Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Main Event Results 11/20/13

Main Event Results from Atlanta, GA:

After pyro went off in the arena, Josh Matthews and The Miz were shown as tonight's hosts for Main Event leading to the first match.

Tamina defeated Naomi in a Divas Lumberjill match via pinfall.  All of the other divas involved in the Survivor Series elimination match were around the ring as the Lumberjills.  Late in the match, the two teams of divas who will face off at Survivor Series started to attack one another on the outside.  Naomi and Tamina got involved in it for a bit, before Naomi rolled Taminia back into the ring and hit a crossbody from off the corner.  Tamina kicked out, and moments later hit a Superkick on Naomi to get the victory.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Santino Marella by submission.  In a match that lasted under five minutes, Santino tried to showboat, leading to Del Rio gaining control and never really allowing Santino much offense.  Del Rio eventually put the Cross Armbreaker on Satino to make him tap out.

They showed a video package covering all of the incidents involving The Big Show, The Authority and Randy Orton, with Shield and Kane also involved at various spots.  Clips from Triple H interviews with were also shown in addition to all of the highlights from Raw.  Josh Matthews hyped up the Survivor Series WWE title match before introducing a new Michael Cole interview with Triple H on talking about how Randy Orton needs to win the next title fight on his own, with no outside help or interference.

Kofi Kingston made his entrance to the ring, then stared out at Miz at the announcers table.  Matthews announced Kofi will take on The Miz during the Survivor Series Kickoff Show at 7:30 p.m. EST Sunday online.

Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Early on in the match, Fandango slipped to the outside to escape Kofi.  Summer Rae came over to comfort Fandango as Kofi prepared to run and dive out of the ring.  Fandango moved to the side, and Kofi stopped himself when he hit the ropes.  Moments later, Fandango used the distraction outside to yank Kofi head first against the top rope to gain control.  Later, Kofi went to the outside and went under the ring.  Fandango went out looking for him near the announcers table.  Kofi snuck out from the other side then ran and jumped off the steel steps to take down Fandango.  Miz mockingly applauded him as Kofi stared him down before a commercial break.

After break, Kofi tried to run at Fandango in the corner with Fandango dumping him over the side.  Kofi hit his arm against the steel steps, hurting it.  Fandango targeted the hurt arm in the ring as Miz and Matthews talked about the new IC title holder, Big E Langston, who will defend against Curtis Axel in a rematch at Survivor Series on Sunday.  Kofi made a late rally with some of his quick-paced offensive attacks including the double leg Boom drop.

Things eventually went to the outside, where Kofi tried to jump over the top rope out onto Fandango but Fandango moved away.  Moments later, Kofi caught up to Fandango who tried to throw him, but Kofi reversed it and whipped Fandango out on Miz in his chair.  Kofi rolled Fandango back into the ring and prepared to do a move from the apron but Miz came over and distracted him.  Kofi dropkicked Miz through the ropes, and then Fandango grabbed Kofi from behind for the quick rollup pin.

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