Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Main Event Results 1/23/12

WWE Main Event results from Sacramento, CA:

Michael Cole and The Miz opened the show on commentary at ringside.  They fed to the Royal Rumble "By the Numbers" video package.  Backstage, Striker interviewed Ryback about his chances for the Rumble.  Ryback told him it's his for the taking.  He said Cesaro would be his tune up, and when he was done "the Swiss Miss would look like Swiss cheese."  Ryback stared at Striker and said it was a joke.  Striker laughed but Ryback got in his face and said "I can be funny too," before leaving.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro due to countout in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Ryback clotheslined Cesaro to the outside.  Cesaro tried to blow off the match, but Mizi was over to grab him and toss him back in the ring with the ref's back turned.  Ryback clotheslined Cesaro again but missed on a splash attempt.  Later still, Ryback hit his Meathook Clothesline, with Cesaro falling out of the ring.  Cesaro then walked up the ramp and was counted out.  Ryback started up a "Feed Me More" chant.

They showed a video highlight package of The Shield beating down The Rock and the CM Punk promo from Raw.  They also showed a video of Alberto Del Rio's win over Big Show for the World Championship.  Matt Striker interviewed Big Show backstage to ask him to justify his recent actions.  Show said he doesn't have to explain himself to anyone, because Striker, the locker room and entire locker room reeked of inferiority.  Show said he'll beat Del Rio at Royal Rumble, then held his fist up to Striker's face to make his point stronger.

Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos via pinfall.  Late in the match, Jey avoided a charging Cody Rhodes and tossed him through the ropes.  Sandow came over to help his partner out and rolled him back in.  Rhodes and Jey each made hot tags, with Jimmy rushing in to hit the Samoan drop on Sandow.  The match eventually turned into a four-man fight, with Cody getting thrown to the outside.  Sandow got superkicked down, and Jimmy made a tag to Jey who started to climb up the ropes for the finish.  However, Cody yanked Jimmy out of the ring, then Sandow hit into the ropes, making Jey fall to the mat.  Sandow then made the pinfall cover for the win.

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