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Smackdown Results 01/18/12

Alberto Del Rio was introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez to come to the ring for the Championship fiesta.  A woman was dancing in the ring with a Mariachi band playing.  Del Rio was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E Langston.  Ziggler threatened to have Big E drop Del Rio right there and to cash in the MITB case.  Big Show came out and walked to the ring next, so Ziggler told Del Rio he's outnumbered.

However, Sheamus soon came to join the party/fight.  He says he's had differences in the past with Del Rio but congratulates him on the epic win vs Show.  He put out a hand and Del Rio shook.  They prepared to fight Show and Ziggler, but Booker T comes out.

Booker told Show if he puts his hands on him again he'll ruin his day.  He books Show and Ziggler vs. Sheamus and Del Rio for later.  Booker then ordered all the heels to leave and asked the fans if they're ready to party.  The band starts playing and Booker does a Spin-A-Rooni.  Sheamus then does a jig with the woman in the ring.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Cesaro caught Kofi when he went for the hurricanrana attempt, then hit the Neutralizer on him.  Cesaro celebrated by waving a US flag around in the ring.

Backstage, The Miz ran into Rosa Mendes with Primo and Epico.  They say he's Ric Flair's new sidekick and that Flair was great, but Miz only has catchphrases.  He gets Primo and Epico's names mixed up, then tells Rosa to choose which one faces him tonight.  He asks her what she even does, and Rosa starts to cuss him out in Spanish.

The Great Khali defeated Tensai via pinfall.  Tensai was hitting headbutts and strikes in the corner, but on a charge, Khali hit a b ig boot on him.  Khali then hit a huge chop to the head for the win.  Natalya was ringside and danced with Khali after the match.  Hornswoggle was not there due to being attacked by Big E in the ring last week.

Daniel Bryan and Kane were in the locker room and brought up Cody's mustache.  Bryan said some people just don't know when their facial hair is ridiculous-looking.  Kane said "Tell me about it."  Orton came walking in as they were doing a "Yes vs. No" argument.  He asked if they were going to act like a bunch of second graders tonight or deliver some pain to Rhodes Scholars and Barrett.  Kane said "both" and left.  Bryan told Orton they're working through their anger management issues, something he should know about.  Bryan suggested a group hug after they win tonight and Orton said he's not much of a hugger.

Randy Orton and Team Hell No defeated Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett by pinfall.  Late in this one, Bryan flew off the apron to take out Wade with a flying knee.  Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Orton and fled the ring.  Sandow tried to make a pin with kane breaking it up.  Kane and Cody started fighting.  Orton hit the RKO on Sandow to get the win.  Post-match, Kane and Bryan managed to hug Orton.  He stood frozen for a while before leaving the ring.

They showed highlights of Rock Concert from Raw including the brawl at the end of the show with CM Punk.

The Miz defeated Primo by submission.  Towards the end of this one, Miz went to the top and hit a double axe-handle.  Epico got up on the apron, which allowed Primo to clip Miz's knees from behind.  Primo taunted that he was going to do the Figure 4.  Miz kicked him away into Epico, who went flying off the apron.  Miz then locked a Figure Four onto Primo who tapped out after.

Backstage, Alicia Fox and Layla give Kaitlyn congratulations for winning the divas title.  Layla takes the belt saying she forgot just how heavy it was.  Layla won't give the belt back when Kaitlyn tries to get it because she's sorta mesmerized by it.  She snaps out of that and gives it back to Layla.  Booker and Teddy show up to congratulate Kaitlyn.  Teddy adds he's glad Kaitlyn made Eve quit too.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Aksana takes Kaitlyn down with a clothesline then starts to fire away on her in the corner.  However, Kaitlyn responds, exploding out of the corner and hitting the spear to win it.

They show a montage of Mick Foley's big career moments, announcing he will be part of the 2013 Hall of Fame class before Wrestlemania 29.

The Shield did a promo video with a handheld camera.  They tell the WWE Universe, Orton, and Sheamus to pay attention.  They talk about crashing Mick Foley's Hall of Fame announcement on behalf of all those broken bodies and dreams he left in the wake of his career.  They say everyone is now acountable.  They tell Ryback he'll never get back what they took from him.  Ambrose adds for Orton that there's 206 bones in the body and they broke one - but are just getting started.  They say everyone will believe in The Shield.

Backstage, Randy Orton is watching from a monitor in the locker room.  Sheamus joins him and apologizes for not helping Orton on Wednesday at Main Event.  Orton tells him he doesnt need help.  He says at the Royal Rumble he needs the win and will get it.  Orton walked off after his statement.

Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big Show by countout.   During this one, both Big E Langston and AJ were tossed from ringside and sent backstage.  Late in the match, Show and Ziggler were trying to isolate Sheamus and keep him from the tag.  Sheamus kicked out after Show hit a splash on him from the second rope.  Show tried to splash again but this time Sheamus moved out of the way, then jumped over to tag in Del Rio.  Del Rio and Ziggler were in now with ADR unloading on Dolph.  Del Rio locked the Cross Armbreaker on Dolph, but Show came in and hit a leg drop to break it up.  Sheamus came in and hit the Irish Curse on Show.  Del Rio then did an enziguiri kick to send Show out of the ring to the floor.  ADR threw a pail of water on Big Show, who became enraged.  He walked up the ramp, and was counted out as the legal man for his team.  Post-match, Sheamus and Del Rio celebrate in the ring with green, red and white balloons falling from the rafters.

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