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WWE NXT Results 08/02/11

WWE NXT Results from University of KY:

The show opened with a video recapping how there's just three men left, but Titus O'Neil is dominating the rookie redemption challenges with more points than his other opponents combined. They showed how Derrick Bateman tried to cost Titus a match against Young a few weeks ago, but Titus still managed to win. However, Bateman managed to beat Titus last week in their match. Darren Young was at ringside to give him assistance by grabbing Titus' foot in the corner and congratulated him on the win.

Todd Grisham kicked it off on commentary mentioning Summerslam is less than two weeks away. He sent it to Matt Striker in the ring. Striker introduced Titus O'Neil to the fans. Grisham started talking about Titus' dominance in the competition. Regal said O'Neil has redeemed himself. Striker asked Titus about how he feels about the Bateman Young alliance against him. Titus said he thinks it's cute, because he's dominated the competition up until now. Titus said that his two opponents know their only chance to win is taking him out of it.

Titus tried to do his dog barking chant, but some rock music started up bringing Derrick Bateman and Darren Young out. Bateman said nothing can take away the fact that last week he beat him. Titus told Bateman there's no way he can beat him one on one without help. Darren Young reminded everyone he's competing in NXT all by himself without a pro mentor. Titus suggested they have a tag match right there tonight. Striker polled the audience and they were in favor of the idea. Young said the only way they'll fight Titus tonight is if they can choose his partner.

Titus agreed to it, so Bateman and Young conferred about it. They said they'll face Titus O'Neil and his partner...Matt Striker! Striker tried to protest it saying he hasn't been in the ring in 4 years. Titus said that's just fine, but Striker still wasn't agreeing.

They had a Social Media Mania factoid when NXT returned saying that The Rock has more Twitter followers than John Cena. However, Cena's got more Facebook fans.

JTG arrived to the ring for the gentlemen's bet over "Who is More Gangsta?" between JTG and Kozlov. Vlad Kozlov arrived out to JTG's theme music wearing a white T-shirt, a grill for his teeth, sunglasses and a baseball cap. Kozlov did dance moves on the way down the ramp and then did JTG's taunt through the ropes, before posing on the corner.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. JTG

JTG started looking over Kozlov with Kozlov mimicking his every move. JTG got angry and started beating on Kozlov, but Vlad soon made a comeback as he caught JTG and slammed him backwards.

Post-break, JTG was in control as he used submission holds on Kozlov. He ripped apart Kozlov's undershirt before he started to choke him against the ropes. Regal talked about how JTG is stepping his game up to show everyone what he can do, and that he's probably feeling disrespected over Kozlov mocking him.

Kozlov started up another comeback doing his battering ram headbutts into JTG's chest. He hit a powerslam and then signaled for a finisher, hitting his one arm slam on JTG to win it. Kozlov had a bloody nose post-match. JTG's music started up so Kozlov started to dance in the ring to celebrate and posed on the corner.

Post-match, Kozlov left the ring and went over to take Todd Grisham's cell phone. He did some planking on JTG in the ring and then snapped a picture with Grisham's cell phone.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov wins via pinfall over JTG.

They came back with Regal talking about how WWE.com has WWE Divas Summerslam swimsuit pics up now featuring Stacey, Eve, Kelly Kelly and more of the divas.

Time for the Raw Rebound. It was a review of CM Punk's return to Raw last night and his speech about the championship. Triple H arrived out to talk to him about it. Punk pushed him a bit and called Triple H a bully who likes to throw his weight around and push people. Punk brought up Triple H's wife as a joke to taunt him too. Later in the night, John Cena arrived to the ring to discuss the WWE Championship situation with Triple H. HHH said he won't be stripped of the title. CM Punk came out to ask if he's being stripped of his title while the paper champ isn't. Triple H said no, they'll settle it at Summerslam with a match to determine the undisputed WWE Champion.

Regal said he's never been more excited to see a WWE Championship match. Grisham said everyone's talking about this match even ESPN. He asked Regal for a prediction, and Regal said CM Punk, hands down.

Tyson Kidd arrived out with a mic and said Yoshi Tatsu won their match last week, but let's see who got the leg up on their competition. They showed highlights of Kidd beating up Yoshi post-match and injuring his leg, before stealing the necklace back. Kidd told the audience they should all be on their feet expressing their gratitude, because he's gotten rid of Yoshi Tatsu, his toys and stupid music. Kidd brought up how he comes from a long line of successful superstars including Pillman, Davey Boy Smith and Bret Hart. He said they made it through hard work not worshipping toy action figures. He said in his WWE there's only room for Tyson Kidd.

Matt Striker & Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young & Derrick Bateman

Darren Young and Derrick Bateman arrived out first. Hornswoggle's music hit and out came Titus O'Neil' He was escorted by Horney with AJ holding his hand on the way to the ring. They took seats at the commentary area with Regal and Grisham. Regal told AJ his neice adores her and idolizes her.

During the match, Titus took control against Bateman then tagged in Striker to a lot of audience reaction. Striker did a move and grabbed a quick pinfall attempt. Moments later he hit a big dropkick on Bateman, then tagged in Titus for more work. Grisham told Hornswoggle he's grunting and moaning on commentary and that's not good television. Titus was able to toss Bateman out of the ring then did his barking. Horney did it too from the commentary area, so Grisham asked for a commercial break.

After break, Striker was in control of Young for a bit until Striker rushed at him in the corner and caught an elbow to the face. Young slammed Striker hard into the corner area and then hit another slam on him for a near fall. He tagged in Bateman to continue beating on Striker. Bateman took it to Striker then knocked Titus off the apron. Titus tried to get back in, but the ref held him off. Meanwhile Young and Bateman beat on him in the corner.

Bateman missed on a dropkick in the corner, so Striker managed to dive over to tag Titus O'Neil in. Titus kept knocking down Darren Young then punched Bateman off the apron. He had the near fall with Young kicking out. Young tried to use the ropes for leverage to pin Young. Matt Striker ran over on the apron to push his legs off. Young went over and tried to swing at Striker who dropped off the apron. Young turned around and was grabbed by Titus for his Clash of the Titus slam finisher.

Post-match, Horney and AJ got in the ring to celebrate with the winning team. AJ sat on Hornswoggle's shoulders, then Titus picked her up in one arm.

Winners: Matt Striker & Titus O'Neil win via pinfall over Darren Young & Derrick Bateman.

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