Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smackdown setup: Kane vs Undertaker?

So it appears now that Kane will be defending the World Title against former Champ, Rey Mysterio at Summerslam. Many had predicted that it would be a battle of the brothers of destruction with Undertaker returning. It's still possible we could see the Summerslam PPV close with the return of The Undertaker.

It continues to seem like Kane is indeed the culprit in his own brother's attack. The motive would be to get him out of the way so Kane could finally enjoy success in gaining the title. He claims it was for his brother, but in fact it was for his own greed and selfish needs.

Mysterio continues to be hobbled from Jack Swagger's ankle attacks, and he almost got destroyed again by Kane in the ring. This time Mysterio hit a 619 and got out of harm's way. I think we may see some sort of evil deeds being done by Kane leading up to Summerslam, and then possibly the reveal during the title match at the PPV, that Undertaker is back to go after Kane for what he did.

In other Smackdown news, we did get one mystery solved. The mystery Straight Edge Society member is Joey Mercury, former MnM tag team champion. He was unmasked by The Big Show on Friday night. So we've got a bald Punk and bald Mercury now. Will Mercury continue siding with SES or go his own path?

I like the new direction they've taken Cody Rhodes since he would have been stale staying in the same character as his "Priceless/Legacy" days. Now he's got a digital mirror to admire himself on stage and they rolled out Cody's tips on "How to be Dashing" on Smackdown. The only problem may be...

The new guy Alberto Del Rio seems to be another heel who is in love with himself. He lists out his virtues and attributes week in and out, mostly to build up his arrival by annoying fans. These are great promos too and are like throwbacks to the days when they did promos for Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect and even Million Dollar Man. Will be interesting to see Del Rio's debut (likely against amateurs for a while) and then who he first feuds with. Will he be the new Intercontinental Champ, or will Rhodes beat him to taking Kofi's title?

They're going to need some more Summerslam matches beyond the 3 so far. How about a tag match with Team LayCool against Tiffany and Kelly Kelly, with a stipulation. If Tiffany or Kelly make a winning pinfall on Layla the title is that divas. Another match may pit Dolph Ziggler versus Kofi for the IC title, although Ziggler has had so many chances. Big Show could take on SES in a handicap match, and maybe even Matt Hardy versus Christian. Those would be some decent Smackdown matches to fit in with the whole 7-on-7 Raw stars vs Nexus tag match.

What matches do you think would be best from Smackdown for the PPV?

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