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Raw Results 10/08/12

Raw Results from Sacramento, CA:

Michael Cole, Jim Ross and JBL were on commentary for this week's 3-hour Raw.

Cena spoke on the status of the WWE including the anger management issues of Bryan and Kane, the fact Antonio Cesaro has big nipples in HD, and the fact the divas have been acting crazy.  Cena then asked AJ out on camera suggesting they could go to In and Out for a bite to eat.  He mentioned Vince McMahon is there tonight, as is Larry King and Arnold Schwarzenegger is the social media ambassador.  Cena said he feels like he still doesn't have a voice and neither does the WWE Universe, because CM Punk stole it.  He called him the "voice of the selfish."  Cena talked about the big moments in WWE history and said he thinks Cena vs Punk will be one of those all-time WWE moments at Hell in a Cell.  

Cena finished by telling Punk "don't be a punk face me at Hell in a Cell."  Cena left the ring to head up the ramp, but just then Ryback's music hit and he came out on stage to head to the ring.  Ryback and Cena stopped to look at one another on the ramp for a moment, before they headed their separate ways.  Cole showed what happened last week with CM Punk insulting Jim Ross and Ryback coming out to make a save.

Ryback defeated Epico and Primo by pinfall in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.  Rosa Mendes was ringside to watch as her team had a bit of early offense.  Ryback turned the tables after the tag team had the advantage.  He clotheslined each guy down, then picked them both up on his shoulders for a double Shellshock to impress the crowd.

Michael Cole hyped up the State of the WWE Address coming later on from Mr. McMahon.

Brodus Clay came to the ring with his dancers and did their usual pre-wrestling intro in the ring.  At the end of R-Truth slid into the ring and went over to grab Lil Jimmy around the collar.  Truth asked for a mic then told Brodus they can fight any time but Lil Jimmy is going through some changes, he's going through puberty.  He asked if Brodus and the ladies would mind dancing with Lil Jimmy.  They obliged and Brodus Clay's music hit, so they all started pretending to dance with Lil Jimmy.  All of a sudden, Mr. McMahon appeared on the big screen and told them that was great and all, but they need to dance out of the ring because it's time for Mr. McMahon's state of the WWE address.  They did as ordered as Raw went to commercial with Cole yelling Mr. McMahon is up next.

Mr. McMahon's music hit and he strutted to the ring.  Vince talked about how two grown men were just dancing with two lovely ladies and an imaginary little kid named Lil Jimmy.  He said there's room for goat faces, red monsters, masked luchadors, giants, and more, because that's what WWE is all about.  As Vince kept talking he was interrupted by CM Punk's music.  Punk came out wearing a bright yellow GTS shirt.

McMahon got on the mic calling Punk's shirt ugly and saying he disrespected him by interrupting his state of the WWE address.  Punk said disrespect is that Vince didn't mention him during the intro of his speech, then added it was probably a shot at him because he won't step into the ring with Cena at HIAC PPV.  Punk said he's given Cena shot after shot at the title, and Cena hasn't delivered.  Punk said despite beating Cena in his hometown and leaving champ, he still gets booed disrespectfully.  Punk drew heat on the fans chanting for him, saying he doesn't need their help.  Punk turned to Vince asking "Do you respect me?"

Vince said he respects that he's been champion for 323 days.  Vince said he doesn't respect that Punk says he's a "Paul Heyman kind of guy."  Vince said he personally is not a "CM Punk guy" though.  Punk told Vince "I'm the best in the world" and "you dare disrespect me."  Heyman tried to intervene to tell Punk to back off.  Punk said no he wouldn't and told Vince he should be appreciating him, with a CM Punk Appreciation Night.  Punk threatened to quit like he did last year and said "we'll see what that does to your state of the WWE."

Vince asked who makes this business such a success, and Vince said "Not you, not me or any individual, but the WWE Universe."  Vince said he listens to them everyday when they talk on the street, tweet or Tout.  Vince said they all are saying someone needs to shut Punk's mouth.  Vince told Punk he's nowhere near the caliber of Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels, Triple H or Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Punk interrupted and said he's nothing like Stone Cold.  Punk said Stone Cold made it to the top through taking shortcuts, running away from the ring and fights.  Punk said beating up Vince helped Stone Cold get to the top.  He called Vince "clueless, inept and now a senior citizen."

Punk said it's a slap in the face how the people and Vince have been treating him.  He told Vince he's been slapping him in the face for years.  Punk slapped Vince across the face causing him to fall to the mat.  Punk left the ring and backed up the ramp smiling as the title belt was held high.  Vince got up and on the mic telling Punk "I oughta fire you but that's too good for you" instead Vince told Punk he will fire him if he doesn't face him in the ring tonight.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Prime Time Players in the WWE Tag Team tournament by pinfall.  The close saw Sin Cara kick Titus O'Neill and dropkick him out of the ring.  Young went after Cara and dropped him across his knees.  Rey managed to escape Young's finisher, then hit a 619.  He followed with the splash off the top rope for the win.  Rey and Sin Cara are now in the tournament finals and face the winner of the Rhodes Scholars vs. Ryder/Santino match.

Backstage Punk told Heyman he plans to annihilate Vince tonight in the ring.  Heyman suggests he take it easy on Vince so the crazy billionaire doesn't make their life hell.  Punk says he'll win and not to worry about it.

Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett due to disqualification in a non-title match.  The close saw Tensai get into the ring to attack Sheamus.  Barrett tried to hold onto Sheamus for Tensai to come attack him, but Sheamus fought back and knocked down Tensai with a Brogue Kick, then pushed Barrett out of the ring. BIg Show was ringside on commentary and snuck into the ring, then stopped Sheamus' Brogue Kick before shoving him backwards over the ropes to the outside.  Big Show walked out of the ring and smiled as he walked up the ramp and Sheamus held his head near the commentators table.

Backstage, AJ Lee is in her office when CM Punk goes in there.  He starts asking if she's thought about the fact her main event on her show is going to feature him beating up an old man in the ring.  He says it's her job on the line.  She says she isn't surprised Punk is scared to face Cena at Hell in a Cell, but questions if the best in the world fears Vince in the ring.  He says he was giving her a chance to save her job, but now anything that happens is on her "pretty little head."

JR is shown backstage looking for Vince McMahon.  JBL and Cole talked about Cena's appearance on Live With Kelly & Michael, showing bits from the interview talking about the WWE's Susan Kormen foundation cause.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd in a non-title matchup.  Kidd had momentum late as he leapt outside through the ropes to take down Cesaro.  Kidd hit a leg drop on Cesaro's head on the apron, then springboards in with an elbow drop attempt which Cesaro moved away from.  Cesaro hits a big uppercut on Kidd then the Neutralizer for the win.

Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a non-title match.  Kane had the upper hand late in this one against Ziggler, but when Kane went to climb the corner near Bryan, Bryan slapped his back to tag in.  Bryan went to the adjacent corner and jumped off with a dropkick to bring down Ziggler for a pinfall.  Del Rio rushed in to kick Bryan off Ziggler to break things up.  Kane got involved and threw Del Rio out of the ring.  Bryan and Ziggler battled a bit more, with Bryan able to do a roundhouse kick on Ziggler.  After hitting the kick, Bryan stumbled backwards and fell in the corner near Kane.  Kane tagged in and hit a chokeslam on Ziggler for the win.

Cole and JBL reviewed the earlier segment involving Vince and Punk.  The cameras went backstage with Jim Ross talking to Vince McMahon as a "friend" saying he has nothing to gain from the confrontation with CM Punk tonight.  JR said he can't help remembering what happened to Jerry Lawler last time he fought Punk one-on-one.  Ross said if Vince is hell bent on fighting this match he'll give the commentary everything he's got.  Vince demanded that JR give hims some sample commentary right now.  Ross yelled out "McMahon, McMahon he's beating CM Punk like a government mule."  JR said he still thinks Vince is making a mistake though.  Vince quoted a famous superstar saying "It doesn't matter what you think!" then told JR he'd see him out there later.

Justin Roberts introduced TV talk show host icon Larry King, who had an interview desk set up on the stage.  Larry had his wife Shawn with him who he introduced to the Sacramento crowd, then tried to introduce his talk show guest, but was interrupted by The Miz's music.  Miz came out and said Larry doesn't get to introduce him, because he's the most "Must See Superstar" on WWE.  Miz then said it's is birthday and suggested Larry and his wife lead the crowd in a round of "Happy Birthday" to him.  King said he has it on good authority that nobody there cares it's his birthday.  King then introduced his new guest, Kofi Kingston.  Kofi came out and shook hands with Larry and his wife.

Kofi sat down and started getting the crowd going, but Miz interrupted saying "Really, really, really" then asked who's more irrelevant a "has been talk show host" or a "nobody superstar."  Miz said he's had more championships then King has had wives and then Kofi has had main events.  Miz told King to get his show off stage before he suffers another divorce, Miz divorcing his head form his little body.  King's wife stood up and got in Miz's face, then threw her cup of water at him.  Miz got upset and Kofi attacked him, throwing him off stage.  Kofi tore off his suit and shirt then did the Boom Boom clap and jumped off the stage to take down Miz.  King got up and said "Good Night" then walked backstage with his wife.

Cole, JBL and JR looked at a virtual match involving Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin on WWE 13.

Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow defeated Santino Marella and Zack Ryder by pinfall in the tag team tournament.  Late in the match, Sandow tagged in to work on Ryder, almost getting a pinfall.  Rhodes and Sandow worked a double team on Ryder.  Later in the match, Santino went for the Cobra on Rhodes, but Rhodes blocked it and hit the Disaster Kick to get the win.  That puts Team Rhodes Scholars in the finals against Rey and Sin Cara.

After the match, Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre came in to attack.  They dumped Ryder out of the ring, then stomped on Santino before posing in the ring.

Backstage, Vince was getting ready when Paul Heyman comes up to him.  He tries to warn Vince about fighting Punk tonight and says he doesn't want Punk to do to him what Brock did to Triple H.

Eve defeated Kaitlyn via submission in a non-title matchup.  Layla was on commentary.  During the late part of the match, Eve kept attacking Kaitlyn's previously hurt ankle then locked on a submission hold.  The ref eventually called for the bell awarding the win to Eve.  Eve kept the hold locked on though as Kaitlyn was writhing in pain.  Layla rushed into the ring from the commentary spot to stare at Eve and get her to brea the hold.  Layla then checked on Kaitlyn for a bit, as Even held up her title and celebrated the victory.  Layla got up, looked at Eve and shoved her hard to the ropes. Eve looked surprised by it and then left the ring.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was walking with Ricardo and talking business.  Josh Matthews rushed up with his cell phone saying he had a question about a tweet sent earlier about ADR.  Del Rio got irritated saying he is busy working right now and asked what is so important.  Matthews said the tweet was sent by Randy Orton who will be on Smackdown Friday.  He asked if Del Rio is concerned that he might be coming for him.  Del Rio just brushed by him and walked off with Rodriguez.

Backstage, Larry King was walking with his wife when Daniel Bryan came up to them.  He brought up how Letterman once told King he looked like an owl, and then questioned why people think he has a goat face.  Bryan interrupted King when he tried to reply saying he does look like an owl.  Bryan said he is a handsome man and suggested King's wife would rather be with him.  She laughed that off, and King told Bryan to just embrace it, because he can't do anything to stop the people from calling him that.  Just then Kane came into the scene, and he said he's been carrying Bryan's goat face through their matches.  They started their "Im the tag team champion" argument back and forth, so King and his wife left.  Bryan just told Kane that was Larry King you scared off.  Kane asked "That was Larry King, I thought it was Skeletor" drawing a huge laugh from the crowd.

Punk was backstage throwing practice punches in the locker rooms as Heyman talked about how Punk can win tonight.  Heyman suggested Punk could render Vince unable to make a competent decision ever again for the rest of his life.

Vince McMahon and CM Punk fought to a no contest in a non-title match.  On his way to the ring, Vince got attacked from behind by CM Punk.  Punk kept beating up Vince and brought him to the ring for more punishment.  Punk continued that attack as Vince started to bleed after a kick move.  Later on, Vince escaped from on Punk's shoulders and shoves him into the ring post.  From there, Vince got a mic and said he was going to teach Punk about respect.  That included Vince beating Punk with a microphone, and then a kendo stick in the ring.  Vince went for a rushing move but Punk got a low blow on him, then chuckled over it.

Punk then started hitting Vince with the two kendo sticks in the ring.  He prepared to do the GTS, but Ryback's music hit and he came to the ring, with Punk retreating.  As Punk turned around, John Cena was there.  Cena grabs Punk and throws him back inside the ring.  Ryback grabs Punk to do Shellshocked, but Punk managed to escape and get out of the ring.  He grabs the WWE title belt and escapes through the ring.  Vince gets on the mic and says he hope Punk learned about respect tonight.  He then says it's decision time for Punk: he can face either Ryback or John Cena at Hell in a Cell.  He says Punk can decide by next Monday or Vince chooses for him.

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