Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NXT Diva Rookie Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin

Well the internet is surely buzzing about NXT Season 3 rookie Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin. Kaitlyn is currently signed with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) as Ricki Vaughn, so you can call her Ricki, Kaitlyn, Celeste or smokin' hot!

Kaitlyn debuted on NXT Season 3 as a replacement rookie for Vickie Guerrero, who according to storylines fired her other rookie, Aloisa, the 6-foot-9 Amazonian woman. Aloisa had a lot of buzz heading into the show, as to what would happen with her. She was a gargantuan bigger than Chyna. It's still unclear if she's done with WWE, as you never know if she'll show up at the end of Season 3 to attack all the diva rookies. After all the past two NXT seasons have ended with competitors attacking someone.

Back to Kaitlyn, she's an early favorite of the WWE Universe, although you could easily pick 3 of your favorites of the six. Kaitlyn is involved with Pro Mentor Vickie Guerrero who gets tons of heat at WWE events from the live fans. With that in mind, and the fact Kaitlyn is one hot body, it will burn her into fans' minds. Some may go for AJ, or Naomi, but Kaitlyn surely has potential. She's been compared already to a WWE version of TNA's Velvet Sky. WWE is likely taking note of the buzz and will keep her around with that in mind. Ricki Vaughn is seen here on FCW's Talent page.

You can find more info about Celeste Bonin here at, along with sexy photos. Also, check out her Kaitlyn NXT Season 3 photos here at Kaitlyn is also a workout fanatic, and you can see a video of her (as a brunette) here at

The WWE Universe gets to vote on their favorite diva rookie in about four weeks, and Kaitlyn depending on how she goes the next several weeks, could be on top.

In case you didn't get her name, Kaitlyn was the one in the tight purple skirt who got to dance "The Robot" and "The Carlton Banks" with commentator Josh Matthews.

Who was your favorite NXT Season 3 rookie, so far?

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