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WWE Superstars Results 10/21/10

WWE Supertars Results 10/21/10:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler from Raw started things off, with Superstars airing just days ahead of the 2010 Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View. Santin Marella and Vlad Kozlov arrived out to start the show.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos

Lawler and Cole talked about how Santino and Tamina have a strange flirtatious relationship going, where Santino seems hesitant to accept her advances. They switched gears to talking over this Sunday's PPV, with the Team Raw vs Smackdown match becoming elimination style.

Kozlov had to escape the Usos to make a hot tag to Santino. In the closing moments, Santino was in the ring with momentum as both Usos ended up in there with him. He prepared for his Cobra strike on the non-legal Uso, but the other tried for a high kick. Santino ducked it and the Uso kicked his own teammate out of the ring. Santino used the Cobra on the legal Uso left in the ring to win it by pinfall.

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall over the Usos.

Darren Young vs. William Regal

Young worked a headlock on Regal midway through the match, before Regal took control near the corner and hammered him down. Regal settled into a headlock of his own on the mat to wear down Young.

Young gained some momentum late in the match. However, Regal was able to escape his Full Nelson attempt. With Young ducking down, Regal came from against the ropes to catch him with the Knee Trembler to finish him off.

Winner: William Regal wins via pinfall over Darren Young.

With Smackdown's Todd Grisham and Matt Striker now on hand, The Nexus arrived to the ring sans John Cena. Wade Barrett and crew got into the ring to deliver a message during their first ever appearance on WWE Superstars. Barrett said Sunday when he defeats Randy Orton he'll become the 40th WWE Champion in history. He said his name will be mentioned along with other champs like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and the man in his corner, John Cena. Barrett said if Cena doesn't follow his orders at Bragging Rights, he'll be fired.

Barrett said he's simply better than every single other WWE Champion, and Nexus is the most dominant force in WWE. Barrett had a video package shown to highlight how Barrett defeated Cena at the PPV to force him to join Nexus. The video highlights finished off with this past Monday's Raw where Orton was beat up by Nexus with Cena forced to watch, then forced to hand Orton to Barrett for his finishing move.

Drew McIntyre arrived out to the ring, followed by Dashing Cody Rhodes for the main event Smackdown tag match.

Chris Masters & MVP vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

Chris Masters was first to the ring followed by MVP with new theme music. Masters took control of Rhodes early with a backflip to toss Rhodes over him across the ring. He had a near fall afterwords then tagged in MVP. MVP and Drew McIntyre were soon in. Later on, Rhodes and McIntyre were doubleteaming Masters in their corner.

In the final moments of the main event, MVP made a hot tag to come in and take it to both Rhodes and McIntyre. He knocked Drew off the apron, but then Rhodes came back at him with a strike. MVP was quick to turn the tables though and smashed Rhodes face first into his knee. MVP followed it up with the Ballin Elbow drop, then went for The Playmaker. Drew came in to knock him off though. Masters entered the fray and locked the Masterlock on Drew, but Rhodes came at him. Masters released the hold and put it on Rhodes next. McIntyre recovered and kicked Masters in the leg, then knocked him to the outside.

MVP was able to gain control against McIntyre, kicking him outside the ring through the ropes. Meanwhile, Rhodes attacked MVP from behind raking his eyes, then hit the Cross Rhodes to win it.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre win via pinfall over Chris Masters & MVP.

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