Saturday, August 20, 2011

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry & NXT Show

A new #1 contender was decided on Friday's Smackdown thanks to a 20-Man Battle Royal booked by GM Teddy Long. It saw the likes of The Great Khali, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Jinder Mahal and Mark Henry battling it out for the prize. The winner would be able to challenge Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship, sometime in the future.

The finale of the match saw it come down to big man Mark Henry against little man Sin Cara (who is now played by a new person under the mask). Sin Cara did all sorts of neat tricks, but it was obvious he wasn't going to get a title shot. Henry ultimately tossed him out of the ring like several others, showing his dominance.

This all comes after Henry has dispatched of Big Show, Kane and recently defeated Sheamus by countout at Summerslam 2011. WWE has pushed Henry on this dominant path lately, which now has him colliding with The Viper. Fans may remember back to a previous time these two crossed paths, when Henry was brought over to Raw and closed out the show with an impressive victory over a heel Orton. However, Henry never really got much of a push after that.

It's possible Henry could go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and ultimately set the stage for him to lose to Sheamus, Big Show, or Kane. The interesting factor here is Daniel Bryan, who has vowed to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract at Wrestlemania 28. Will he be cashing in on a heel or a face? Will it be Randy Orton, or will it be someone else? It's going to need to be a strong main eventer, as Bryan wants to fight the reputable fight. Nonetheless, Henry vs Orton will be an interesting new feud for now.

One other thing to touch on briefly and that is the ridiculousness of the WWE NXT show. There seems to be no need for fan voting on this matter as all of those who appear on the show will be used in some capacity by WWE whether fans voted for them or not. Johnny Curtis is far from a star with his current personality and skills. He was also due a tag team title shot with R-Truth, but apparently WWE things fans forgot about that.

Take a look at the Raw, Smackdown and even NXT rosters or shows, and you'll see plenty of NXT wrestlers or divas who didn't win the competition but are still competing on these shows. Examples of NXT "losers" who are on the rosters are pretty much everyone on Season 1, NXT diva hopefuls AJ, Maxine & Kaitlyn, and Derrick Bateman, who was brought back to the show to be part of the final 3 for this season. Titus O'Neil has been in dominant command of the challenges and in-ring fights on NXT Redemption, which will lead to another season apparently. All of this seems to make a very good case for making a bigtime elimination - the WWE NXT program.

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