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WWE NXT Results 08/31/10 - Season 2 Finale

WWE NXT Results from Albany, NY:

Tonight was the grand finale of NXT Season 2, where one rookie would be announced as WWE's "Next Breakout Star." The three finalists are Kaval, Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty, with the winner determined by a 50/50 poll from the WWE Universe and WWE Pro Mentors. Highlights were shown from the past season of NXT including the various challenges (obstacle course & kissing contest) as well as the shocking eliminations and drama afterwords. They did a quick intro piece on the final 3 guys and had them give their thoughts. After the pyro went off, Cole said it's the most important night of these guys' lives.

Ashley Valence was in ring and introduced all the WWE Pros who no longer had rookies in NXT. Next The Miz came out and gave his rookie Alex Riley an intro, then lead him to the ring. Team LayCool came out and intro'd their rookie Kaval. Finally, Kofi Kingston came out and introduced his rookie Michael McGillicutty. The final rookies and their mentors assembled in the ring with Matt Striker. Striker pointed out the other five rookies who didn't make it, sitting in the front row: Titus O'Neil, Eli Cottonwood, Lucky Cannon, Percy Watson and Husky Harris.

Striker reminded everyone what the Season 2 winner gets, a live PPV Championship match. Striker announced that next up, the 3 rookies will compete in a Triple Threat match. The Miz and Kaval got into a face-to-face confrontation, with the rookie shoving him down. A big fight broke out, with McGill knocking Riley out of the ring, and Kofi knocking Miz out.

Cole and Matthews spoke of NXT Season 3 which will have a different format: all divas. They sent it backstage for the first of the Pro Mentors, Kelly Kelly. Kelly introduced her rookie, Naomi Knight from Orlando, FL. Naomi's message to the other divas is to bring their A-Game. Cole said she's a former Orlando Magic cheerleader.

Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty vs. Alex Riley
Triple Threat Match

Laycool, Miz and Kofi were ringside to cheer on their respective rookies. Meanwhile the other pros were up on stage observing. At one point, Kaval was battling McGillicutty near the apron, but McGill got the upperhand and suplexed Kaval to drop him outside the ring. Alex Riley rushed over to knock McGill off the apron also to the floor. Miz approved of his rookie's work as NXT went to break.

At another point in the match, Riley got a key move in with Cole yelling his approval. Miz walked over and gave high fives to Cole and Matthews. Cole called Miz "the Bill Parcels of NXT coaches."

In the closing moments of the match, McGillicutty had the pinfall on Kaval, but Riley, outside the ring, yanked McGill off. McGill sat up and stared at Riley then kicked him into the commentators' table. The Miz went over to help his rookie. Meanwhile, Kaval scored a huge roundhouse kick to KO McGillicutty. Instead of taking the pin, he went for the high risk move. Riley went over and shoved Kaval off the corner, slid into the ring and stole the pin.

Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty.

They introduced Alicia Fox who was backstage to intro her diva rookie for NXT Season 3, Maxine. She's got "champagne taste with a champagne budget."

The Pro Mentors were assembled up on stage to discuss the voting.

Goldust will be another of the Pro Mentors for NXT Season 3. His diva rookie will be Aksana.

Matt Striker was now ringside with the former rookies from NXT. He said the first elimination is coming up. Striker had each guy stand up and say who they think should win NXT. Titus and Cottonwood both said Alex Riley. Lucky Cannon said it doesn't matter because they flushed NXT down the toilet once he was eliminated. Percy Watson said McGillicutty because he works hard. Husky Harris also said McGill because like him he was "born ready for WWE."

They revealed the first elimination of the night: Alex Riley. Miz was irate up on stage as the other pros clapped in his face. Riley got his moment to speak and delivered a passionate farewell speech. Miz came down the ramp to shake his rookie's hand and walk him backstage as the other pros all applauded his departure.

The Bella Twins were backstage. They'll also be diva mentors in NXT Season 3 for Jamie Keyes who was the NXT ring announcer. Jamie said she's ready to step out from behind the mic and win.

Upon NXT's return, Cole and Matthews introduced highlights of the WWE's recent trip over to China. Randy Orton, John Cena, Sheamus, Eve, The Miz, Chris Jericho, The Big Show and Rey Mysterio were among those who were on the first trip to Shanghai.

Primo was the next WWE NXT Season 3 mentor show. He'll be mentoring diva hopeful A.J. Lee from New Jersey. She said she's representing all the nerds out there. Cole said she has quite a life story that they'll get into next week.

Matt Striker was in the ring with the final 2 rookies for Season 2: Kaval & McGillicutty. He had them stand face-to-face. Striker said they each had to say why their opponent should be eliminated. McGillicutty went for some comedy routine insulting Kaval as a ninja baby. Cole asked why Riley was eliminated. Kaval gave the better of the two speeches, appealing to the live crowd much more. The two rookes got in each other's faces as NXT went to break.

As NXT returned, Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero was on camera. She'll be mentoring rookie diva Aloisia who is 6 foot 9 on Season 3 of NXT.

Back to the ring with Kaval, McGillicutty and host Matt Striker. Striker said it's time for the moment we've all waited for. He announced the winner of NXT Season 2: Kaval. McGillicutty was dejected, as LayCool rushed into the ring to hug and kiss their rookie. Kaval now gets a WWE title shot on a live PPV in the future. Striker asked what was going through McGillicutty's mind right now. He took the mic and was speechless for a few moments, then finally said "Him? him?" He said Kaval going to a PPV and getting title shot is "going to suck." He told Kaval he's nowhere near the level he is.

McGillicutty said he's had a goal ever since coming to this contest, to be a World Champion. He said getting eliminated won't stop him from reaching his goal. McGillicutty said he is the future of the company, and then said this is the start of the "Genesis of McGillicutty."

Striker handed the mic over to the winner, Kaval. Kaval had barely started thanking the WWE Universe when all of a sudden he was attacked. The other rookies from Season 2 who had been in the crowd got into the ring and gang attacked Kaval. MVP, Kofi, John Morrison came to the ring to try to intervene. Miz came rushing down to ringside with Alex Riley. Riley attacked MVP. Meanwhile, Kaval tried to fight back in the ring. McGillicutty got in the ring and stomped away on Kaval as Harris held him down.

Lucky Cannon, Husky Harris, Titus O'Neil and Alex Riley all got in big moves to drop Kaval. McGillicutty said he's the #1 man for NXT. LayCool was at ringside crying. NXT closed out with the other rookies standing over Kaval and then a replay of Kaval celebrating when he was announced the winner of NXT Season 2.

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