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WWE NXT Results 01/11/11

WWE NXT Results from Birmingham, AL:

First competition of the night was the Slingshot Challenge. The rookies were up on stage. Pros were in the ring with a slingshot device where they had to slingshot T-shirts up to their rookies on stage. The rookies had to catch as many as they could and put them into a plastic receptacle.

Johnny Curtis 0
Byron Saxton 1
Derrick Bateman 2
Brodus Clay 0
Conor O'Brian 1

Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan won the competition with 2. Conor O'Brian caught a second shirt but he threw it into the receptacle after the buzzer had sounded.

Backstage, Ricardo Rodriguez was talking on a cell phone in Spanish. Rodriguez was complaining he's having a problem with a rat and he hates him because he's big and stinks.

Byron Saxton vs. Conor O'Brian

Ziggler and Del Rio were on the apron to coach their respective rookies. Grisham talked about how O'Brian takes being a rat seriously as he sleeps during the day and only eats cheese.

Saxton had several near falls late in the match. O'Brian started hitting forearm uppercuts on Saxton. Saxton had another move for a near fall. Saxton whipped O'Brian hard to the corner, then yanked him by the feet from there and dropped him. Another near fall ensued. O'Brian grabbed Saxton from behind in a full nelson and slammed him to the mat finally for the win. Ziggler just shrugged it off.

Post-match, Del Rio got in the ring and ordered Rodriguez to get in too to announce O'Brian as the winner. Ricardo didn't seem too enthusiastic about it though.

Winner: Conor O'Brian wins via pinfall over Byron Saxton.

Josh Matthews talked about Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman going on a date after Raw last night. They showed highlights of Bryan and Bateman back in the locker room. Bateman was wearing a suit jacket white shirt and tie with red,white and blue patriotic pants. Bateman gave a strange speech about their date saying he'd jump on the grenade and smother the wildebeast. Bryan asked which of the Bellas is a wildebeast. Bateman said time will tell then handed Bryan a sunflower to give the Bella on a date. Bryan told Bateman to relax on the date. Bateman said he's a lady man, Bryan's mother told him.

Time for the second challenge of the night, Superstar Password. The rookies were up on stage with Matt Striker. Striker reminded fans that Derrick Bateman had 2 immunity points ahead of next week's elimination. Striker said tonight the rookies will have to show off how mentally attuned they are with their WWE Pros. The rookie would have to try to convey a superstar to their pro without saying certain words or the superstar's actual name. Whoever

Johnny Curtis & R-Truth: 2
Byron Saxton & Dolph Ziggler: 2
Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan: 3
Brodus Clay and Ted Dibiase/Maryse: 1
Conor O'Brian and Alberto Del Rio: 1

Maryse kept guessing various fashion brands to interrupt Dibiase's guesses, so Clay was upset with her after they lost. Derrick Bateman won his second competition of the night to achieve four immunity points heading into next week's elimination.

After an outside camera shot of the arena, they replayed the highlight video about Shawn Michaels from last night's Raw. Michaels is the first inductee for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame to be announced. The induction ceremony is April 2nd in Atlanta, Georgia, just one night before Wrestlemania 27.

They showed footage from last night's double date after Raw with Derrick Bateman, Daniel Bryan and The Bellas. The Bellas both seemed more enamored with Bryan and like they were turned off about Bateman. Nikki shoved a piece of bread into Bateman's mouth to shut him up. The Bellas got into a fight over Daniel Bryan, and their text messages to him. A drink got spilled on Bateman so he became enraged over his pants getting messed up. Bateman pulled a bag of change out and tossed it to Bryan saying that would pay for the drinks. Bryan gave it to the Bellas, apologized and left the scene.

"Living in a Dream" by Finger Eleven is the official theme song for the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Voting opens tomorrow at 12 Noon EST on WWE.com for the second elimination of NXT Season 4.

Johnny Curtis vs. Ted Dibiase

Truth was in the ring with Curtis. Brodus Clay and Maryse were at ringside to root on Dibiase.

Curtis had nice momentum as he dropped Dibiase then flipped him to the mat, whipped him to the corner and suplexed Dibiase before posing for the fans. Curtis tried to jump from the apron over the rope with a leg drop, but missed. Dibiase was in control as NXT went to a commercial.

NXT returned with Dibiase applying a headlock to Curtis on the mat. Curtis lunged at Brodus Clay through the ropes at one point, allowing Dibiase to attack from behind and choke Curtis against the ropes. Dibiase scored a late Powerbomb for a near fall with Curtis barely escaping. Curtis tried to get out of the ring, but only got to the apron. Dibiase tried to hit a running knee on Curtis through the ropes, but Curtis ducked and hit an uppercut forearm on Dibiase. Curtis gained momentum again.

Curtis went for a backslide pin, but Dibiase countered, so Curtis used a suplex for a near fall. Maryse finally got on the apron to distract the referee. Dibiase whipped Curtis to the ropes for Brodus Clay to hammer down from behind. Truth saw it, then went over and jumped off the apron to take down Clay. This distraction brought Dibiase over to the ropes to yell at Truth. Curtis took advantage by grabbing Dibiase for a rollup pinfall.

Post-match, Maryse yelled at Brodus Clay for messing things up and threw her shoes at him.

Winner: Johnny Curtis wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

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