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WWE NXT Results 06/28/11

NXT Results from Phoenix, AZ:

It's down to just 3 rookies searching for redemption: Conor O'Brian, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. Tonight one of those 3 will be eliminated from their quest. Grisham asked Regal who he thinks is going home tonight. Regal said if it was up to him, Conor O'Brian. Tony Chimel introduced Darren Young as he arrived to the ring.

Young said his pro isn't there tonight, because he quit on him. Young said he's a better entertainer, athlete and competitor than he'll ever be. Young said in the last year he's done more than Chavo has in a 15-year-career. Conor O'Brian arrived out with a mic in his hand, saying by the time he's done destroying Young all of the accomplishments he keeps bragging about will be an afterthought.

Conor O'Brian vs. Darren Young

After break, Young was in control and used submission holds to keep him grounded. He kept trying to put O'Brian away but couldn't. Conor tried to muster up strength as the crowd rallied behind him. He fought to his feet shaking with energy. Young went for the Irish Whip but O'Brian reversed and hit a flapjack to slam Young to the mat. Conor followed with a slingshot into the corner and then a rollup on Young for the nearfall.

Moments later, Darren Young pulled a move out of Chavo's book, hitting the Three Amigos suplexes. YOung went to the corner for a high risk finish. O'Brian tried to go over and fight him, but Young knocked him down to the mat. Young followed with a Frogsplash off the corner Chavo-style to win it.

Winner: Darren Young wins via pinfall over Conor O'Brian.

Backstage, Yoshi was setting up a cactus plant near lit candles in front of his Japanese flags. The Yoshi action figure was sitting there too. Tyson Kidd came in saying "look what I found" as he picked up the action figure. He asked Yoshi if he thought that was going to help him in their match tonight. Kidd tore the legs off the action figure despite Yoshi begging him not to. Yoshi attacked Kidd, hammering on him on the floor until refs rushed in to restrain him.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd

Regal talked early on about Kidd shaving off that bit of hair on his head because Bret Hart pulled on the hair to teach him a lesson during their training. Right before a commercial break, Yoshi was down near the steel steps. Kidd went outside, ran and dropkicked Yoshi into the steps.

NXT returned with Kidd keeping Yoshi down in a hold on the mat. Later, Kidd brought Yoshi down with another hold on his left arm. Yoshi refused to submit though. Yoshi finally got up and flipped forward to toss Kidd down. The two opponents ended up double clotheslining each other though. Kidd got up near the ropes, then Yoshi was up in the ring. Yoshi had the control as he chopped and kicked away, leaving Kidd's chest reddened. Yoshi did the rolling bulldog, then ran against the ropes and kicked Kidd in the face.

Yoshi ran and caught Kidd in the corner, then hit a spinning hip kick to take Kidd down for a close fall. Yoshi went to the corner for the high risk move. Kidd rushed over and jumped up to fight, but Yoshi shoved him off. Kidd got back up and kicked the corner area, causing Yoshi to get crotched on the top turnbuckle. Kidd climbed up there for the headscissor take down into a fall. Yoshi kicked out though.

Kidd tried to put Yoshi away again. After another exchange of offense, Yoshi scored the big kick to Kidd's head to knock him out for a winning pinfall.


JTG was back checking himself out in a mirror with his jewelry asking "mirror mirror on the wall, who's the flyest of them all?" Suddenly as he was putting his grill in, a trash can behind him started moving forward. Horney popped out and tried to grab the jewelry JTG had put down on the table, but JTG slapped his hand telling him to stop. JTG went after Horney, but Titus rushed up telling JTG to stop. He told JTG that Horney's a leprechaun and likes gold. JTG said it's platinum, but Horney made some noises and said it's white gold. Titus will take on JTG tonight.

Titus O'Neil vs. JTG

Maryse arrived to ringside to join Regal and Grisham on commentary for the match. Hornswoggle brought his pro, Titus O'Neil, to the ring. Grisham reviewed recent events including Hornswoggle last week asking for a date after giving Maryse a ring pop. Maryse laughed in his face and threw the ring down, saying he needs to get a woman his own size.

As Titus O'Neil and JTG fought in the ring, Hornswoggle brought a note over to Maryse. It was written in crayon asking Maryse "Do you love me - Yes, No, Maybe" with checkboxes. Maryse laughed about it saying Hornswoggle is a little person. Meanwhile in the ring, JTG had a headlock on Titus, who got to his feet. O'Neil flipped JTG over him to slam him to the mat. Maryse took a camera phone picture of the match or Hornswoggle.

At one point in the match, JTG came out to confront Hornswoggle. Horney tried to impress Maryse by posing up on the apron and flexing his muscles. Maryse laughed about his goofy antics. Meanwhile, Titus took control in the ring and hit his sit out powerbomb on JTG.

Titus put Hornswoggle up on his shoulders in the ring to celebrate the win. Maryse stood up and fanned herself with the note that Hornswoggle gave her, then tore it up, laughing. Hornswoggle was upset in the ring and left. Titus tried to comfort him on the way up the ramp, but Horney brushed him away. Meanwhile, Maryse laughed at ringside.

Winner: Titus O'Neil wins via pinfall over JTG.

Raw Rebound flashed back to Raw Roulette in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday night. They highlighted the main event, a tables match between R-Truth and John Cena. It saw Cena ready to win with an AA on Truth on a table in the ring. However, CM Punk arrived down ringside and tipped the table over. Cena slammed Truth down on the mat instead, then went out after Punk. Punk rushed back in the ring, so Cena went after him there. He tried for the AA, but Truth ended up tackling Cena through a table in the corner of the ring. Truth with the win, followed by CM Punk's big speech on the top of the stage talking about being best wrestler in the world. He told Cena he's just better at kissing Mr. McMahon's ass than Punk.

Todd Grisham said moments after Raw went off the air, CM Punk was suspended. Grisham said word has it that Mr. McMahon will be on Raw Monday to address what went down.

Maryse and Matt Striker were at ringside for the elimination. Time for the fourth elimination to leave just two rookies. Right now it's down to Titus O'Neil, Conor O'Brian and Darren Young. Striker said the decision of who is eliminated comes down to the votes of the fans and their pros. Striker said in the event of a tie, they use Redemption points to determine who's out. Right now. Conor O'Brian has 3 points, Darren Young has 7 points, and Titus O'Neil has 22 points.

Striker said it's time for the elimination, so they showed the three flashing rookies' pictures up on the Titantron. After several moments it stopped on Conor O'Brian's headshot. Conor took the mic to make his farewell speech, he said there's nowhere better to go out than Phoenix. He thanked the fans, and his pro Vlad who was also a good friend. He finished with a message to Hunter, saying all he wants is an opportunity to "play the game."

Striker said Titus O'Neil and Darren Young won't be going to the finals alone, they'll be joined by this man. Derrick Bateman arrived out with his pro, Daniel Bryan. Regal said Bateman was from Season 4. Grisham said it seems Bateman has a shot to win NXT Season 5 now. They showed the clip of Conor O'Brian learning he was the latest elimination as NXT went off the air.

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