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WWE Superstars Results 08/25/11

WWE Superstars Results 8/25/11:

Scott Stanford opened on commentary with Josh Matthews. Stanford discussed the upcoming Night of Champions PPV in Buffalo in 3 weeks. Matthews said tonight's main event will see Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan taking on Drew McIntyre. Sheamus arrived out for the opening match to the crowd applause.

Sheamus vs. Heath Slater

Slater arrived out from backstage with a mic in hand. He yelled at Sheamus for eliminating him from the Smackdown Battle Royal to determine a #1 contender for Randy Orton.

Early on, Sheamus beat on Slater in the corner, then punched him down middle of the ring. Sheamus continued to dominate, stomping away on Slater near the ropes. Slater tried to mount a comeback, only to get punched down again. Sheamus went up to the top of the corner, but Slater crotched him, then kicked him to the outside of the ring. Slater kicked on Sheamus outside, then rolled him in the ring for a pin attempt.

The crowd started up a "Let's go Sheamus" chant, so The Celtic Warrior tossed Slater across the ring. Sheamus was slow to get up, but then leveled Slater multiple times. He hit a huge powerslam, then used the ropes to hold Slater back and beat on his chest. Sheamus started beating on his chest, but missed on the Brogue Kick, allowing Slater to recover.

The close saw Slater go for a high risk move from the corner, but Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick as he was coming at him. Sheamus followed with his High Cross finisher for the pinfall win. The Canadian crowd showed their support for the win.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Heath Slater.

Pete Gibson vs. Brodus Clay

Calgary local Pete Gibson got the tough draw with Brodus Clay tonight. Jack Korpela and Matt Striker talked over how dominant Clay has been against opponents so far. Clay beat on Gibson early then slammed him down for an elbow drop follow-up. Clay clubbed down Gibson from behind, then hit a German Suplex on him for a pinfall. Brodus pulled up after 2 on the pin.

Clay did his huge splash on Gibson in the corner. As the amateur staggered forward, Clay bounced off the ropes and ran at him hitting the flying cross body for the pin. Korpela asked Striker if there's anyone who can stop Clay and Striker responded "Good question."

Winner: Brodus Clay wins via pinfall over Pete Gibson.

When Superstars returned, Korpela brought up a Summerslam rematch between Sheamus and Mark Henry which will be on Smackdown Friday night.

Justin Gabriel vs. JTG

Striker talked about Gabriel becoming a fan favorite of many in the WWE Universe. Early on, Gabriel took the lead with a headlock, and then a shoulder block to knock JTG. He followed with a flip and a hip toss, to put JTG into an armbar lock.

JTG regained control after whipping Gabriel to the corner. Striker talked about how some of the toughest people in the world came from Brooklyn, where JTG is from. JTG got knocked down for a bit. Gabriel got up on the corner for the 450 Splash, with JTG hitting the rope to make him fall. JTG started pounding on Gabriel on the mat. JTG hit a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall, then started to wear him down with a submission hold.

Gabriel made a comeback with several kicks to knock down JTG. JTG whipped him to the ropes, but Gabriel came running back and rolled off JTG's back to kick him down. Gabriel hit a flying crossbody springboard for a near fall on JTG. He went for a moonsault but JTG avoided it, then slammed Gabriel for a near fall.

Moments later, Gabriel was able to knee JTG in the head, knocking him to the mat. Gabriel got on the corner for the 450, with JTG climbing up to fight. Gabriel did a sunset flip slam, then went back up on the corner for the 450 Splash, this time connecting.

Winner: Justin Gabriel wins via pinfall over JTG.

Jack Korpela told fans to check out for The Viper's Most Punishing RKO's ever. Korpela and Striker talked about the upcoming action-thriller movie starring Triple H called "Inside Out." They rolled the PG-13 movie trailer also featuring Michael Rappaport.

Daniel Bryan vs. Drew McIntyre

Early on Bryan dropkicked Drew down, but then Drew backed him in the corner to beat on him. Stanford and Matthews talked over Bryan saying he'll cash in the MITB at Wrestlemania and how it's never been done before. Bryan went outside the ring to grab McIntyre, but as they got in the ring, Drew rolled back out. Bryan grabbed him through the ropes, but ended up getting him by Drew.

Later in the ring, Bryan took down Drew by a leg and put on a leg hold. Drew grabbed the bottom rope to break out of it. After break, Drew McIntyre had control with a submission hold on Bryan.

Bryan made a comeback later in the match and hit a running knee on Drew in the corner for the near fall. He got a series of kicks on Drew's chest, then got flattened by a clothesline. Moments later, Bryan knocked Drew out of the ring then did a suicide dive through the ropes to crash Drew into the barricade.

Later, Drew hit a superplex off the corner for a very close near fall on Bryan. Drew tried to put Bryan away, but as he went to whip him across the ring, Bryan jumped onto his back and locked the guillotine submission on Drew. Drew fell to the mat and had nowhere to go so he tapped out of it.

Superstars closed with Bryan celebrating in the ring and Scott Stanford signing off for he and Matthews.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission over Drew McIntyre.

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