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WWE Superstars Results 02/10/11

WWE Superstars Results 02/10/11:

Scott Stanford was on hand to begin the show, noting that WWE is just ten days away from the Elimination Chamber PPV. In tonight's main event, Trent Barretta clashes with Jack Swagger from Smackdown. Natalya arrived out for the opening divas match. Matthews and Stanford talked over the upcoming Elimination Chamber.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Early in the match, Natalya managed to put Alicia Fox up in a surfboard submission for several moments. Later, Natalya tried for a suplex with Fox on the apron. Alicia countered and yanked Natalya across the top rope by her throat. Alicia had a near fall moments later.

Later on, Fox had a scissors hold around Natalya's gut. Natalya managed to power to her feet and pick up Alicia. Alicia fell back onto Natalya for the near fall. The two hit each other with a double clothesline later on.

Towards the end of the contest, Alicia grabbed Natalya around the waist. Natalya slipped out and around back of Fox to grab her waist. Natalya dropped down to the mat, turned Alicia over and put her into the Sharpshooter for the win.

Winner: Natalya wins via submission over Alicia Fox.

Stanford and Matthews talked over the events of this past Monday's Raw, including CM Punk and Nexus beating up Randy Orton in the ring. CM Punk finished Orton off with the GTS. Later on, Mason Ryan took on R-Truth and used a severe leg submission twice on him. Punk took out John Morrison with some aerosol spray and then kicked him in the face. Sheamus fell victim to Mark Henry's attack as well. They showed the finale of the John Cena vs CM Punk match, where Cena got disqualified with the low blow on Punk. Cena managed to chase off Otunga and McGillicutty with a steel chair, as Mason Ryan was outside the ring checking on the injurred CM Punk.

The Great Khali vs. The Usos
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Both Usos got to compete in the ring against Khali at the same time. They went for the early doubleteam, with Khali tossing both men into the corner, then chest slapping each of them. One of the Usos clipped Khali in the leg and they both started to hammer away on the 7'1" superstar. They went for a double pinfall but Khali shoved them off.

Khali made a comeback hitting a double clothesline and then multiple clotheslines. He chopped one Uso down, then slammed the other on top of him. To finish things he did the Punjabi Plunge on one of the Usos and pinned him.

Winner: The Great Khali wins via pinfall over The Usos.

The Smackdown commentary team was now on hand. Jack Korpela introduced himself and the always-informative Matt Striker. Korpela brought up the Elimination Chamber, then they showed the video footage of highlights from the chamber, including stats and various competitors in it such as Big Show, Kane, Orton, Edge, Cena, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio.

Smackdown superstar Tyler Reks arrived to the ring for the next match.

Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks

An interesting Smackdown matchup between two current heels on the roster. This was set up after last week's post-match attack from Reks on Hawkins. Reks had an early boot kick to drop Hawkins then slammed him into the corner where he pounded away on him.

Later on, Reks picked up Hawkins for a powerslam, but Hawkins countered it to take down Reks. With Reks down, Hawkins climbed the corner for a high risk move. Reks got up fast and took out Hawkins' legs so he fell on the corner. Reks climbed up on the corner and put Hawkins on his shoulders. Reks jumped off and dropped Hawkins on the corner ropes. Tyler took a seat and stared at Hawkins on the mat for a moment, then got up and put him into the Burning Hammer to finish him off.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Curt Hawkins.

Trent Barreta vs Jack Swagger

The main event started with not much time left on the Superstars TV show. Korpela noted that Swagger is irate he won't be in the Elimination Chamber match at the PPV.

Swagger had an early double leg takedown on Barretta. He went for another, but Barreta countered into the Sunset flip pinfall. He had another quick near fall moments later. Striker said Trent will need to use his elusive quickness to win this one. Swagger started to pound away on Trent in the corner, before tossing him across the ring. Swagger tossed Barretta across the ring from the other corner then hit his running splash off the corner.

Moments later, Barreta managed to do a dropkick to get some distances from Swagger. Swagger went for a flip, but Barretta flipped over him. Swagger countered a move from Trent moments later to put the Ankle lock on him. Trent tried to counter it but couldn't and ended up tapping out. Swagger posed on the corner and looked at the Wrestlemania XXVII banner.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over Trent Barreta.

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