Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Terri Runnels vs New Jack in Court Battle

Terri Runnels is back in the news, this time for a series of explicit naked images taken by former boyfriend, Jerome Young aka "New Jack." Just recently, Runnels filed a court action against Young regarding the photos, and now an Orlando judge has banned him from continuing to sell the photos or distribute them.

Young had told the court since he took the photos, they were his property and his to distribute. The judge was not in agreement with Young's rationale over the naked material.

Runnels last appeared in the WWE back in 2000 until 2004 when she asked for her release. She only held the Hardcore Championship, after pinning a dazed Steven Richards to obtain it for a brief reign. Otherwise, she was notorious for being the manager of Goldust, Brian Pillman, Perry Saturn, Raven, Val Venis, and D'Lo Brown among others.

The Terri Runnels vs New Jack battle in the courtroom ring continues next week with another hearing scheduled.

(Story source: Fox Sports)

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