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WWE Superstars Results 12/2/10

WWE Superstars Results 12/2/10:

The show opened with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker from Smackdown. They said tonight's main event is DH Smith versus Tyson Kidd. Tyler Reks arrived out for the opening match.

Shocking News: MVP released!

Trent Barreta vs. Tyler Reks

Curt Hawkins arrived out to watch the opening contest between Barreta and Reks. Barretta managed to take down Barreta after Hawkins had been talking about being in a different league from Trent. Barretta hit a diving senton on Reks. Hawkins described himself as a future main eventer while the match continued.

Moments later, Barreta flipped off the second rope to moonsault onto Reks outside the ring. He rolled Reks into the ring for a near fall, but then Reks picked him up and rammed him into the corner. Reks continued with momentum heading to commercial and was still beating on Trent when they returned. Hawkins said it's only a matter of time before Reks seals the deal. Reks picked up Barreta for a bear hug.

Late in the match, Reks was dominating but he catapulted Trent towards the corner and Trent landed on his feet on the apron. After hitting Reks, he got up on the corner and landed a dropkick to Reks' back to take him down. Barretta went for a move on Reks near the corner, with Reks grabbing him and dropping him face first onto the turnbuckle. From there, Reks hit his finisher to win the match.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

They did a replay of WWE NXT Season 3 finale highlights. Kaitlyn defeated Naomi in a match, then later on they had a trash talking face off in the ring. However, at the end of the night it was Kaitlyn who was voted the winner of NXT Season 3.

Darren Young vs. William Regal

Time for the Raw commentary team which is Scott Stanford and CM Punk. Stanford called CM Punk "very handsome" tonight. Punk talked about Darren Young being his former rookie on NXT and saying he doesn't care what's going on with him now or then.
Regal started beating on Young in the corner then whipped him to the opposite corner. Young had a burst of offense, but Regal knocked him right back down for more punishment. Meanwhile Stanford read off Regal's title accomplishments to CM Punk who noted he beat Regal for the IC title. Young started to fight back with European uppercuts and had several near falls but Regal kept getting out.
Moments later, Regal had Young down on the mat and locked him into the Regal Stretch. Young couldn't even tap out because his arms were locked in the submission so he had to verbally submit.

Winner: William Regal wins by submission over Darren Young.

Raw Rebound took a look back at Monday's "Era of Awesome" starting with The Miz as new WWE Champ. Jerry Lawler got into an argument with him from ringside, but the Raw GM ended up booking a match between Lawler and The Miz. Lawler received his first ever WWE Title match for the main event of Raw, a TLC match. In that match, Lawler withstood the beating from Miz by chairs, but was able to eventually fight off Alex Riley, sending him crashing through a table. He did the same to Miz from the corner, but Michael Cole left the commentator position to try to help Miz up. With Lawler almost able to pull the championship belt down, Cole rushed into the ring and grabbed his leg to stop him. Lawler ended up punching Cole down, and that allowed Miz to start his climb up the ladder. Lawler tried to go up and fight him, but got smashed in the face with the hanging belt.

Raw superstar Tyson Kidd arrived out for the Superstars main event with his former Hart Dynasty partner, DH Smith.

David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd

After an early argument between the two former partners, Smith took control. Smith hit a huge clothesline to put Kidd out of the ring over the top rope. He went out to retrieve Kidd and kept beating him up when he brought him into the ring. Later, Smith missed when charging at Kidd in the corner. Kidd was able to deliver a kick to the back of Smith's head sending him out of the ring before a commercial break.

Late in the match, Smith had momentum and hit a suplex into a bridge pin, but Kidd kicked out. Smith with a legdrop and another near fall on Kidd. Kidd grabbed him by the shorts to propel Smith out through the ropes. Smith was on his feet with Kidd trying for the baseball slide, but Smith blocked then smashed Kidd into the apron. On the outside, Smith went for a suplex near the apron, but Kidd landed on his feet then stepped on Smith's fingers. Outside the ring, Kidd charged at Smith but ended up getting powerslammed. Smith tossed Kidd back into the ring for another 2 count.

Smith set up a Sharpshooter, but Kidd managed to grab the bottom ropes then delivered a kick to Smith. Moments later, Kidd put a Sharpshooter on Smith. Smith was in agony but stretched towards the bottom rope. He was about to tap but stopped, then eventually reached the ropes to break it. Kidd missed on a leg drop on the apron, falling hard on the apron. Smith came at him, but Kidd yanked him down face first against the ropes. Kidd went for a springboard move, but Smith countered turning it into a pinfall to win.

Post-match, Smith was about to duck out through the ropes to leave. He decided to get back into the ring and walked over to Kidd offering him a friendly handshake. Kidd thought about it a bit then slapped his former partner in the face. Kidd rushed out of the ring to the ramp yelling back at Smith "You need me more than I need you! You were lucky to beat me tonight!" Smith yelled back "this is all your fault, you happy now?" as Superstars ended.

Winner: David Hart Smith wins via pinfall over Tyson Kidd.

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