to tag in Naomi who took it to one of the Bellas. At one point, all four divas were involved in the contest. Nikki got pissed, then rushed over and pounced on Naomi. A big brawl ensued with Kelly pulling Naomi away and Brie pulling Nikki away. As it became Brie vs Naomi, Brie offered the rookie a sincere handshake. Later, Nikki tagged in and then talked some trash before shoving Naomi down. Moments later Nikki shoved Naomi off the corner turnbuckle, causing her to fall onto the apron.

Later still showing aggression, Nikki rushed over to knock Kelly off the apron. She pulled Naomi over by her hair to let Brie tag her in. Naomi kicked Nikki out of the ring. Things went awry as Kelly was trying to get into the ring. Nikki shoved Brie away from Naomi then took the winning pinfall on her. Kelly was confused as to why Nikki was so hostile. She checked on Naomi on the mat as the Bellas raised their arms up on the ramp. Brie was confused about her sister's aggressive behavior as Nikki was mocking a crybaby to taunt Kelly and Naomi.

Winner: The Bella Twins win via pinfall over Kelly Kelly & Naomi.

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