Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will Cena cost Orton the WWE Title?

This past week saw plenty of interesting events involving the WWE, including the Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View and UFC 121. While Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had words at UFC 121, Undertaker was buried thanks to Kane and The Nexus one night later at Bragging Rights. There's a funeral planned for Friday's Smackdown, and we know from past funerals that Taker never rests in peace. However, this commentary will deal with what might happen in the ongoing John Cena Nexus storyline as we head towards Survivor Series 2010.

At Bragging Rights PPV, Cena wisely attacked Barrett, causing a DQ. With that outcome, Cena wasn't fired since technically Barrett won the match. However, Barrett didn't achieve his ultimate goal of the WWE Title. So a night later, the GM announced Barrett would get another shot at Orton and the title at Survivor Series, however they'd need a special ref to keep order. A match later in the night between Cena and Orton saw Cena win it, due to Barrett knocking him down to earn the DQ. The stipulation the match carried would be that if Cena won, Nexus chose the special guest referee. Since Cena won, Barrett made the big announcement: Cena will be the special ref for Barrett vs Orton II at Survivor Series.

With all that in mind, what might we expect? Well Barrett has said if he wins the WWE Title in that match, Cena will be relieved of his duties and obligations to Nexus. However, if Barrett doesn't win that match, he will fire Cena on the spot. It makes sense that Cena will want to make sure Barrett wins the WWE title, even though it's going to screw Orton over. Remember, Orton almost punt kicked Cena's head off on Raw.

Before you start assuming Barrett leaves Survivor Series with the title though, remember one X-factor: Money in the Bank. Miz holds the briefcase containing that contract. It's foreseeable that after Barrett wins, he releases Cena from his duties with Nexus. To celebrate the news, Cena delivers the Attitude Adjustment and leaves Barrett a prime target for The Miz to cash in on. It would be sweet revenge for Cena, and a way for Miz to finally cash in.

That's just one possibility that seems to play out perfectly with all that's going on. Miz can't feud with R-Truth and mid-carders forever, he'll need to cash in at some point. However, we all know that there's going to be a Cena vs Barrett clash. The question is will it be for the WWE title or with no gold involved?

How do you think Barrett vs Orton II will play out at Survivor Series 2010?

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