Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Eve Kiss for Great Khali

Smackdown saw its share of Seasons Greetings this past Friday night during The Great Khali's weekly "Kiss Cam" segment. Normally, Khali chooses a "lucky" participant from out of the audience who he plants a big kiss on, but last night Khali had some serious holiday cheer. Khali came to the ring with a festive Santa's cap on, and Ranjin Singh was dressed as an elf. The two presented a holiday edition of Kiss Cam, and from backstage, WWE Diva Eve Torres came out, decked out in a Santa's Little Helper costume. The 2007 diva search winner, Eve Torres, was the recipient of a Khali kiss under some misteltoe, and it seemed to leave the WWE Diva speechless in the ring. No word yet on if Eve will be a new valet for Khali, or if she will continue her backstage interviews. Is romance in the air for the diva and the giant, or was this just a holiday tradition under the misteltoe?

As for Khali, he's definitely had a major change in terms of his character on Smackdown. Not long ago it seemed he was a goliath in the ring, knocking several opponents out at a time to win a battle royal for the World Heavyweight title vacated by Edge. Khali went on to lose to Batista and hasn't won a title since. Recently Khali's been a big fun-loving type, going as far as to hoist Rey Mysterio up on his shoulders after their Survivor Series win. Not sure if the Kiss Cam is the direction he should be going in right now, but he can only play the angry giant role so many ways, and for so long. Possibly a new tag team could form, consisting of Big Show and Khali, who could be very similar to Kane & Undertaker's Brothers of Destruction tag team. For now, Khali seems to be enjoying his ladies man status, including his Christmas Eve kiss.

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