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WWE NXT Results 09/07/10

WWE NXT Results 09/07/10:

The Season 3 of WWE NXT premiered, opening with a new theme song and video featuring the five divas and their pro mentors. They showed Vickie Guerrero with a mystery silouhette, as her rookie diva had been fired this past weekend.

NXT Host Matt Striker was in ring and introduced the WWE Pro Mentors, who each introduced their diva rookies. Kelly Kelly introduced rookie Naomi. The Bella Twins came out to introduce former ring announcer Jamie Keyes. Primo introduced his rookie A.J. Alicia Fox introduced Maxine. Finally, Goldust came out to introduce his diva rookie Aksana. Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero arrived out from backstage with her "Excuse Me" bit. She said last week she fired her rookie diva Aloisa. She said her rookie is now out of the way, and now she has a new diva rookie - Kaitlyn.

Striker reminded everyone that 50% of the votes are from the Pros and 50% from the WWE Universe. Striker gave each of the diva hopefuls a chance to talk. Kaitlyn delivered her in-ring talk but Vickie didn't like it and made her go over again. The second time she talked about how great it was to have Vickie Guerrero as her pro mentor. Aksana from Lithuania spoke in her language for a bit and finished with "let me entertainment you." Maxine called herself a "Triple Threat in a skirt." The WWE Universe didn't really embrace any of the diva rookies and seemed bored by their speeches.

NXT returned with Striker and just the diva rookies in the ring for the first NXT Challenge. Striker said the first elimination will be in four week's time. He said whichever diva wins the most challenges between now and then will be immune. First challenge will be "Divas Dance Challenge" with the live Baltimore audience as judges. Striker said they'd need a dance partner, so he called Michael Cole into the ring. Cole wore red leggings and a weird hat and really seemed to distract from the diva dancing.

Striker told Cole to take a seat after two dances, and called in ring announcer Tony Chimel. AJ started to do what looked like a strip routine, in totally non-PG fashion. Maxine did almost the same taking it a step further. Josh Matthews was called in for the last two dances with Aksana and Kaitlyn. Matthews did slow dancing. Kaitlyn did the robot and then some other Carlton dance moves from "Fresh Prince." Naomi won the competition and Michael Cole claimed it was his doing.

When NXT returned they mentioned one of the new official theme songs of NXT is "You Make the Rain Fall" by To The Sky, now available at iTunes.

Kelly Kelly & Naomi vs. Alicia Fox & Maxine

Naomi showed impressive moves early on, that haven't been seen before by a diva. Maxine soon got into the match to fight Naomi. Cole said if Maxine wasn't in the NXT contest she said she'd be a private investigator. Alicia and Maxine continued to keep Naomi away from a tag to Kelly.

There seemed to be some confusion with the finish. As Naomi had a pinfall on Maxine, Alicia came into the ring to break it up, as Kelly rushed in to pounce on her. However, the ref counted a pinfall and the bell rang. Kelly and Alicia kept fighting to the outside. Back in the ring, Naomi and Maxine still thought the match was going on. Naomi got a suplex on Maxine and pinned, but a ref slid in to explain that there were already winners. Strange finish!

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Naomi win via pinfall over Maxine and Alicia Fox.

Time for another Diva Rookies challenge. This time it was capture the flag. The divas had to rush down the ramp toward a post holding five flags. Jamie was eliminated first since she didn't get a flag. On the next try it was AJ, then Aksana being eliminated. It came down to Maxine and Naomi. Naomi won her second straight contest of the night grabbing the final flag in the ring. Striker interviewed her in the ring asking how she felt. She said she's so excited and thinks her athleticism gives her the advantage over the other girls.

Cole and Matthews talked over the new WWE Film "Legendary" starring John Cena which opens on Friday. They showed an inside look just like Raw featured Monday night.

From there, they brought up how Cena will be part of the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Other matches include Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the US Title and Undertaker vs Kane for the World Heavyweight Title. Cole said on Friday night's Smackdown Undertaker returns to action against CM Punk.

Matthews kicked it back to a highlight package of Jamie Keyes, one of the diva rookie hopefuls. Jamie said she was always active when she was younger and got into weightlifting as a cheerleader. She went to nursing school before getting into WWE.

Goldust & Aksana vs. Primo & A.J.

In a very quick matchup, A.J. was able to use a face-plant bulldog to pick up the victory for her and Primo in mixed tag action.

Not long after the victory celebration, Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero appeared with her rookie diva Kaitlyn. She said she wanted Kaitlyn to give her intro one more time in the ring. Primo told Vickie to leave. Vickie said Primo might like "living with failure" but she hangs out with success. AJ told Vickie to leave, so Vickie told Kaitlyn to sick her. AJ and Kaitlyn fought a bit, with AJ pushing Kaitlyn onto Vickie. Vickie was irate and left, storming up the ramp. Kaitlyn chased her backstage offering apologies as AJ and Primo celebrated in the ring. Cole said "that pipsqueak AJ is going to pay."

Winners: AJ & Primo win via pinfall over Aksana & Goldust.

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