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Raw Results 08/01/11

Raw Results from Indianapolis, IN:

Raw opened with highlights of the John Cena and CM Punk situation involving Vince McMahon at Money in the Bank. Punk won the championship after a GTS on Cena in his hometown of Chicago, shocking Vince McMahon. Rey Mysterio would win the WWE Championship in a tournament set up by Vince on Raw. Cena defeated Rey in a rematch later in the night to regain the title. However, CM Punk showed up at the end of Raw with two champions facing each other in the ring.

Michael Cole said for the first time in WWE history there are two legitimate WWE Champions. CM Punk's new theme music came on as one of the champs arrived out with his belt to show the audience. Michael Cole announced he and Lawler as commentators with "special guest" JR. Lawler said this is the Triple H era and Jim Ross is an employee again.

Punk yelled out "the champ is here" before hoisting up the belt. He sat down as a "CM Punk" chant started up. Punk said time for the big question, "Why did I come back?" He reminded fans that his contract would expire on July 17th, 2011, and said he struggled with the decision for a year. Punk said he loves his job but hates the people in charge, so he decided to speak his mind and try to make change happen. Punk said he caused just a little bit of change with a domino effect, by getting Vince relieved of his duties with WWE.

Punk brought up how Cena is parading around with a championship belt which is no different than the one the kid in the front row has. Punk said he has a championship and there's one fact, he holds the most important title in the world in his hands. Punk said that title shows he is the best professional wrestler the world has to offer, the one, the only WWE Champion. Just then, Triple H's theme music started up and out came the new COO.

Triple H said he re-signed CM Punk for one reason, it was good for business, just like bringing back JR and John Morrison. HHH said it's his job to give the fans what they want so he put his personal feelings aside and re-signed him. Punk asked what those feelings are, so HHH said he felt Punk was smug and ovverrated. Punk said it must be like looking in the mirror for Triple H. Punk said Vince let top notch guys like Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and others slip through. Punk said HHH couldn't afford for Punk to go anywhere else.

Triple H told Punk to tell everyone the truth about why he really re-signed. HHH said it's because Punk needs this platform to exist. HHH said without WWE his mic aka "the pipebomb" and him are meaningless. HHH told Punk he and Cena are both WWE Champions, and he'll fix that situation later on tonight. HHH was leaving the ring but Punk stopped him and said it's time to talk egos. He brought up how Hunter's ego had him telling people what to do throughout his career. Punk called Triple H a bully who looks to throw his weight around and push people. Punk told Triple H he likes to push back.

HHH got in Punk's face and said he could slap every tattoo off him right now, but he won't. He said he took the job for the fans and the job comes with certain rules. Triple H told Punk he strongly suggests he doesn't break those rules either. Punk taunted Triple H by playing with his tie and asked HHH what will happen if he breaks the rules, will HHH punch him in the face, "or does he have to ask his wife first?" Punk dropped the mic and left the ring with HHH shrugging it off and mockingly applauding him.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio was getting ready for a tag match. Someone stole his shirt, then John Morrison came flipping overhead and landed near Rey. Morrison tossed him the shirt and the two laughed about it.

Divas Battle Royal for #1 Contender

Melina, Gail Kim and Rosa Mendes were eliminated early on. It came down to Bella Twins, Eve, Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox as Raw went to commercial break. Kelly Kelly was on commentary, scouting her potential opponent for Summerslam 2011. Alicia Fox tried to run and dropkick Eve, but Eve dropped to the apron and Alicia landed on the outside floor.

One of the Bellas managed to eliminated Eve after hanging her upside down on the ropes. Beth went over and was able to pick up both of the Bellas on her shoulders, then dumped them out of the ring.

Kelly went into the ring to congratulate Beth and raise her arm up. Beth celebrated for just a moment before tossing Kelly out of the ring to the floor. She went right out and then threw Kelly into the crowd barrier. Beth grabbed a mic and told her her days as the cute blond little bimbo champion are about over.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins the divas battle royal to become #1 contender for WWE Divas Championship.

The Miz was shown backstage getting ready for a match when R-Truth arrived to the locker room. Miz asked Truth who he's talking to. Truth tried to tell him they're a lot alike because they both think Triple H running WWE is a mistake, and it could be a conspiracy. Truth told Miz to be very very careful because next thing he knows he gonna get got.

Josh Matthews interviewed John Cena backstage. Cena said his focus isn't Punk but Triple H because he has to decide who the real champion is. Cena said when Triple H makes his decision, Cena will be out there to see what he has to say.

John Morrison & Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth & The Miz

They showed The Miz's appearance on George Lopez show included some dancing he did with an audience member. Cole said this coming Sunday The Miz and John Cena will be presenters at the Teen Choice awards. He said they'll be hanging out with Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and the Kardashians. Rey Mysterio made his ring entrance followed by John Morrison.

Early on, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison took control of things. At one point, Mysterio knocked both heels to the outside then jumped on Truth. Morrison ran across the ring and flew out onto Miz. Raw took a commercial break. Later in the match, the heels gained the advantage against Mysterio, trying to wear him down and keep him away from the tag to JMo. The Miz hit his big running clothesline on Rey in the corner, then went off the corner. Rey caught him with a dropkick and both men hit the mat. Both Morrison and Truth tagged in.

The finish saw Truth try to get a scissors kick on Morrison, but JMo avoided it and kicked Truth in the head, sending him against the ropes. Rey went for 619, but Miz tripped him from outside the ring. Miz yanked Rey out of the ring and tossed him over the crowd barrier. Morrison went over and kicked Miz as he got on the apron. However, as Morrison went back into the ring, Truth was ready to hit his finisher.

Post-match, The Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale on John Morrison. Truth got tin the ring with a bottled water. Miz held JMo up so Truth could smash the water in Morrison's face, then they had the ref raise up their arms in victory.

Winners: R-Truth & The Miz win via pinfall over Rey Mysterio & John Morrison.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Triple H the COO. Triple H said Punk making jokes about Stephanie is nothing new and doesn't get to him. Matthews asked him about John Cena the other champion. Triple H said John Cena can come out later and so can CM Punk. Triple H said based on how the night's going though, Cena should keep it strictly business out there.

Summerslam 1998 was the latest Summerslam Recall. Honky Tonk Man was Intercontinental Champion and had no opponent. He made an open challenge to the locker room. Ultimate Warrior rushed to the ring and beat Honky Tonk Man to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Vickie Guerrero arrived out with US Champion Dolph Ziggler. Cole said it's obvious Vickie hasn't been eating JR's BBQ sauce lately, because she looks great. Vickie did her "excuse me" routine in the ring then started to talk about the controversy of having two WWE Champions. She said despite all that, Ziggler has gone above and beyond to prove himself more superior than CM Punk and John Cena.

Ziggler brought up how he said to "Follow that" last week, meaning no one will ever have his skills, talent, technique or charisma. Ziggler said he's more of a man than anyone in the arena and anyone back in the locker room. That brought Alex Riley out in a suit as well. Riley had a mic in hand and asked Dolph if he's such a man why does he always hide behind a woman, or in his case - Vickie Guerrero. Vickie brought up all of Dolph's title accomplishments, but Alex said "excuse me" and asked Dolph when the last time was he accomplished anything on his own. Riley told Ziggler if he wants to be a real man than drop Vickie. Riley asked Dolph if without Vickie he'll be exposed for what he really is "a bleach-blond, arrogant, fraud."

Ziggler took Vickie by the hand and escorted her to the corner, before removing his suit coat and handing it to her with the belt. Dolph loosened up his tie than rolled to the outside of the ring. Riley waved goodbye to him as Vickie exited up the ramp with Ziggler. Cole said the United States Champion doesn't have to put up with that and wanted to make sure Vickie's safe. Lawler said Ziggler had a chance to earn some respect there but lost it.

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Highlights were shown of Ryder's quick victory over Michael Cole on last week's Raw. Cole complained he had to wear Triple H's boots and they were 4 sizes too big for him. Cole brought up how Zack Ryder is the mock internet champion and spent $1500 to buy himself a belt.

Ryder had control of things, but as Santino went for the Cobra the action broke down. Ryder tried for the Rough Ryder on McGill, who avoided it. From there, McGillicutty picked up Ryder and held him as he tagged Otunga. Otunga did a flying elbow drop on Ryder to pick up the pinfall win.

Winners: David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty win via pinfall over Zack Ryder & Santino Marella.

They showed a replay of the earlier confrontation between Triple H and CM Punk in the ring. Triple H warned CM Punk he better follow the rules. Punk asked "or what?" if Triple H would beat him up or punch him in the face, or if he needed to go ask his wife's permission first.

Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk in the locker room asking what Triple H's decision will be later tonight about the championship. Punk said he's waiting to see what his decision will be. Punk said earlier in the ring he was just testing Triple H and he passed with flying colors. Punk said at Money in the Bank he won the WWE Championship from John Cena so the champ is standing right here. Punk said now the champ is going that way.

Evan "Air" Bourne vs. Alberto Del Rio

Justin Roberts introduced Ricardo Rodriguez so he could introduce Mr. Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio. Cole said Del Rio drove out in a 1953 Rolls Royce worth over $100,000.

Late in the match, Bourne hit the enziguiri on Del Rio to knock him down. Bourne climbed the corner for the Air Bourne, but Del Rio rushed over and did his flying kick to Bourne's head to knock him to the mat. Del Rio put on his Cross Armbar hold to finish Bourne off from there.

Post-match, Del Rio slapped the armbar submission on Bourne again despite the ref trying to break it up. Kofi Kingston rushed to the ring to make a save, chasing Del Rio off. Ricardo Rodriguez went onto the ramp with him and the briefcase.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins due to submission of Evan Bourne.

Triple H was shown walking backstage on his way to the ring. Cole, Lawler and JR said he'll be out next to decide about the WWE Championship situation.

"Bright Lights Bigger City" by Cee Lo Green is the official Summerslam 2011 theme song. Michael Cole said Cee Lo will be at Summerslam too.

The results of the online WWE Poll about who is the true WWE Champion were 54% in favor of John Cena versus 46% for CM Punk.

WWE Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, arrived to the ring with his decision on the WWE Championship situation. Triple H was about to make his decision when he was interrupted by John Laurenitis the executive vice president of WWE talent relations.

Laurenitis said he took the job over from Jim Ross, so it's his job to manage talent and sign contracts. Laurenitis told HHH he's been part of the corporate structure for a very short time, but he's worked corporately with Mr. McMahon for over 10 years. Laurenitis says he knows how Vince would handle this situation, by stripping the WWE Championship from John Cena.

That brought John Cena out to the ring to weigh in on the discussion. Cena told Laurenitis he's been that "yes man" for 10 years to Vince McMahon, just like Punk mentioned before. Cena reminded him how he knocked his teeth out at Money in the Bank PPV when he tried to ring the bell and stop the match.

Laurenitis said his decision wasn't made because of Cena's unprofessional behavior but because Punk beat him. Cena said his favorite moment at MITB was punching Laurenitis in the face. Cena said it felt so good maybe he should do it right now. Triple H said "don't look at me, I don't have a problem with that." Laurenitis left the ring, so Cena talked to Triple H. HHH said he's not going to strip Cena of the title because his claim to the title is legit.

Triple H said he didn't receive a signed contract from Punk until Cena was defeating Rey Mysterio on Raw. He said it was then that Punk walked up with a signed contract and put it in his face saying "hit my music." CM Punk's new music hit and he came to the ring to get in the discussion.

Triple H finally got in between them. He said they'll settle this at Summerslam with a one-on-one match to decide who is the true undisputed WWE Champion. HHH left the ring with Punk and Cena facing each other still, each with their championship belts. Punk dropped his mic and held up his championship belt for the fans to see, so Cena dropped his mic and then presented his championship belt. They each posed with their belts on the corners of the rings as their music altered back and forth as well.

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