Saturday, January 19, 2013

100 WWE Pro Wrestling Trivia & Fun Facts

A new ebook has recently been released called "100 WWE Pro Wrestling Trivia & Fun Facts (Vol. 1)."  This exciting new title, part of the Amazon Kindle store library features over one hundred different fun facts and trivia style information to challenge yourself and your friends with.  It also will help you add to your current knowledge of the WWE, its various events and superstars.

Among the ten topics covered inside the eBook are:

Royal Rumble Fun Facts
WrestleMania Fun Facts
SummerSlam Fun Facts
WWE Championship Fun Facts
World Heavyweight Championship Fun Facts
WWE Superstar Fun Facts

The book also has sections with fun facts involving Survivor Series, WWE Raw, and the SmackDown television show.  With this new release, fans will have some of the more interesting fun facts and information about the WWE located in one convenient eBook.  For example, do you know the youngest and oldest wrestlers to ever win the WWE Intercontinental Championship?  Or can you name all of the in-ring talk show segments that have been part of SmackDown? They're both in the book!

The eBook, seen here, is currently priced at just $2.99, a low price for the wealth of information inside.  Challenge your friends, and see just how well you, and they, know the WWE and its various records or facts!  Get your copy of the new ebook here.

(Please note: This ebook is not an official WWE publication, endorsed or sold by WWE)

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