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ECW Recap 09.30.08

ECW Recap from Green Bay, WI:

ECW GM Theodore Long was in the ring with Tiffany to open the show. Tiffany introduced Teddy Long to the crowd, then introduced ECW champ Matt Hardy, who made his way down to the ring. Matt got into the ring and shook hands with Teddy and Tiffany. Next, Tiffany introduced Mark Henry along with Tony Atlas, and the duo walked intently down to the ring. Mark Henry had a mic in hand and refused to shake Tiffany's hand. Teddy spoke saying he wanted to bring Henry and Hardy face to face one last time before No Mercy to issue any comments they wanted to.

Mark Henry told Matt he's got a tough week ahead of him, because he not only has the No Mercy title fight, but also a Triple Threat Champions match on Smackdown in a few days. Matt told Mark he plans to represent ECW proudly. Henry quipped that Matt didn't beat him for his ECW title, but come Sunday he'll right all the wrongs. Matt said he welcomes challenges, and plans to represent all of the fans and ECW superstars. Henry and Hardy were getting into a confrontation, but just then Morrison and Miz came out to the ramp to interrupt.

Morrison and Miz confronted Teddy about making them go against each other last week. Morrison said they want to face Bourne and Ortiz in a tag match tonight after what Ortiz did last week. Teddy Long said tonight they can team up with Mark Henry to take on Bourne, Ortiz and ECW Champ Matt Hardy.

Lenny Lane vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger was all business in this match, giving Lane barely any chance to attack. With Lane on the mat, Swagger kicked him in the gut hard. As Lane got up he got in a few punches and kicks, but that was it. Swagger fought back then came off the ropes to knee Lane in the face. Swagger used his Powerbomb move to finish off Lane.

After the victory, Swagger grabbed Lane who was sitting on the apron and hit a neckbreaker on him. Tommy Dreamer ran down to the ring to attack Swagger, but Swagger was quick to escape the ring and back up the ramp smiling.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via pinfall over Lenny Lane.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox

At one point in this contest, Knox was able to chop Dreamer down with a clothesline as he jumped off the corner. Knox slapped a headlock on Dreamer down on the mat to try to wear down the ECW original. Dreamer eventually got to his feet and started to fight back. Knox whipped him to the corner, but Dreamer avoided him when he charged. Dreamer followed with a bulldog, then with Knox down came off the ropes for an elbow drop. Dreamer tried to hoist Knox up on his shoulder, but Knox fought out of it. Dreamer tripped Knox down to the corner, but as Dreamer tried to run at him, Knox moved away and shoved Dreamer shoulder first to the corner ringpost. Knox finished off Dreamer with his twist slam finishing move.

After Knox left Dreamer layed out on the mat, Jack Swagger stormed down to the ring and hit his Powerbomb finisher on Dreamer.

Winner: Mike Knox wins via pinfall over Tommy Dreamer.

A promotional video was shown of Wrestlemania footage from over the years. This Thursday MyNetworkTV will have the Network Broadcast premiere of Wrestlemania 24 on TV. After the video, Grisham and Striker went over the matches for No Mercy including Y2J vs. HBK in a ladder match, Big Show vs. Undertaker, Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H and Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy.

Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz & Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison, The Miz & Mark Henry
Six Man Tag Match

In preparation for their No Mercy ECW title match, Matt Hardy and Mark Henry headed up opposing teams in this six man tag match.

At one point in the match, the heels managed to keep Ortiz isolated from tagging his partners. Morrison repeatedly punched Ortiz in the head, then locked his legs around Ortiz' neck on the mat to wear him down. Ortiz displayed an impressive feat as he was able to stand with Morrison on his shoulders and drop back to the mat. Despite the move, The Miz tagged in and prevented Ortiz from making the tag. Miz worked on Ortiz for a while, then Morrison came back in. Morrison went as far as knocking Matt Hardy off the apron to prevent an Ortiz tag. As Morrison came at Ortiz with a clothesline, Ortiz rolled under it and made the tag to Bourne.

Bourne flew into action as he flipped over the ropes to take Morrison down. Bourne hit a knees to the jaw jump off the corner onto Morrison, but Miz came in to break up the pin attempt. Soon Ortiz, Hardy, Miz, Morrison and Bourne were all in the ring at once. Hardy, Ortiz, Miz all ended taking each other to the outside. In the ring, Mark Henry tagged in and went towards Bourne. Bourne tried to mount an offense, but as he came off the ropes and jumped at Henry, Henry caught him in the air then slammed him down for The World's Strongest Slam.

Winners: The Miz, John Morrison and Mark Henry win via pinfall over Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne & Ricky Ortiz.

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