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Raw Results 10/25/10

Raw Results from Green Bay, WI:

Wade Barrett and The Nexus arrived to the ring leading his crew. Cena trailed them. Both Otunga and Cena carried their tag team belts with them. Barrett introduced the most dominant group in the history of WWE, The Nexus. He introduced Otunga, Slater, Gabriel and then motioned for Cena to stand with them. Barrett introduced Cena and he did the "You can't see me" hand wave in his face.

Barrett had slideshow still images shown of Nexus beating up Undertaker to help bury him at the PPV last night. Barrett explained why Nexus helped Kane saying "we had our reasons" but told the fans it's none of their business. Barrett ordered Cena to tell the fans what happened later in the match against Orton. Cena said Orton was about to beat down Barrett so he got him DQ'd and Barrett won the match. Barrett gave his side of the story, saying Cena layed his hands on him, delivering the AA. Barrett said after that, Cena had the audacity to hand the belt over to Orton. Cena told him he said if he won the match then Cena wouldn't be fired.

The email sound went off as the lights blinked. Cole got up to read the latest email from the GM. The GM said Barrett is entitled to a future rematch against Orton, but there must be a special referee to maintain order. The GM said the winner of tonight's main event gets to choose the ref. The GM said any member of Nexus will face Orton. Barrett said that's an easy choice, Cena will face Orton.

Otunga chimed in on a mic saying that he and Cena won the tag titles last night, but Cena clearly wasn't on the same page. Otunga suggested that Cena should be fired for what he did to him last night. Barrett said it's clear they can't co-exist as tag champs, so he ordered a tag team title match with John Cena and David Otunga facing Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

John Cena & David Otunga vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
WWE Tag Team Title Match

The bell sounded to make it official with Cena ready to go in the ring. Barrett got back on the mic saying Nexus doesn't fight each other, so someone needs to do the right thing. Barrett said someone needs to lie down in the ring for a pin, and that someone is David Otunga. Otunga was clearly pissed about the order, but Barrett stared him down. Otunga tagged in and got in the ring reluctantly against Heath Slater. Cena was shown on the apron saying "Don't do it." Otunga got down to one knee then layed dowon for Slater to take the pinfall. Slater and Gabriel became the new tag team champions.

Otunga just shook his head as he stood in the corner. Cena left the ring also upset and walked backstage as the new champs celebrated the win.

Winners: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel win via pinfall over David Otunga & John Cena to become new tag team champions.

They showed highlights of how Daniel Bryan challenged Dolph Ziggler to a match last week for Bragging Rights. Bryan ended up putting a Labelle Lock on Ziggler outside the ring.

Vickie Guerrero arrived out on stage with her rookie diva Kaitlyn. Vickie said there was an error last night in officiating which cost Smackdown's Dolph Ziggler the match against Daniel Bryan. Vickie introduced Ziggler for a match tonight. She pushed Kaitlyn aside to make sure that she could be the one to escort Ziggler to the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
Champion vs Champion Rematch

Before the match could start, CM Punk arrived out in street clothes to watch the matchup. Kaitlyn and Vickie were also ringside for the match. Punk walked over to join Cole and Lawler on commentary. Punk told Cole he was there to entertain and scout some talent. As they were talking, Bryan put on an impressive surfboard submission to hoist Ziggler up.

The pinfall and submission exchanges came fast and furious with both men putting in some impressive work. Ziggler had a late sleeper hold with Bryan backing him into the corner, then getting to the ropes. Bryan slipped out of the hold, turning it into the Labelle Lock. Vickie came around the side of the ring and pulled Ziggler's leg under the bottom rope. The ref didn't see it and Ziggler tapped. Vickie screamed at the ref post-match. CM Punk stood up clapping, eyeing Bryan in the ring.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission over Dolph Ziggler.

When Raw returned, Cole and Lawler mentioned Toby Keith's "Bullets in the Gun" album. Toby Keith is tonight's special guest host. They showed some members of the Green Bay Packers seated in the crowd.

They rolled footage of the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge which features the WWE Superstars advocating reading with children.

Raw guest host Toby Keith was backstage with The Bella Twins. They gave him a special WWE championship belt. Santino came in and performed a country song he made up which featured lyrics about Maria, Beth Phoenix and Tamina. Sheamus walked in causing the Bellas to exit. He told Santino he embarassed him last night, so tonight he's challenging him one-on-one. Santino accepted. Sheamus told him he better show up.

They showed Wade Barrett in the locker room. Cena came rushing in yelling at Barrett at what just happened out in the ring. Barrett told Cena he needs to follow his orders no matter what. Cena said handing over WWE championships isn't him. He said fired or quit, it's all the same. Cena tore off the Nexus armband, but Barrett told him to hold up. He said if he beats Orton tonight he'll make him an offer that will benefit both of them.

Melina & Gail Kim vs. Layla & Michelle McCool

They showed how LayCool insulted Natalya and Bret Hart on last week's Raw. During the match, Melina and Layla collided in the air as both went for cross body moves. Gail Kim was knocked off the apron. Michelle was able to make a blind tag. Melina went for the rollup pin on Layla, but Michelle was in to deliver a solid kick to Melina. Michelle pinned Melina for the win.

Winner: Team LayCool wins via pinfall over Melina & Gail Kim.

Michael Cole reminded fans that next Tuesday is the big election. Lawler said tomorrow's the last day to register to vote nationwide. Lawler reminded fans to not wear a WWE T-shirt when they show up for voting.

They showed The Miz walking backstage with Alex Riley. Cole said Miz will come out to read the riot act to Team Raw for last night's loss.

Alex Riley and The Miz arrived to the ring. Miz grabbed a mic to address the WWE Universe. Cole said "listen up, Lombardi's about to speak." Miz said he's accomplished more in his career than everyone in the arena will achieve in their lifetimes. Miz said he's not a miracle worker, and even though he lasted longer than any member of Team Raw, they lost. He said if the rest of the team had his talent, they'd have the Bragging Rights trophy right now.

Miz said he'll also be the poster boy for THQ's Smackdown vs Raw 2011 video game which is available tomorrow. He had the cover shown on the Titantron which shows Big Show, John Cena and The Miz. Miz had an alternate cover shown which showed 3 different variations of Miz on it. He said Team Raw should have just been seven versions of him. Miz said if Rey Mysterio wants to come over to Raw he's laying down the challenge for next Monday. After Miz did his "I'm Awesome" bit, Eve's theme music and Eve arrived to the ring.

Miz said he knows why Eve's out there but she doesn't have to apologize on behalf of the divas. Miz said it's not her fault she has bad taste in men and hair extensions that don't match. Eve told Miz he's a frog-faced loser and the farthest thing from Awesome the WWE's ever seen. Riley interrupted Eve telling her to shut the front door, because Miz could have beat anyone on that roster. Riley told Eve to head backstage and see if anyone from Team Raw wants a piece of the captain. Eve started to leave the ring when R-Truth's theme song hit and Truth came out performing it. Truth said he was about to show Miz that The Truth hurts. The Raw GM sent an email saying "Ding Ding Ding."

R-Truth vs. The Miz

Late in this match, Truth was able to knock Miz off the apron into the commentators table. Truth went out to grab Miz and tossed him back into the ring. The ref didn't notice as Alex Riley rammed Truth into the side of the ring. Eve came storming over and spun Riley around then slapped him in the face. Riley fell down afterwords. Later in the ring, Truth was able to hit a dropkick through the ropes as he saw Riley going after Eve. Miz was able to eventually hit the Skullcrushing Finale on Miz to collect the pinfall win.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over R-Truth.

Justin Roberts introduced Raw guest host and special ring announcer for the next match, country singer Toby Keith. The Bella Twins escorted Toby to the ring. Toby reminisced about how he's been to Green Bay countless times. He talked about singing the anthem for the Packers at the Superbowl years ago. Toby Keith introduced Sheamus first, followed by Santino Marella.

Santino Marella vs. Sheamus

Santino peaked out from behind the entrance area then started to walk towards the ring cautiously. Toby Keith came out of the ring to encourage Santino to go to the ring for the match.

Sheamus immediately went to work. Santino tried some offense but failed at a hip toss, with Sheamus overpowering him. Sheamus was ready to go for the Brogue kick but Santino fell to the mat. John Morrison came rushing to ringside telling Santino he couldn't go on because he was so out of it. Santino fell down again as Sheamus went for the big boot kick. Sheamus got Santino in the corner and Morrison yelled at Sheamus to ask what he was trying to prove. Sheamus said he'll show him. He backed up then went for the running kick, but Santino fell again. Sheamus hit the corner and fell to the mat, with Santino falling forward to pin him.

John Morrison pulled Santino out of the ring. Everyone was shocked at the win including Michael Cole and Santino. Morrison and Santino celebrated up on the ramp.

Winner: Santino wins via pinfall over Sheamus.

When Raw returned it was time for the latest Stand Up for WWE campaign video. This one featured a variety of wrestlers talking about how they always dreamed of being in WWE. Superstars included John Cena, Michelle McCool, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Alicia Fox, Cody Rhodes, Eve, The Miz, Alex Riley and Bella Twins. They talked about how much they love doing this job and be a positive influence. After the video, Cole talked about how he used to pretend with his brother that they were commentators for the WWE show on Saturdays. For more info on how to Stand Up for WWE visit

Backstage, Barrett was congratulating Slater and Gabriel for becoming new tag champs. Otunga came in still upset over what happened earlier. He talked to Barrett one-on-one saying he humiliated him tonight in front of everyone. Otunga told Barrett he couldn't get it done last night so he needed to humiliate him tonight. Otunga suggested maybe he should tell the world why they attacked Undertaker last night. Barrett said that's an interesting concept. He called in Harris and McGillicutty who were both wearing Nexus shirts. Barrett said he inducted them as the newest members of Nexus and they can help end any superstar's career at a moment's notice. Barrett told Otunga to choose if he's "Nexus or against us." Otunga looked at them all then said "I'm Nexus." Barrett smiled saying "Keep up the good work." Otunga shot them all a look as he left the locker room.

John Cena and Randy Orton were shown on split-screen walking backstage.

As Raw returned, Cole noted that next week Pee Wee Herman will be hosting Raw in Long Island. Also, this coming Saturday is fan appreciation day at Hartford, CT's XL Center at 3PM EST.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

The winner of this match gets to choose the special guest referee for the rematch between orton and Barrett over the WWE Title. Barrett was at ringside to watch the matchup. About halfway through, Orton was able to toss Cena to the outside. As The Viper went outside to stalk Cena, Barrett snuck up behind him. Orton spun around and punched Barrett down. Cena rolled into the ring before Raw went to commercial.

Cena made his standard comeback after some offense from orton. He took him down with several shoulder tackles, then hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Orton. As Orton got up, Cena hoisted him for the AA. Orton slipped off and went for the RKO, but Cena shoved him away. Cena managed to trip Orton down and almost had the STF locked in, but Orton escaped it. Orton made his comeback to take down Cena. He grabbed Cena through the apron to go for his ropes DDT, but Cena tossed Orton over the ropes to the outside.

On the outside, Barrett was coming around to attack Orton. Cena spotted him and shoved Wade to the ground. He yelled at Barrett not during my fight. Barrett told Cena he takes orders from him. Things ended up back in the ring, with Cena hitting a leg drop off the corner on Orton for another near fall. Moments later, Cena was able to get Orton down in the STF. Orton stretched to try to reach the ropes, with Barrett coming over to pull the ropes away. Cena released the hold and slid out of the ring to yell at Barrett for his attempt to help.

Back in the ring, Orton got the upperhand. With Cena on the apron, Orton was able to DDT him from the ropes. Orton prepared for the RKO. As he went for it, Cena shoved him off. Orton hit the ropes and came back, so Cena picked him up and hit the Attitude Adjustment. Cena took what seemed like the winning pin, but amazingly Orton got his arm up before 3. Right after, Orton was able to hit the RKO, but Cena went rolling out of the ring. Orton went out and collected Cena to bring him back into the ring.

Orton got the crazed look on his face with Cena down near the corner. He backed up and was about to go for a punt kick, but Barrett yanked Cena out of the ring. Barrett quickly clotheslined down Cena. The decision went to Cena due to a DQ.

Winner: John Cena wins due to disqualification when Barrett interfered.

Post-match, Orton went wild as he attacked Barrett on the outside and brought him into the ring. Suddenly, the rest of Nexus rushed to the ring to get Orton. Harris, McGill, Slater, Otunga and Gabriel all began to pound away on Orton as Barrett escaped the ring. Orton seemed to have no chance, but Cena got back in the ring and began beating on Nexus guys. He made some headway in clearing them off Orton, then Barrett grabbed a mic and yelled at them all. He ordered Nexus out of the ring and told Cena to stay there.

Barrett announced since Cena won the match that means Nexus chooses the guest referee for his match against Orton for the Title. Barrett said he's made his choice and it's Cena. He told Orton that Cena will be very impartial, because if Barrett doesn't win the WWE Title, he'll fire him on the spot. Barrett then said when he does win the title, then John Cena is officially relieved of all his duties to The Nexus. Barrett chuckled about it as Cena slumped down to the mat with his face in his hands. Raw ended with Cena staring at Orton bewildered across the ring.

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