Monday, September 6, 2010

Raw Preview 09/06/10

On last week's episode of Raw, all of the competitors who will be a part of the Night of Champions Six Pack Challenge were involved in the main event. However, it was Wade Barrett and his five Nexus members against the other five wrestlers: John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton and Sheamus. Edge and Jericho both intentionally got themselves eliminated. The match eventually came down to Randy Orton as he dismantled two of Nexus' remaining wrestlers. The Viper didn't react quick enough to their leader, Wade Barrett, who scored the finishing move to win the match. With Barrett's big win, he clearly has the momentum. How will Barrett and The Nexus build upon this on tonight's Raw?

Also on Raw, Melina and Eve Torres were victorious in a battle with Team LayCool in the ring. However, as Melina was celebrating, Team LayCool finally announced what they had in mind for the Divas Champion. LayCool challenged Melina to a womens title unification match at Night of Champions. Melina gladly accepted but let them know she had a stipulation to add: the match would be a Lumberjack, or more appropriately, Lumberjill match. All of the Raw and Smackdown divas showed up on stage, to let LayCool know there wouldn't be any outside interference. How will Melina prepare herself for the match though, not knowing which member of LayCool she'll face?

One title that has yet to be put up for grabs on the Night of Champions card is The Miz's United States Championship. On Raw for the past several weeks, it appears that Daniel Bryan and The Miz have one intense feud brewing. Just last week, The Miz along with his NXT rookie Alex Riley, defeated Bryan and NXT Season 2 winner Kaval in tag action. While Bryan was able to thwart an initial attack by knocking Riley off the apron, he soon fell victim to an attack from The Miz. After getting clocked by Miz's MITB briefcase, Bryan certainly has to be just a bit ticked off. Will the anonymous Raw GM find an opponent for The Miz at Night of Champions, or will someone challenge The Miz first?

Catch Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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