Monday, August 22, 2011

Raw Preview 08/22/11

On last week's episode of Raw, Kevin Nash arrived out to explain his attack on CM Punk at Summerslam. It turns out that someone sent a cell phone message to Nash while he was in attendance at ringside, instructing him to attack CM Punk post match. That attack left the WWE Champion vulnerable so Alberto Del Rio could cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and win the championship. Punk came out on Raw to confront Nash, believing that it was Triple H who set up the attack. So now the mystery remains as to who set up the cell phone orders on CM Punk? Was it Triple H, Stephanie, or someone else behind it all?

Also on Raw, the new champion Alberto Del Rio has been put on notice. Last week, Del Rio successfully defended the WWE Championship in his first official match with Rey Mysterio as the challenger. However, as the match concluded, Del Rio continued to try to demoralize and destroy Mysterio with the Cross Armbreaker hold. It was former champion John Cena to the rescue, chasing Del Rio away from Mysterio. With Del Rio and his ring announcer retreating on the ramp, Cena confronted Alberto from inside the ring. Cena basically said Del Rio's way of winning the belt cheapened the WWE Championship, and gave him plenty of reason to be upset. With that, it would seem that Cena is gunning for Del Rio. Will these two cross paths again on Raw?

Also on Raw, the WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler continues to have his trouble working with Vickie Guerrero. The two were close business associates but recently have become a bit distanced. On Raw, Ziggler and Vickie were ringside to provide commentary during Alex Riley's match with Jack Swagger. Vickie provided a distraction during the match which allowed Swagger to gain the victory over Riley. Later backstage, Swagger thanked Vickie for the help and planted the seed that maybe her managerial services would be of benefit to him. Does this mean Vickie will be taking on a new client soon and leaving the US Champion on his own?

Check out Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA for all the action and excitement!

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