Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NXT Season 4 First Impressions: Brodus Clay & Byron Saxton Stand Out Early

On Tuesday night, the fourth season of NXT debuted on We got our first look at the latest crop of potential WWE Superstars, and several stood out amongst the cast of characters. The Season 4 NXT rookie are Brodus Clay, Byron Saxton, Johnny Curtis, Jacob Novak, Derrick Bateman and Brian O'Conor.

Most notable had to be the imposing and intimidating Brodus Clay. He's the one who is a former bodyguard for Snoop Dogg. Clay definitely has the name, the size and the ability to be one of those outside the ring enforcer/henchmen types in WWE. He reminds old school WWF fans of heftier wrestlers like Big Boss Man and One Man Gang. Even Clay's opening intro was delivered with a tough man style. During the fast-paced competition to set up a ladder in the ring, retrieve a flag and rush up the ramp he showed his agility too. This guy should get a spot in WWE after the competition no matter what he does on NXT. Of course we've yet to see him in the ring and guys of his size have been knocked in the past, like Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.

Also standing out was former ECW commentator Byron Saxton who portrays a cocky, self-centered know-it-all type. It's surprising he doesn't have someone like Cody Rhodes as his pro. They'll most likely play up the Chris Masters angle and have him disagreeing with his pro quite a bit, while goofing around on competitions. I really don't like when WWE allows this as part of the NXT overall competition, because anyone who hot dogs it and doesn't participate in challenges is just looking to get voted off due to fan dislike. Once again WWE is allowing the vote to be steered and swayed.

Beyond those two guys we really haven't seen a whole lot of personality, although it appears we do have more than NXT Season 3. They appear to be pulling a "Vickie/Kaitlyn" storyline with Alberto Del Rio and his rookie Brian O'Conor. Del Rio chewed his rook out on the first episode for a poorly done promo, but there was redemption when they won a tag team main event versus Bryan and his rook. Jacob Novak seems a good fit for Dolph Ziggler, and Derrick Bateman got some early support in his hometown. Most of the wrestlers have that typical wrestler look, but they'll need the personality factor to stand out and be unique. The two NXT rooks mentioned above have it, but we've got weeks to go.

Who is your favorite on the NXT Season 4 cast so far?

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