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WWE Superstars Results 08/04/11

WWE Superstars Results 08/04/11:

After the pyro finished exploding to start the show, commentator Jack Korpela was on hand, saying Summerslam is less than two weeks away and there's two legit WWE Champions. Alicia Fox was introduced to the start the show as Korpela and Striker talked over Summerslam. Striker was looking sweaty, potentially from his match on NXT.

Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox

As the match started, Striker noted that Beth Phoenix is now the #1 contender for the Divas Championship. Alicia took control early on with a headlock, but Kaitlyn escaped and put a headscissors on Alicia for a bit. Kaitlyn was able to pick up Alicia with one arm and sat her on the corner. However, Alicia jumped off the corner and took Kaitlyn down to gain control. Striker and Korpela talked over Kaitlyn's assets and flaws.

Kaitlyn made a late comeback with several takedowns including a dropkick takedown for a near fall. She worked on Alicia more in the corner. Kaitlyn botched a move near the ropes with Alicia able to recover and kick her in the gut. She followed with the scissors kick to get the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Kaitlyn.

Pat Silva vs. Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay, former bodyguard and rookie for Alberto Del Rio, resurfaced in a match tonight against an amateur wrestler. Korpela said Clay hasn't been seen since he was busted open at Extreme Rules 2011 PPV.

Clay had an elbow drop on Silva for the pinfall but lifted up at 2. He followed up by throwing Silva backwards against the ropes, then sent him against the ropes for a "rhino-like headbutt" to the man's gut. He followed with a huge splash in the corner, then came from off the ropes to hit a flying splash on Silva. Korpela called it "The Fall of Humanity." Brodus with the easy win. Striker said this is the future of the WWE.

Winner: Brodus Clay wins via pinfall over Pat Silva.

Josh Matthews was now on hand to talk about's Summerslam swimsuit pics. Fans can see WWE Divas past and present including Kelly, Stacy, Lita, Maryse, Trish and Eve.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Primo

Stanford talked about how Primo used to be part of DZP with Zack Ryder for a bit. He and Matthews talked about how Kozlov and Primo are proving they can go out on their own without partners. Before this match could start, JTG arrived out to ringside. Stanford talked about how Kozlov and JTG fought on NXT this past Tuesday with Kozlov getting the win. JTG joined Matthews and Stanford on commentary.

JTG talked about how Stanford is more gangsta than Matthews because he rapped on the True Long Island Story with Zack Ryder. During the match, Kozlov picked up Primo and put him on the corner to kick him. He caught Primo and prepared for a running slam, but Primo slipped off and took Kozlov down. Scott Stanford brought up Coolio to JTG as "the original gangsta." JTG corrected Stanford that he's more gangsta than Coolio.

Primo went for a running move on Kozlov in the corner, but Koz moved out of the way so Primo hit the corner. Moments later, Kozlov used his headbutts to Primo's chest. Primo kicked Kozlov in the face as he charged him in the corner. Primo jumped off the corner for an axe handle, but Kozlov batted him down from the air, then took the pinfall. JTG shook his head about it and he had some words with Kozlov but never got out of his seat to get in the ring.

Winner: Vladimor Kozlov wins via pinfall over Primo.

They showed the Raw Rebound. It featured the confrontation between CM Punk and COO Triple H in the ring as well as the later in-ring meeting with Triple H and John Cena. Triple H told Cena he won't strip him of the championship, because his claim is legit. CM Punk arrived out to interject. Punk asked if Triple H was going to strip him of his title he rightfully won at MITB PPV. Triple H said neither man will get stripped of their title, they'll settle it one-on-one in a match at Summerslam. The match will determine the undisputed WWE Champion. Scott Stanford reviewed the announced matches for Summerslam so far including the two big championship bouts.

Jack Swagger made his ring entrance for the main event right before Superstars took a break for ads.

Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

Early on, Swagger put on several submission holds to try to get the early advantage. Masters tried to power out, only to get slammed down to the mat. Later on, Masters ducked two clothesline attempts and then took Swagger down with a flying elbow. He followed with a suplex for a near fall. Swagger stayed in control after hitting a huge leg drop and had yet another pinfall attempt.

Masters went for a powerslam with Swagger on his shoulder, but Jack slipped off and shoved Chris into the corner hard. He followed with his running Vader bomb for a near fall. Stanford sent it to break saying they had a "real humdinger" going on for Superstars tonight.

After the break, Swagger was in control as he worked on Masters' lower back. Masters made a comeback from against the ropes and then the two traded punches before Masters rammed Swagger into the corner. Masters took down Swagger with a big clothesline, but Swagger responded by clipping Chris' leg and then booted him down. Swagger had a near fall, and then in frustration wrapped the scissor lock around Masters' midsection. Swagger used the rope for some leverage so the ref counted him until Jack broke it off.

Swagger rushed at Masters who sidestepped him and then put on the Masterlock. Swagger was able to escape near the ropes, so Masters followed with a big slam and then a knee to the face when Jack ran at him. Masters jumped from the corner to take down Swagger with a shoulder tackle. After a Spinebuster, Masters had yet another near fall. Later still, Swagger went for the Vader Bomb, but Masters put his knees up to block. Masters tried to lock on the Masterlock from there, but Swagger backed him into the corner hard. Swagger put on the Ankle Lock to get Masters to finally tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins by submission over Chris Masters.

Matthews reviewed the highlights of the match including how Swagger won. Swagger did his run around the ring and gloated about the win. Scott Stanford signed off for the Raw crew for this episode of Superstars with Summerslam approaching.

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