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WWE NXT Results 11/23/11

WWE NXT Results from Wilkes-Barre, PA:

Matt Striker welcomed fans to the show. William Regal joined him on commentary just as Darren Young made his way to the ring. They reviewed how Titus O'Neil defeated Tyler Reks on last week's show, but then was attacked by Darren Young.

Young got on the mic to deliver a promo in the ring saying it's time to call this "The D-Young Show." He trash talked Titus saying he won't be the next breakout star. Young brought up how he's main evented PPV's and faced John Cena before one on one. Young said Titus hasn't accomplished anything yet. Suddenly, Tyler Reks' music hit and he came out with Curt Hawkins to interrupt. They got in the ring and said they weren't so impressed with what he's done except the way he attacked Titus last week.

Hawkins said they've been scouting him and it seems he has the "IT" factor to make it in this company. They were going to continue when they were interrupted by Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil who came out from backstage. They made fun of Young's haircut and said Reks has absolutely no charisma. Titus said he was going to make their agenda crystal clear. He walked up and punched down Young.

Reks and Hawkins scrambled from the ring then yanked Young to the outside. Striker said he needed to make a match. Striker got up on the mic and booked Percy and Titus versus Reks and Young for the main event.

Maxine and Derrick Bateman joined William Regal and Matt Striker for commentary on the next match.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

Bateman talked about how he's been assigned a temporary contract with Smackdown. Striker asked if Maxine's wearing white to her wedding.

During the match, Curtis gained control, then went to the outside and stuck his butt out. Regal and Striker said that must be for Maxine. Curtis jumped over the top rope and landed on Yoshi with an elbow drop. Curtis did a gyrating dance move before suplexing Yoshi. Bateman and Maxine started to argue about Curtis.

Maxine got up and left the commentary spot because she was upset over Bateman's comemnts. She walked by the ring and up the ramp, shooting a look back at Curtis. Curtis continued to control the match with Regal and Striker asking Bateman why he's not going after his girl.

Yoshi started a comeback with multiple kicks and a spinning kick takedown. He missed on the running boot in the corner but moments later he got the flying kick from the corner to finish Curtis.

Post-match, Yoshi left the ring with Curtis down on the mat. Bateman got up and left the commentary spot to go in the ring. He crouched down and patted Curtis a few times mockingly before leaving him in the ring.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall over Johnny Curtis.

Striker and Regal talked about how great it was to see The Rock back in the ring at Survivor Series. Striker pressed his headset against his ear saying he hears there's some sort of commotion going on and they cut to a shot backstage.

Backstage, Maxine tried to convince Derrick Bateman that nothing happened between her and Curtis when they went out. Bateman said he's got way too much on his plate to worry about this right now. Maxine said they're trying to plan a wedding. Bateman said he's busy debuting on Smackdown to make a better future for them. Maxine said that Teddy Long asked for Batemax, the power couple, not just him. Maxine told Bateman to get his priorities straight, because there will be no play time until he does.

Maxine left Bateman as he slammed his hands on a nearby cart. Curtis came up to taunt Bateman, suggesting the relationship is in the dumps. Bateman told Curtis to keep his hands and eyes off Maxine or else. He walked off. Curtis said "yeah I got it, and now I'm gonna get her."

Jimmy Uso vs.

The Uso's did their Polynesian war dance at the top of the stage before pyro went off and they hit the ring. They cut a promo in the ring about how they represent all of the great Samoans who've stepped in the ring, like former stars Yokozuna, Umaga and Rikishi. They explained what uso means and how it stands for people you love. They had the chant do a "Us-o" response chant.

JTG's music hit and he arrived out with Tamina to the stage. JTG said his baby wants to talk so he handed a mic to Tamina. Tamina said she's got a man now who looks good and has style and who is going to beat Jimmy tonight.

Early on, Jimmy punched JTG out through the ropes, then went out after him. Tamina got in the way allowing JTG to slip back in the ring. Jimmy got right back in and took control again. JTG managed to get his feet up on a charging move in the corner before hitting a dropkick to Jimmy's back.

Jey rallied his brother to a comeback by leading the crowd in a "Us - o" chant. Jimmy hit a hip splash on JTG who was seated in the corner. Moments later, Jimmy landed a superkick to KO JTG on the mat. He followed with the superfly splash for the win.

Tamina got in the ring to check on JTG as the Uso's backed up the ramp celebrating.

Winner: Jimmy Uso wins via pinfall over JTG.

Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil vs. Tyler Reks & Darren Young

Young got control against Titus early in the match, and pulled him over towards Reks for a tag. The heels kept up the attack near their corner to wear down Titus. Titus eventually escaped and tagged in Percy who was on fire with quick offense. Reks was legal and got out of the ring with Young and Hawkins regrouping them near the commentary table. Percy leapt over the top rope to crash down onto them all before an NXT break.

Percy became the beatdown target for the heels. Reks managed to get a cheapshot move in behind the ref's back, allowing Young to try a couple near falls. Percy eventually broke free from Tyler Reks to make the hot tag to Titus, just as Reks tagged in Young. Titus knocked down Darren multiple times including a huge scoop slam for the near pinfall.

Late in the match, Percy Watson came in the ring to take out Reks. Darren Young clotheslined Percy to the outside. Titus O'Neil knocked down Young and got revved up to finish him. However, Hawkins poked his cane into the ring a bit to distract Titus. That allowed Young some time to recover. To close things out, Young hit the Gutcheck on Titus to get the pinfall.

Winners: Darren Young and Tyler Reks win via pinfall over Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil.

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