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Raw Results 1/21/13

Raw Results from San Jose, CA:

Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman arrived out to start off the show.  They complained about Rock's concert last week and his insulting remarks or lyrics towards them.  Vickie said tonight she has banned Rock from entering the arena, and if he tries to, San Jose PD will arrest him.

They showed Rock backstage pacing around.  He then started talking trash about Vickie and Heyman to the cops.  A cop told Rock he'd be arrested if he goes inside.  Rock said no one and no entity can stop him from entering the People's Ring.  Rock finished up by saying it's not a matter of if he enters the arena, but when.

The cameras cut back to the ring and Vickie said Rock talks a tough gang, but if he tries to the enter the ring he'll be singing "Jailhouse Rock."  She closed with "If you smell with the cooking" and dropped the mic down before walking off with Heyman.

They announced a series of Beat the Challenge matches for Raw tonight with the wrestler getting the best time getting to choose their spot in the Royal Rumble (per Vickie Guerrero).

Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall in 11:36 to win the first Beat the Clock match.  Late in the match, Cesaro blocked Orton's DDT attempt, then got a near fall.  He hit a huge uppercut and had another near fall with Orton kicking out.  Moments later, Orton fell to the floor after Cesaro shoved him shoulder first into the ringpost.  Cesaro brought Orton back in the ring and checked the clock's time, but Orton sprung up and hit the RKO out of nowhere for the win.

They showed highlights of Mick Foley, the first inductee into the 2013 Hall of Fame.  The clips were interrupted by a new handheld video from Shield.  They talked about their victims: Ryback, Orton and Sheamus.  They said "We'e just getting started."

Big Show defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall.  The match lasted just under a minute, as Show hit the KO punch on Ryder to end things.  Post-match he put a foot on Ryder's chest and tried to show people what he will do to Del Rio at the Royal Rumble.  During the match, Brad Maddox was on commentary.

Back in the locker room, Paul Heyman was on a phone call saying Rock won't get into the arena tonight.  Brad Maddox came barging in with his cameraman.  He talked about wanting to be famous since he was a kid, just like Heyman.  Heyman said he really appreciates his drive and ambition, and that he was wrong about him.  He told Maddox to stick with him, he'll make him famous.  Heyman then finished his phone call up.

Ryback defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  The rest of 3MB was around for the match, and Drew McIntyre got knocked off the apron.  Moments later, Ryback grabbed Jinder Mahal into the ring then smashed him out into McIntyre.  With just Slater to contend with, he put him up and hit Shellshocked for the win.  Post-match, Ryback talked about this Sunday being his first Royal Rumble match, a match he was made for.  He said it will lead him to the main event of WrestleMania.  He then started up the "Feed Me More" chant with the crowd.

They showed more of The Rock and the cops outside the arena.  Rock talked to them about how they need to protect The People, not Vickie.  One cop admitted he bought tickets to Raw tonight and his family was in the arena.  Rock was about to buy his ticket from him, but Vickie showed up.  She ordered the cops to arrest Rock, but they said he hadn't broken any rules.  She said she would suspend the cops.  She said Rock needs to stay there while CM Punk speaks next.  She offered to lift the ban from Rock if he apologizes.  Rock told her she still looks horrible.  Vickie screamed and left the scene, with Rock telling the cops he's got a plan.

CM Punk cut an in-ring promo about The Rock, The People, and being champion.  He said they can call Rock all sorts of nicknames, but not champion.  Punk said he chose between humility and arrogance a while ago - and chose arrogance.  He said the Rock chose the people.  Punk said to him the title is all that matters, not the people.  He said the People can't help Rock take the title from him, and it will remain around the Best in the World's waist.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz via pinfall in 10:56 for the new Beat the Clock time to beat.  Late in this one, AJ and Big E provided distractions.  When Big E threatened Miz, he was distracted enough for Ziggler to hit Zig-Zag from behind.

Cole and Lawler talked about the debut of the Royal Rumble Fanfest this year.  Lawler will be among those in the "Superstar Shoot" panels.

They had an in-ring graduation from Dr. Shelby for his anger management course's first-ever grads: Kane and Daniel Bryan.  They came to the ring wearing gowns for it.  Shelby talked about how far they've come along then moved heir tassels to the side on their caps.  He talked about one of them needing to give a speech, but since he doesn't grade, he'd let them decide who gives it.  They argued that the other one should.  Finally Shelby suggested a hug.  They started to encourage others to hug, including Cole and Lawler, Justin Roberts and Dr. Samson, and then the audience members.  Finally, Shelby, Kane and Bryan had a giant mid-ring hug.  Bryan's music hit and the three started jumping up and down in the ring.

Kaitlyn defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall in a non-title match.  During the match, Lawler and Cole talked about Eve going off the deep end and quitting.  Kaitlyn won this match in a bit over 2 minutes.

They showed backstage where Heyman was walking with Punk down the hallway.  Heyman said they have a skybox for Punk to watch as he delivers a personal message to Rock up next, aka the "PaulBomb."

Paul Heyman arrived to the ring with Punk in a skybox.  Heyman talked about how Rock is the latest guy Vince McMahon chose to try to knock off Punk and be the new champ.  He said just like the people, the Rock is stupid.  The comments were interrupted when Rock's music hit.  Rock came out onto the stage and showed off a ticket to the event.  He marched to the ring and got in with Heyman, eventually telling him to get lost.

Rock then delivered his own promo to Punk, saying that MLK had a dream once, and Rock has a dream which will be to go to the Promised Land one more time and become WWE champion.  Rock said when he beats Punk at the Rumble, all of the people will be "free at last."  Rock ended with his "If you smell, what the Rock is cookin!" bit, but soon after the lights went out in the arena.

When the lights returned, The Shield was in the ring fighting The Rock.  Rock fought back, but Shield overpowered him and dropped him.  They hit the triple Powerbomb to leave Rock on the mat.  Punk stood up in his skybox, and said there's room for only one man at the top of the mountain.  He said it's cute Rock has a dream, but eventually he'll need to wake up from that.  Punk held up his belt saying the Great One won't be enough to beat Best in the World.

After break, Cole and Lawler talked about Shield attacking Rock.  hey said Rock managed to get to his feet and leave the arena on his own.  Cole said something needs to be done about The Shield though.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett fought to a draw at 10:56 in a Beat the Clock match.  Late in the match, Sheamus was going to go for the Brogue Kick to put away Barrett.  AJ, Dolph and Big E all came running to ringside.  AJ got in the ring and then walked out.  Barrett hit his Winds of Change on Sheamus for a near fall.  Dolph saw 30 seconds left and yelled for both guys to stay down.  They got to their feet with 10 seconds to beat Dolph's time.  Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Wade but didn't have enough time for the pin.  Dolph celebrated at ringside, before taking off with AJ and Big E.  Sheamus was furious inside the ring.

Backstage, Dolph, AJ and Big all barged into Vickie's office, where Doph started gloating.  He said he might take #27 or #30 since they've produced the most Rumble winners.  Vickie told him he doesn't get to choose any #, but from the numbers she gives him: #1 or #2.  She walked off smiling as Ziggler got upset.

Vince McMahon walked up on Heyman and Punk backstage.  He said they're both clever.  Punk denied involved with Shield, with Heyman backing him up, pointing out they've attacked a number of different wrestlers, which doesn't link them to Punk.  Vince said if there's any involvement of Shield in Punk's Rumble match with Rock, he'll strip Punk of the title.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Tensai by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Del Rio hit a headscissors on Tensai to fling him across the ring.  He hit a belly-to-back suplex, then a running enziguiri in the corner.  Del Rio hit a moonsault to finish off Tensai for the win.  Del Rio, then gave a demo of what will happen to Show Last Man Standing style, as he started a ten count in Spanish.  Ricardo then did a "Si! Si! Si!" chant with the crowd.

In the final segment of the night, John Cena came out to cut a promo, talking about how Sundays are for most people.  He pointed out people in the crowd speculating what their Sunday is like, then went on to say this Sunday will be different with the Royal Rumble.  He vowed to win the event.

That brought out different wrestlers, each of whom talked about how they were going to win it.  Sheamus, Prime Time Players and Miz first, then Kane and Daniel Bryan.  Antonio Cesaro came out with something to say, then 3MB.  Eventually more wrestlers started to come out from backstage and all got into a brawl in the ring.  Curt Hawkins, Alex Riley and JTG all made appearances.  Great Khali came out and got into the fight, as did Michael McGillicutty.  As the show was ending, Ryback was shown as part of the pre-Rumble fight as well.

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