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Smackdown Results 1/25/12

Smackdown results from Sacramento, CA:

They showed video of Rock getting attacked on Raw by Shield, CM Punk making comments during Raw, and Vince McMahon telling Punk what will happen if Shield interfees in his WWE title match at the Rumble.  They also promoted Big Show vs. Del Rio for the Rumble.

Team Hell No started off Raw, as they came to the ring.  The duo was there to clear up rumors that they've "gone soft."  Kane then said after they defend their titles on Sunday, he'll enter the Rumble and win it.  Bryan argued with him over that notion, saying Kane's never won it.  As they argued, Big Show's music hit and he came to the ring.

Bryan reminded Show he defeated him for the World Title last year, but Show ignored that, and went on to talk about Del Rio stealing his title.  He vowed to squish that bug on Sunday, then told Hell No to leave the ring or he'd squash them now.  Kane told him they aren't bugs and they're not leaving.  Suddenly, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes came to the ring to interject.

Sandow and Rhodes made fun of Bryan and Kane, then talked about teaming up with Show to take down Hell No right now.  Del Rio's music hit and he came to the ring to help Hell No.  The six guys got ready to go at it in the ring but Booker T came to the ring to interrupt.  He booked a six man tag elimination match for later on tonight.

Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett by pinfall in a non-title matchup.  Sheamus made a comeback late and hit a backbreaker.  However, Barrett thwarted his attempts to go off the top rope, causing him to hit the mat.  After several counters, Barrett managed a near fall on Sheamus.  Later, Sheamus hit White Noise, and a Brogue Kick to finish things off.

JBL gave thanks to Clement Marfo and The Frontline for the song, "Champion," one of the Royal Rumble theme songs.

They showed CM Punk and Paul Heyman talking backstage with no audio for fans to hear.

Natalya defeated Rosa Mendes via pinfall.  The Colons, Khali and Hornswoggle were all on commentary for the match.  Rosa was able to escape a late pinfall and the Sharpshooter.  She went to the ropes, hit a clothesline and then slammed Natalya's head into the mat.  Rosa started to dance in the ring, then Hornswoggle mocked her by getting on the announce table and dancing.  Rosa was distracted and upset by it.  Natalya was able to get the Sharpshooter due to that and won the match.

CM Punk came to the ring with Heyman to call out The Shield.  He talked about getting a letter from Vince reminding him of the stipulation for his title match: If Shield interferes, Punk is stripped of his title.  He went to ringside, grabbed a steel chair and called out Shield.  Their music hit and they appeared in the crowd, then made their way to the ring.

As Shield got on the apron to surround Punk in the ring, he had chair in hand.  He told them he never asked for any help and if they're all about justice, they won't contribute to the injustice of him losing his title due to their interference Sunday.  He said he will beat The Rock for the biggest victory of his career, and doesn't need their help.  He said if they truly want justice, they'll never cross paths again.  Shield hopped off the apron and left through the crowd.  Punk said "That is how the champ takes care of business!"  Punk then started trash talking Rock more, and Rock's music hit.

Rock got the ring and posed from the corner.  Punk held up the WWE title to show off to Rock.  Rock started his promo, saying he felt Punk was lying and is working with Shield, but he doesn't give a damn.  Rock told Punk the walls are closing in on him, and on Sunday, Punk will panic and crack.  Rock talked about grabbing Punk for Rock bottom and as Punk's in the air, time will stand still.  Punk will have a final thought of "It's over."  Rock promised to win the title Sunday, then did a calm "If ya smell, what the cookin'."  Rock left the ring and went to the stage to stare back at Punk while Punk held up the belt in the ring.

Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre due to disqualification.  Orton had control early, but Drew staged a comeback and kept pounding away on Orton in the corner.  He repeatedly kicked away on The Viper in the corner, then threw him to the corner.  Orton bounced back to hit a huge closthesline, then went through several moves including a powerslam.  Moments later he hit the backbreaker, then started to rile the crowd up.  Orton got ready to hit the middle rope DDT, but Jinder got into the ring, and Orton RKO'd him after the ref called for the bell.  Orton then hit the DDT on Drew.  Slater tried for a sneak attack and ate the RKO.  Finally, Orton awaited Drew to get up, then hit the third RKO to leave 3MB layed out in the ring.

The Miz defeated Darren Young by submission.  Antonio Cesaro was on commentary, with Titus O'Neil blowing his whistle from ringside to support D-Young.  The close of this one saw Miz hit a corner clothesline on Young, then kicking Titus on the outside.  Young fought out of Skull Crushing Finale, and Miz kicked him in the knee.  Miz followed up with a Figure Four to make him tap.  Post-match, Cesaro got up and waved around the American flag to taunt Miz.

They had a replay of the segment with CM Punk and The Rock.

After a commercial, JBL thanked The Heavy for "What Makes a Good Man," another Royal Rumble theme song.

They showed the "Rumble: By the Numbers" video package.

Lilian Garcia introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, who then introduced World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio for the main event ahead of a commercial break.

Alberto Del Rio won a six man tag team elimination match by pinning Cody Rhodes last.  Early on in this one, Sandow was fighting Kane as the two legal men.  After a distraction by Rhodes, Sandow had the upper hand.  However, moments later, Kane got the chokeslam and a pinfall to send Sandow out of the match first.  It was down to Del Rio and Hell No vs. Show and Rhodes now.

Kane had control after he hit a huge DDT, and had the nearfall.  Show kicked out, and Kane went to the top rope to take Show down with a big clothesline.  Show stood up near the ropes and Kane charged at him, taking him over the top with a clothelines.  Kane rushed at Show near the ringpost, but Show responded with the KO punch.  Show got in the ring as Kane got counted out for an elimination.  Show tagged in Rhodes as Bryan came in before commercial.

Show had Bryan in hand for the chokeslam, but Bryan started to kick away at his leg yelling "NO" as the crowed yelled "YES!"  Show retaliated and whipped Bryan to the corner then hit a huge hip splash on him.  Show ran the ropes and went for a big move, but Bryan did a baseball slide style dropkick to take him out at the knees.  Bryan tried for a move off the corner but got swatted down.  Show tried to throw him out of the ring, but Bryan skinned the cat to pull himself back in by the top rope.  Show followed a KO punch which caused Bryan to fall to the outside.  He hit the floor and got counted out to make another elimination.  It was down to Del Rio vs. Show and Rhodes.

Del Rio managed to withstand Show's attack and was knocked to the outside of the ring at one point.  He still managed to barely get in to beat the count.  ADR then rolled back out of the ring for a bit of a break from Show, but Big Show went out to send him back into the ring.  On Show's way in over the ropes, Del Rio kicked him with an enziguiri, leaving Show crotched on the top rope.  Del Rio with a superkick to Show's head, causing Show to fall to the outside floor.  Show kept holding his right leg and was counted out of the match.  Down to Del Rio vs. Rhodes now.  Matthews said the big story here is Show couldn't answer the 10 count.

Del Rio had control of Rhodes and hit a huge Superkick with Rhodes on his knees.  However, Cody barely kicked out of a pinfall.  A "Si" chant started up, and Del Rio hit the enziguiri on Rhodes in the corner, then scored the winning pinfall.  Del Rio was the sole winner.  Ricardo blurted out the announcement as Del Rio posed from the corner.  Just as ADR got down though, Show surprised him with a big spear in the ring.

Show went to the outside and told the announcers to move, so they got up and clearead away.  Show cleared off the announce table, then pulled Del Rio out of the ring and hit a KO punch to send him over the table.  From there, Show pushed the table over so it seemed to be on top of ADR.  Show did his own count to ten and proclaimed himself new World Heavyweight Champ as the crowd booed him.  He started a count in Spanish to reiterate Del Rio was down.

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