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Smackdown Results 10/5/12

Smackdown results from Tulsa, OK:

Smackdown started off with Big Show in the ring to discuss Hell in a Cell and how he has dominated some of the legends in the ring with his big fist punch.  As Show keeps bragging about it, Sheamus' music hits and out comes "The Celtic Warrior."  The champ said "May the best man win" and offered a handshake to Big Show, but he refused to shake, and then left the ring.  After Show left, Sheamus had footage shown of Big Show losing the World Heavyweight Title in just 45 seconds when Daniel Bryan cashed in MITB on him at the TLC PPV.  Sheamus also showed Bryan losing the title to him in 19 seconds at Wrestlemania.  Show become irked and headed to the ring but extended his hand for a shake.  Sheamus looked around as Show held out his hand, then walked towards him looking like he'd shake, and pulled his hand away before leaving the ring.  Cole questioned why Sheamus keeps "poking the bear" like this.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston in the tag team tournament match.    Kofi got ready for Trouble in Paradise on Young late in the match, but Titus distracted from outside the ring.  Truth rushed over to attack him on the outside.  In the ring, Young ducked Kofi's kick, and then Titus tripped up Kofi from the outside.  Young hit his knees to the gut finisher on Kofi for the win. They'll take on Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in the Semifinals round.

Ryback defeated Primo by pinfall in a squash match.  Rosa Mendes and Epico were ringside for the match.  Ryback dominated throughout but Primo managed to clip his leg at one point to ground Ryback and attack.  That was shortlived as Ryback picked him up and threw him across the ring, then hit a huge clothesline to level him.   Epico tried to bring Primo up the ramp with Rosa to escape, but Ryback got out of the ring and clotheslined Epico down.  Primo tried to punch him, but Ryback grabbed his fist and then pressed Primo overhead before tossing him back into the ring.  He finished with the Shellshock for the win.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk were shown walking backstage.  Heyman went up to some staff members and asked where Dolph Ziggler's locker room is.  They pointed them in the right direction and Heyman went with Punk that way.

Layla defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall.  During the match, Divas Champion Eve Torres was on commentary.  During the match, Fox caught Layla's foot and then took Layla down.  She worked on her left knee and smacked Layla on the butt.  Fox kept attacking Layla's hurt knee to exploit the injury.  However, Layla managed to make a comeback and hit her roundhouse kick to get the pinfall win.  Post-match Layla cut a promo on the mic about becoming divas champ again.

Vickie and Dolph Ziggler were walking backstage when CM Punk and Heyman came up to them.  Punk got on Ziggler for walking out on him during the main event tag match on Raw.  They went back and forth with insults and Ziggler told Punk to prove something to earn respect.  Booker T rushed up and got in the middle then said they'd settle it in the ring tonight.

Wade Barrett defeated a local amateur wrestler in a squash match.

The Miz defeated Sheamus due to disqualification. Big Show came out during the match and hit the WMD KO punch on Miz causing the DQ.

David Otunga and Alberto Del Rio came out to brag about how they attacked Randy Orton last week.  Smackdown GM Booker T made a match with Otunga and Del Rio as a tag team.

Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga via pinfall in a non-title match.  Del Rio walked out on Otunga during the match, and then Kane chokeslammed Otunga for the big win.

Tensai defeated Big Show due to disqualification.  Sheamus came out during the match and hit the Brogue Kick on Tensai to cause the DQ.

CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in the main event non-title match.  Early on Punk and Ziggler got into an argument in the middle of the ring.  They got into shoving match, with Punk eventually putting a headlock on Dolph.  Ziggler reversed it to drop Punk, then hit a dropkick.  Punk went for the early GTS, but Ziggler escapes and the two stare down as SmackDown goes to a break.

Later still, Punk and Ziggler fought on the corner, and ended up going to the outside.  Heyman checked on his guy and tried to get him going with a pep talk.  Both guys got back in the ring, trading near falls.  Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for a 2 count.  Punk hits a roundhouse kick for a 2 of his own.  Punk slams Ziggler and then goes up top, but takes too long, allowing Ziggler to go get him.  Ziggler slams Punk down to the mat.  He goes for a move at Punk in the corner, but Punk moves away, then hits GTS for the win.

Post-match, Punk gets up on the commentators' table with his title belt.  He gets on the mic saying he's heard from Bret Hart, Jim Ross and everyone.  He says he knows what he needs to do to get respect and for that reason he won't face Cena at Hell in a Cell.  Smackdown ends with that.

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