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WWE Superstars Results 09/09/10

WWE Superstars Results 09/09/10:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were on hand as Raw commentators for the opening match. Cole noted that Night of Champions is approaching quickly with Raw's Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title.

R-Truth vs. William Regal

Truth came out doing his entrance theme song rap with the crowd. William Regal came to the ring and asked for a mic, then told Truth rapping is easy, even he can do it. Regal busted his own rap which mentioned Jersey Shore among other things in his lines.

In the actual match, Truth took control after jumping up on Regal in the corner to punch away on him. He came back to blast Regal down with a clothesline for a near fall. Regal got up and hit Truth with forearms then whipped him to the corner. As Regal charged, Truth avoided him, then did his breakdance split and followed with a high kick to take Regal down. Superstars took a break with Regal out of the ring.

As the show returned, Regal was able to get a full nelson on Truth. Truth battled out and went for a sunset flip, but Regal blocked and then kept Truth down on the mat in a hold. Truth eventually stood up as Regal kept a headlock on him. Truth battled out and started punching away on Regal, then clotheslined him down. Truth used an arm toss, then went for the headscissors kick. regal avoided it and went for a small package. Truth countered it and managed to take the winning pinfall.

Winner: R-Truth wins via pinfall over William Regal.

Cole talked about how NXT Season 3 is all diva rookies. They showed highlights from Tuesday night's premiere episode featuring a dance off which Naomi won, a capture the flag challenge which Naomi won, and two matches. In one match, Kelly Kelly and Naomi defeated Maxine and Alicia Fox. In the other match, it was Primo and AJ defeating Goldust and Aksana.

Goldust was shown walking backstage on the way out for a match with Gail Kim and his NXT rookie Aksana.

Goldust & Gail Kim vs. Primo & Jillian

NXT Season 3 diva rookie Aksana accompanied Goldust and Gail Kim to the ring. A.J. accompanied Primo and Jillian.

During the match, Primo pulled the ropes open causing Gail to fall through as she ran against them. Jillian took control briefly from there, eventually slamming Gail from off the corner for a near fall. Gail eventually used a headscissor move to get away from Jillian and in came Goldust to face Primo. Goldust eventually gained a pinfall on Primo, but Jillian rushed in to kick him. The bizarre one stood up to confront her, and got slapped in the face. He did his breath of air into her face, and Gail grabbed her from behind then hit her finisher. Primo tried to attack Goldust from behind, but Goldust flipped him over, then hit his finisher.

Winner: Goldust & Gail Kim win via pinfall over Primo & Jillian.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker were now on commentary from Smackdown. They talked about how now offers a Poker game where fans can win prizes by competing in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments.

The Dudebusters vs. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins

During the match, Archer took control of Trent Barretta for a bit, until Barretta managed to stage a comeback. After a knee to Archer's face in the corner, he came from against the ropes with a hip check into Archer for a near fall. Hawkins rushed in to break up the pinfall, so Croft came in to smash him down causing Hawkins to roll out of the ring.

In the closing moments, Archer rushed at Croft and took him down. Meanwhile, Barretta jumped off the corner but Archer caught him and put him up on one shoulder. Hawkins distracted the ref from the apron, but that allowed Croft to sneak in and shove Archer with Barretta still on Archer's shoulder. Barretta used the momentum to propel himself into a DDT move to take down Archer for a winning pin.

Winners: The Dudebusters win via pinfall over Hawkins and Archer.

A video package was shown about The Big Red Monster Kane and his destructive path en route to becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Striker and Grisham talked that over before showing the "Legendary" preview and "Insider" behind-the-scenes segment that has aired on Raw and NXT.

They discussed the upcoming Night of Champions PPV which includes Undertaker versus Kane for the World Championship, plus a new match featuring CM Punk against The Big Show.

Joey Mercury of the Straight Edge Society accompanied Gallows to the ring. They reviewed highlight footage from when Show faced Gallows and Punk on Smackdown and shoved Gallows into Punk on the apron. Back in the ring on Superstars, Gallows got on the mic to say he's better than everyone there. He said tonight he's going to single handedly dismantle the World's Largest athlete, the Big Show. Gallows and Mercury put a hand in the air to pledge the Straight Edge way.

Big Show vs. Luke Gallows

Show opened up strong, taking Gallows around the ring with huge punches, chops and slaps. Gallows tried to fight back but Show kept heading him off with strikes. He shoved him down near the ropes and then stood on Gallows' chest for a bit until the ref warned Show to stop. With Gallows trying to recover near the apron, Show did a running baseball slide dropkick. He did his "shhh" and then a huge slap on Gallows' chest near the barrier. As Show was climbing back in the ring, Gallows tried to get an edge but still was unable.

Show tossed Gallows across the ring, and then wound up his KO punch. As Gallows stood up, Show clocked him with the right hand punch then collected the winning pinfall. Joey Mercury, still in a arm sling, just shook his head outside the ring.

Winner: The Big Show wins via pinfall over Luke Gallows.

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