Monday, October 8, 2012

Raw Preview 10/8/12

Raw arrives tonight with two straight weeks of Ryback crossing paths with the WWE champion CM Punk.  Two weeks ago it was after Punk attacked Mick Foley backstage, when he turned to see Ryback staring him down.  Just last week, Punk gave Jim Ross a dressing down in the ring, leading Ryback to come out and walk Ross back to the ringside commentary area, and then stand face-to-face with Punk in the middle for the ring.  However, Ryback has yet to make any intentions known as far as Punk or the WWE title.  CM Punk has yet to mention the mammoth superstar either.  Is a match between these two brewing, or will it all subside?  What's next for Ryback as he continues to request more food?

With WWE's Hell in a Cell arriving towards the end of the month, that means superstars will be preparing for their matches.  CM Punk has already said he won't be facing John Cena in a Hell in a Cell match, even though many legends and Cena himself have requested it.  The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will put his title on the line against Big Show, with Dolph Ziggler lurking in the shadows with his MITB briefcase.  There's also the tag team titles which will be up for grabs.  The current champions are the on-again off-again pair of Daniel Bryan and Kane.  Their opponents are still be deciding as four tag teams are left in a tournament to find out the #1 contenders.  Will a team advance to the finals on tonight's show?

The biggest event of the night might not be any of the matches or feuds for the WWE stars, but the appearance of the WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  Mr McMahon is scheduled to appear on the latest Raw episode to address the WWE Universe.  There is also some behind-the scenes speculation that AJ Lee's job as Raw General Manager could be on the line.  Will Mr. McMahon utter those two famous words to anyone on Raw, or will he simply put someone on notice Monday night?

Check out Raw on USA starting at 8PM EST this Monday!

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