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WWE NXT Results 06/14/11

NXT Results from Providence, RI:

Tonight's episode of NXT opened with an introduction of the rookies ahead of tonight's NXT elimination. Currently Titus O'Neil has 19 redemption points, Darren Young has 7 and O'Brian has 3. Lucky Cannon has 0. They would start off with the "Talk the Talk" competition. Titus eventually won the contest with the most crowd reaction to his speech. O'Neil now has 22 points.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Darren Young

Grisham talked about how all the rookies on NXT seem to think they can defeat Yoshi, and Yoshi's getting a lot of face time on the show. JTG joined Regal and Grisham halfway through the match to go on guest commentary. JTG said last week Yoshi was way out of line and he needs to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Regal informed JTG he'd crack his skull open if he starts mouthing off to him. He told JTG to talk about his insignifcant career.

Yoshi hit a Shining Wizard late in the match for a near fall. He climbed the corner for a high-risk move, but Chavo got on the apron to distract. Yoshi kicked him away, but the distraction allowed Young to run over and toss Yoshi from the corner. Young captured the winning pinfall after that.

Post-match, Young and Chavo celebrated the win. JTG took off his jacket near the commentators table then rushed into the ring. JTG started to beat on Yoshi for a bit. Yoshi eventually fought back, but Young and Chavo helped triple-team on him. Soon, Vlad Kozlov and Conor O'Brian charged the ring to chase them off.

Winner: Darren Young wins via pinfall over Yoshi Tatsu.

Grisham and Regal were back to hype up Capitol Punishment. They spoke about R-Truth vs Cena for the WWE Championship, then rolled video footage of their current feud. They showed it from the perspective of Cena being proud of who he is and the career he's built. Truth was shown going on and on about conspiracies, "Little Jimmy" and the propaganda behind Cena. They showed Truth injuring Morrison and attacking Mysterio, then Cena. When the camera returned to the commentators, Regal said nobody would want to be Cena this Sunday as he faces that nutcase R-Truth.

Backstage, Lucky Cannon was brushing his hair looking in a handheld mirror. Maryse came up to him to talk about what happened last week saying she loved that purse. Lucky said he's going to make that little troll pay for what he did last week. Maryse said she had good news because she brought the purse to a guy who said he can fix it. Lucky said he could've handled that for her. She said not to worry, she put it on his credit card. Maryse gave him a peck on the cheek and left as Lucky said "great" looking a bit shocked.

Titus O'Neil vs. Lucky Cannon

NXT rookie Lucky Cannon came to the ring with his pro Tyson Kidd. In the ring he got on the mic to say he was happy when he saw what happened to Hornswoggle last night on Raw. He said he wants to do the same thing the second Hornswoggle comes back, boot him in the face.

Cannon was in control as he mocked Titus' dog bark and started to kick him in the corner. That was enough to fire up Titus who started a comeback with several bit shoulder tackles, and then the real dog bark. Titus carried Lucky and then flung him back onto the mat. He went for the pinfall but Lucky was close enough to grab the bottom rope.

Lucky managed to get to the apron and then yanked Titus back against the top rope to fling him forward in the ring. Lucky tried to pick up Titus on his shoulders. Titus slid off and pushed Lucky against the ropes. From there, Titus hit his sit out powerbomb slam for the pinfall.

Winner: Titus O'Neil wins via pinfall over Lucky Cannon.

Time for the next NXT Elimination. Titus O'Neil, Lucky Cannon, Conor O'Brian and Darren Young are the four remaining rookies for the redemption season. Maryse and Matt Striker were ringside with them. Maryse said it's been a rough night and this will be a rough moment for one of them now, because they'll be going home. Matt Striker took over the talking and said it's time to find out who's been eliminated. Roll the flashing pictures on the Titantron. Grisham asked Regal for his pick, but Regal wouldn't give one.

In a big surprise, Lucky Cannon was the guy who's picture showed up on the screen. Cannon got on the mic to ask the crowd if he should be upset and go cry himself to sleep. He kept talking, but soon Titus O'Neil was on a mic in the ring singing the "Na Na Na Na Goodbye" song to get the crowd involved.

Cannon stormed up the ramp ready to head backstage, but Maryse got on the mic telling him to hold up. She went up the ramp and stopped him saying she really need to get something out there. She said she talked to the guy fixing her purse and he told her it wasn't even worth more than $5. She asked Lucky what he had to say for himself. Lucky was speechless and Maryse slapped him, then stormed backstage. Lucky posed up on the ramp saying "It's all about me, whether I'm here or not."

Grisham and Regal reviewed the slap by Maryse on Cannon as NXT went off the air.

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