Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raw Mystery & CM Punk vs Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash was once again involved in costing CM Punk a WWE Championship reign on this past Monday's Raw. The former WWE superstar known as Diesel interfered in the main event #1 contender's match between CM Punk and John Cena. Nash arrived out from backstage with a microphone telling Punk their feud wasn't over yet, causing the distraction. That allowed John Cena to hit the Attitude Adjustment and pin CM Punk for the win. Cena heads on to Night of Champions as #1 contender to challenge WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

As for CM Punk, he had a rough night, getting punched earlier in the ring during an altercation with Triple H and Kevin Nash. It's still a mystery right now who ordered "the hit" on CM Punk by Nash at Summerslam 2011, but many believe that Stephanie McMahon and John Laurainitis are part of the blame. Vince McMahon should never be ruled out either.

All that said, Triple H pointed out on Monday Night Raw that Nash is not an active WWE superstar. Yet Nash continues to pop up on Raw anyways, so he must have some prestige and power. This all seems to be leading to a CM Punk versus Kevin Nash matchup, which would be a first of its kind in WWE history. Nash and Punk are both former champions, although Nash has worked with WCW and Punk with ECW/Ring of Honor.

This would make for an exciting Pay-Per-View matchup though and probably a street fight or anything goes style match. Nash is getting up there in age, but his current storyline with the mystery of who texted him to do a job on Punk is intriguing fans. Night of Champions 2011 Pay-Per-View is scheduled for September 18th, and as of right now it's billed as a night when all the championships are on the line. Nash and Punk are currently without championships so their match may have to wait until the next Pay-Per-View or an episode of Raw.

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