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WWE Superstars Results 07/28/11

WWE Superstars Results 07/28/11:

Smackdown's Jack Korpela started off with commentary, announcing a main event of Alex Riley against Jack Swagger from Raw. Heath Slater arrived out to the ramp with a microphone to start off the matches. He said he remembered "this dump" because it's where he and Nexus came down to destroy the WWE legends, including Ricky Steamboat. Slater did his catchphrase "one man rock band" before getting into the ring.

Trent Barreta vs. Heath Slater

As the match was underway, Striker brought up how Slater grew up in West Virginia on Southern Rock and it's defined his personality today. Barreta had Slater out near the ramp and did a running suicide dive over the top rope to take out Slater. Slater escaped a pinfall in the ring.

Barreta had momentum late in the match and had a near fall. Korpela and Striker talked about the multiple champions on Raw and the fact HHH will be on Smackdown Friday. Trent went for the Dudebuster DDT, but Slater countered and slammed him down for a near fall.

Later, Slater rushed at Trent in the corner, but Barreta dropkicked him. Trent climbed up the corner, but Slater went up behind him to punch away on him. Slater grabbed Trent for a backwards suplex, but Trent elbowed him down to the mat. Trent followed with a moonsault but Heath was standing up and moved out of the way. Slater finished off Trent with a reverse DDT for the win.

Winner: Heath Slater wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

Josh Matthews was now on commentary when Superstars returned. He told fans to check out Facebook and Twitter for more about Summerslam 2011. Santino Marella and Chris Masters arrived to the ring for a tag team match.

Santino Marella & Chris Masters vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Scott Stanford brought up how a week ago Santino was partnering with Zack Ryder. Santino and Chris did rock, scissors paper to determine Santino would start off the match. Otunga started for the tag champs. He taunted Otunga early on, before hitting an atomic drop and tagging in Masters for some chest chops.

After break, Santino was being worn down by McGillicutty. Santino finally managed to break away and tagged in Masters. Masters went on a tear and eventually hit a huge Spinebuster for a near fall. Otunga came in to break it up, so Santino came in with a green glove on and punched him from behind with the punch. Otunga fell to the outside. McGill knocked Santino out of the ring.

Chris Masters tried to put the Masterlock on McGill, but he was able to thrust forward into the corner, causing Masters to hit the turnbuckle. McGillicutty finished off the hunched over Masters with a swinging neckbreaker.

Winners: Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga win via pinfall over Santino Marella and Chris Masters.

Stanford and Matthews discussed the recent episode of Raw with the WWE Championship situation. They showed the Raw Rebound video with highlights of Rey Mysterio winning the title and vowing to bring it home to his family. Later on, Triple H booked John Cena vs Rey for the title. Cena managed to win the title back, but at the end of the show, CM Punk showed up with the WWE Championship belt he won from Cena at Money in the Bank PPV.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

Early on Matthews and Stanford discussed how some credit The Miz for making Riley who he is, but others applaud him for stepping out of his shadow to find his own success. Riley had an early pinfall attempt with Swagger kicking out at 2. Moments later, Swagger managed to dump Riley onto the apron. Riley responded by ramming Swagger in the gut through the ropes. Swagger came back to knock Riley down towards the barrier. Swagger went outside and threw Riley into the barrier near the timekeeper. Superstars went to break with Swagger in pushup mode smiling at the fallen Riley.

Back from break, Swagger was in control in the ring and put an armhold on Riley on the mat. The crowd chanted for Riley to rally him back to life. He was for a minute but then Swagger clotheslined him down hard. Swagger started to work on Riley's ankle while he was grounded on the mat.

Riley staged another comeback with a legsweep to slam Swagger to the mat. Swagger got up and went at Riley, so the two traded kicks and punches. Riley managed to tackle Swagger down from the ropes. He followed up moments later with a Spinebuster, then signaled for The Grenade. Riley thought he had finished Swagger with the elbow drop move, but Swagger escaped the pinfall. Later, Swagger knocked Riley down near the ropes and tried to pin him with Riley grabbing the ropes. Swagger did his running Vader bomb and hit it, then put the Ankle Lock on Riley. Riley rolled out and tossed Swagger into the turnbuckle.

Riley went out of the ring to recover, then ran and kicked Swagger in the face with Swagger hanging through the ropes. Riley got back in the ring and hit a huge DDT to win the match. Matthews said it was a bit of an upset but a quality win for Riley on Superstars.

Post-match, Riley celebrated the victory as Scott Stanford signed off for himself and Mattthews on Superstars.

Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

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