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WWE NXT Results 12/7/10 - Season 4 Premiere

WWE NXT Results from Dayton, Ohio:

This episode marks the start of NXT Season 4. Todd Grisham was on hand for commentary along with Josh Matthews. Matt Striker was in the ring to introduce the WWE Pros, who each introduced their NXT rookies.

The WWE Pro/Rookie combos are Ted Dibiase/Maryse with Brodus Clay, Chris Masters with Byron Saxton, Derrick Bateman with Daniel Bryan, Jacob Novak with Dolph Ziggler and Johnny Curtis with R-Truth. Josh Matthews noted that Byron Saxton was a former ECW commentator. Ricardo Rodriguez came to the stage to intro Alberto Del Rio who drove out in a fancy convertible to have Rodriguez introduce his rookie Conor O'Brian.

Everyone assembled in the ring together with Striker talking about the upcoming weeks of competition on NXT Season 4. Each rookie got some time to make an introduction about themself. Some decent intros from the various characters in the ring. Brodus Clay said he was coming at them with lemon juice and razor blades. He told the WWE Universe they can only do two things "nothing and like it." Bateman got a huge pop because he's from Ohio and the crowd cheered for him being in his homestate. Conor O'Brian did his intro but Alberto Del Rio didn't like it. He called O'Brian's intro boring, just like Daniel Bryan. Bryan chipped in saying Del Rio is just jealous because he never won any titles. Del Rio and Bryan almost got into it. Striker stepped in between them saying it looks like we have our first main event, as the team of Del Rio/O'Brian vs. Bryan/Bateman.

They showed a promo video about NXT Rookie Byron Saxton who said he's wanted to wrestle since he was 4-years-old. He used to work as a weatherman and as an ECW commentator with Josh Matthews. Saxton said when ECW collapsed, NXT became his big opportunity for success.

Johnny Curtis vs. Jacob Novak

R-Truth and Ziggler were up on the apron to coach their rookies in the match. Curtis went for the early backslide but Novak kicked out then turned the momentum in his favor, using a backdrop to slam Ziggler down. Later still, Curtis made a comeback hitting a powerslam on Novak for a near fall. With Novak down, Curtis went to the top rope and hit a big leg drop on him to finally pick up the opening victory.

Winner: Johnny Curtis wins via pinfall over Jacob Novak.

Grisham introduced a Brodus Clay video package. He's the former bodyguard for Snoop Dogg, 6'8 and 360lbs from Pasadena, CA. He said with NXT he's in business for himself though.

Time for the first rookie challenge. Striker explained the immunity from elimination based on whoever wins most competitions. The first challenge is to grab a ladder set it up in the ring and snatch a flag then run it back up the ramp. Whoever does it fastest wins this competition.

Johnny Curtis 28.6 seconds
Conor O'Brian 28.2 seconds
Brodus Clay 33.5 seconds
Byron Saxton 56.8 seconds
Jacob Novak 26.9 seconds
Derrick Bateman 27.3 seconds

Brodus Clay looked agile for his size. Byron Saxton was cocky and goofed around instead of taking the competition seriously, jogging up the ramp. Dolph's rookie Jacob Novak wins the opening competition with the best time.

They showed Raw Rebound which covered last night's opening with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Orton arrived out to confront Cole, with The Miz coming out to interrupt. Orton ultimately RKO'd Cole, requiring medical staff to come take him away. Miz's protege Alex Riley had to face Orton in the main event. Miz interfered to cause a DQ, then set up a table to indicate they'd be having a Tables match at the TLC PPV. Miz went to do a Skullcrushing Finale on Orton, but Orton escaped. He was going to slam Miz through the table, but Miz escaped. Orton Powerbombed Riley through the table instead. Raw closed with a staredown: Miz on the ramp with his WWE Title and Orton in the ring glaring at him.

Grisham and Matthews ran down the matches for TLC Pay-Per-View so far.

Backstage, Dibiase and Maryse were arguing over their mixed tag loss last night on Raw. Dibiase asked rookie Brodus to excuse them for a second. Dibiase and Maryse got on the same page. Ted started to coach Brodus about winning the competition, with Maryse chiming in that he needs a makeover. Dibiase said if Brodus listens to him, then corrected it and said "them" he'll be fine. Dibiase took Brodus off on his own to answer questions, leaving Maryse angered by the snub.

Chris Masters walked in and found his rookie Byron Saxton rubbing moisturizer on his body. Masters and Saxton compared workout tips, then Saxton said he has a photoshoot for WWE.com to do, and walked off.

Official theme song for the TLC PPV is "Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance.

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brian O'Conor

Bryan did a long airplane spin during the match on O'Conor, then dropkicked him out through the ropes. Del Rio went over on the apron, so Bryan knocked him off. Del Rio and O'Conor recovered outside the ring as NXT went to a commerical break.

After break, Del Rio got momentum back in his team's favor and started using submission holds on Bryan to wear him down. During the match, Dolph Ziggler got on an open mic and said "this match sucks." Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan was throwing punches at Del Rio in the ring and his rookie on the apron. He did a running leg lauriat to take down Del Rio, then crawled over and made the hot tag to Bateman.

Moments later, Daniel Bryan took out O'Conor outside the ring. Del Rio and Bateman were still legal in the ring. Bateman made a mistake going for a high risk move off the corner. Del Rio shovedh im down, then locked on the armbreaker submission to make him tap out.

The show closed out with Del Rio gloating with his rookie over the win, while Bryan checked on Bateman in the ring to make sure his arm was OK.

Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Brian O'Conor win via submission over Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman.

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