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WWE NXT Results 01/18/11

NXT Results from Tulsa, OK:

The show opened with highlights to show the ongoing feud between Ricardo Rodriguez and rookie Conor O'Brian. It also showed a recap of last week's double date which Derrick Bateman messed up for he and WWE pro Daniel Bryan. Tonight will be elimination night, with a second NXT rookie going home, just like Jacob Novak did a few weeks ago.

Matt Striker had all the pros and remaining rookies assembled for a competition called "How Well Do You Know Your Pro?" Derrick Bateman ended up winning the competition, giving the rookie immunity for the elimination later tonight.

Byron Saxton vs Chris Masters

This match pitted Masters against his former rookie, Byron Saxton. At one point in this short match, Saxton was on the outside and utilized his new pro, Dolph Ziggler, as a distraction. Saxton took control of Masters in the ring, hitting a jawbreaker on him. However, Chris Masters staged a comeback after 3:30 minutes. Saxton kept trying to get a pinfall but couldn't. An enraged Saxton eventually fell to the Masterlock, giving Masters the win.

Winner: Chris Masters wins via submission over Byron Saxton.

Daniel Bryan & Derrick Bateman vs. Ted Dibiase & Brodus Clay

In this matchup, Brodus had control against Daniel Bryan, but his pro, Dibiase, made a blind tag to enter the match. Clay wasn't happy with it, but deferred to the pro. Dibiase tried to hit Dream Street, but Bryan countered and hip tossed Dibiase. Bateman tagged in to hit a series of clotheslines for a near fall. Dibiase was angry and yelled at Clay for screwing things up. Clay told him he had the match won, then dropped off the apron, frustrated with Dibiase. The distraction allowed Bateman to steal the win with a rollup pinfall from behind Dibiase. Maryse laughed about what went down between Clay and Dibiase.

Winners: Derrick Bateman & Daniel Bryan win via pinfall over Ted Dibiase & Brodus Clay.

Backstage, Conor O'Brian found pieces of cheese on the ground leading to a door. When he opened the door, Ricardo Rodriguez was on the other side and sprayed O'Brian in the face with bug spray. O'Brian tried to go after Rodriguez but was blinded. Alberto Del Rio came over to the commotion and said he won't be embarrassed in this way. Del Rio told them to settle their issues like men.

They showed the Raw Rebound featuring the main event match between John Cena and CM Punk. The battle was back and forth, until a mystery man arrived to the ring, bearing a resemblance to Batista. The new wrestler distracted Cena, allowing Punk to knock Cena down in the ring. The mystery wrestler got into the ring then kicked down CM Punk. However, moments later the wrestler slammed Cena to the mat, before Nexus joined he and Punk in the ring. Punk gave an armband to the newest member of The Nexus.

Identity of New Nexus Member Revealed!

Backstage, R-Truth found his rookie Johnny Curtis saying he was nervous about elimination night. Truth told Curtis to relax and loosen up so he could focus on winning. Truth told Curtis to get into the groove. Curtis started doing some weird-looking dance moves, so Truth told him it didn't look so good. Truth told Curtis to relax then slapped hands with him.

Conor O'Brian vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

Rodriguez arrived to the ring in a white bathrobe, high socks and black sneakers. He got in the ring then announced himself in Spanish. Rodriguez took off his white robe to reveal a pair of black spandex trunks. Ricardo rushed O'Brian at the bell, but had no impact on his opponent. Alberto Del Rio watched from backstage as Conor took apart Rodriguez. Conor missed on an elbow drop, but kept at it.

O'Brian exposed one of the turnbuckles. The ref saw it, and eventually O'Brian went to strike Rodriguez in the corner, but hit the exposed steel instead. O'Brian hit face first then fell backwards flat on the mat. Rodriguez noticed the rookie was down. He kicked at him a bit, then rushed against the ropes to splash onto O'Brian for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ricardo Rodriguez wins via pinfall over Conor O'Brian.

Matt Striker told the WWE Pros on stage to huddle up and prepare their votes for the upcoming rookie elimination.

Josh Matthews reminded fans to watch past episodes of NXT on YouTube, Hulu and WWE.com.

Time for the next elimination of Season 4 of NXT. Striker said Derrick Bateman is immune from elimination tonight. Striker asked him who should go him tonight. Bateman said the man with the most punchable face in all of the WWE, Byron Saxton.

Striker turned things over to the Titantron for the latest elimination to be revealed. The rookie pictures flashed until finally it stopped on the image of Conor O'Brian. Striker gave him the mic to talk over what happened. Conor started his speech, but Ricardo Rodriguez interrupted and gave his best introduction of him on the mic all season. O'Brian took exception and snapped back at Rodriguez, then chased him backstage.

Conor came back down the ramp and Striker told him he has 20 seconds to give his thoughts. O'Brian said "You all suck, the rat has officially left the building!" Conor O'Brian lifted up the ring apron cover then went under the ring Hornswoggle style. The other NXT rookies were confused and looked under the ring. Grisham said that's it for this week, just four rookies remain now (Curtis, Bateman, Saxton and Clay).

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