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Raw Results 12/6/10

Raw Results from Louisville, KY:

The opening segment featured Michael Cole arriving out to say he couldn't apologize for what he did to Lawler last week. Lawler got in the ring and the two almost got into it. The Raw GM sent another email to interrupt saying he wants a cease and desist with no physicality between Lawler and Cole. The GM ordered Lawler to shake hands with Cole. Lawler grabbed Cole's hand and pulled him towards him saying someone else wants to talk to him.

Randy Orton arrived out telling Cole to deliver a message to his boy The Miz. Orton was in the ring with Cole when The Miz arrived out with Alex Riley to interrupt. Orton asked Miz where the other 7 guys are to jump him. Miz looked at Riley, who spoke saying he has five minutes to kill tonight he can use to beat up Orton. A match between Orton and Riley was set up with Miz saying he would be thinking about what to choose for their TLC PPV match stipulation tonight too.

The segment ultimately ended with Michael Cole stumbling forward and Orton hitting the RKO on him. A crew of medics had to take Cole backstage. This made the Raw commentary team, CM Punk, Jerry Lawler and fill-in Josh Matthews.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. Ted Dibiase & Maryse

About five minutes into it, Brie's sister Nikki arrived out as well. When the divas eventually got into it in the ring, the Bellas pulled their Switcheroo as Maryse was arguing with Daniel Bryan. Nikki rolled up Maryse for a small package pinfall for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella win via pinfall over Ted Dibiase & Maryse.

They had a segment where Nexus members David Otunga and Husky Harris were in a hotel room live via satellite for Wade Barrett's arrival for an interview. During the skit room service arrived bringing Otunga a cold hamburger. Otunga told the wait staff to leave and he wasn't paying. They got another knock on the door and it was Cena who attacked Otunga. Husky Harris grabbed for Cena but ended up getting knocked out on a piece of hotel artwork.

DH Smith vs Tyson Kidd

Smith was waiting in the ring after a commercial break. Kidd arrived out with a new henchman/bodyguard, Jackson Andrews from FCW. The announcers said they weren't sure who he was and Punk said he didn't think Kidd needed this guy with him.

In the final moments of this one, it was Tyson Kidd with a surprise pinfall to win it. Post-match, Smith went after Kidd outside the ring but was attacked by Andrews, who tossed Smith into the ring and clotheslined him down. Kidd and Andrews stood over the fallen DH Smith in the ring.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins via pinfall over DH Smith.

They had a backstage segment with Nexus members Gabriel and Slater talking to their leader Wade Barrett, complaining about Cena attacking them last week. David Otunga barged in and complained about Harris getting attacked, then said that Barrett's plan isn't working. Wade tried to calm down the Nexus guys, telling Gabriel/Slater to go focus on their tag match. He then turned to Otunga and said he'd show him how you take care of business. Otunga told him he better or he'd have a mutiny on his hands.

Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry vs. Santino Marella & Vlad Kozlov vs. The Usos vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slather
Four Tag Team Elimination Title match

This was a four tag team elimination match for the WWE Tag titles. The first team knocked out of contention was Henry and Tatsu, with Slater scoring the pin on Yoshi using his finisher. Next out was The Usos due to an Iron Curtain by Kozlov. Tamina remained at ringside to cheer on Santino though.

As the action was heating up after commercial break, it was John Cena surprising everyone by popping out from under the ring and getting on the apron. Cena distracted Gabriel, allowing Santino to hit the Cobra on him for the big win. Post-match, Cena went into the stands to celebrate with the crowd while Santino taught Tamina his trumpet celebration dance.

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall over Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater to become the new WWE Tag Champs.

WWE's Tribute to the Troops 2010 will air on December 18th on NBC. This year it will also feature other celebrities including Trace Adkins, Diddy Dirty Money, Airel Winter and Cedric the Entertainer.

They had an in-ring segment with Sheamus bragging about being the new king, sitting in a throne and wearing a cape in the ring. John Morrison arrived out to insult him, and remind Sheamus they are 1-1 in their matches now. Morrison said he's the better man. Sheamus ended up punching Morrison in the face to knock him down. Morrison angrily fought back, beating up Sheamus and knocking him down into the throne. Sheamus went to the outside floor. Morrison took Sheamus' scepter and looked out of the ring at Sheamus to end things.

Melina vs Natalya

Team LayCool arrived to ringside to do guest commentary with Punk, Matthews and Lawler. In the match, Natalya was able to ultimately get Melina into the Sharpshooter and after some resistance, Melina submitted to tap out.

Post-match, LayCool started to circle the ring with Natalya in it. They were able to get in and beatdown Natalya slamming her to the mat. Meanwhile, Melina was holding her back as she went backstage.

Winner: Natalya wins via submission over Melina.

Alex Riley was shown backstage talking with his mentor, The Miz. Miz started to tell Riley that he represents the Miz out in the ring tonight. Miz added that with him becoming new WWE Champion, it's the turning point of the company. Miz told Riley he needs to get out there and beat Orton tonight. He said he'll also reveal the type of match they'll have for TLC.

Randy Orton arrived out for the main event match.

Randy Orton vs Alex Riley

The Miz was ringside for the match. With Orton in control of the match, he prepared for an RKO on Riley. However, The Miz wouldn't allow that and got into the ring to hit Skullcrushing Finale, causing a DQ.

Post-match, Miz grabbed a mic with Orton and Riley both down in the ring. Miz said he would show Orton what type of match they'll have at TLC. He went under two sides of the ring and finally found a table. Miz got in the ring and set it up. He prepared for a Skullcrushing Finale to put Orton through the table, but Orton slipped out of it. He picked up Miz on one shoulder and prepared to go slam him through the table, but Miz got away and escaped out of the ring.

With Miz standing outside the ring, Orton got a look on his face as he turned around seeing Riley still recovering in the ring. Orton went over and got Riley, then powerbombed him through the table. Miz grabbed his WWE Title and backed away from the ringside area.

Winner: Randy Orton wins due to DQ of Alex Riley when The Miz interfered.

For the final segment, Nexus leader Wade Barrett came out to the ring. Barrett called out Cena to tell him something in the ring. Cena eventually emerged in the crowd. He came through the audience slapping hands and hugging fans. Harris, Gabriel, Slater and Otunga came out to stand on the ramp. Barrett told Cena what he's doing will never work. Cena talked about how he now has so much time on his hands to hang out with the WWE Universe, tailgate with fans at the events and make Nexus' lives miserable.

Barrett eventually said it sounded like Cena was giving a threat and he ordered Nexus to come down and take care of him. They stood still though and refused to budge. Then, one-by-one, the Nexus guys each walked backstage, leaving Barrett one-on-one with Cena in the ring. Cena rushed Barrett and tackled him down to start pounding on him. On the outside of the ring he whipped Barrett into steel steps then started to set up steps next to the commentators table before ripping the cover off. CM Punk complained that Cena spilled his diet soda.

Cena grabbed Barret, then hoisted him on his shoulders and walked up the steps near the table, preparing to give the AA. Barrett managed to slip out of it though and then started to run up the ramp and backstage. Cena chased a bit, but returned to the ring to celebrate. For some reason his theme song was cued up and began playing with Cena in the ring.

The camera showed the backstage area with Barrett angrily walking down a hallway, then finding the Nexus guys. He screamed at them for not following his orders. Otunga gave Barrett an ultimatum though, saying either he hires back Cena next week, or Wade's out. Wade was shocked and shouted "Are you kidding me?" Then, Otunga, Gabriel, Slater and Harris each walked by Wade giving him a look one-by-one. Barrett stood backstage shocked at what just happened as Raw ended.

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