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Raw Results 09/06/10

Raw Results from Washington, DC:

No video package or fireworks to start off Raw. Michael Cole announced that Nexus is already in the ring, as all members were there except Skip Sheffield. Wade Barrett spoke about how last week they made history by taking out The Undertaker in the ring. They had the replay shown of Barrett hitting his finisher on Taker after the lights came back on, and then Justin Gabriel hitting a 450 Splash on him in the ring.

David Otunga started talking next, saying despite losing Darren Young and Skip Sheffield, they still stayed together and had the night of their lives last week. Tarver took the mic, saying later on last week's show they took out five of WWE's top superstars. He said Jericho and Edge were so scared they took themselves out of the match. Heath Slater talked about how he pinned the WWE Champion Sheamus in the main event. Justin Gabriel bragged he's one of the few guys in WWE who did his finishing move on Undertaker and Cena in the same night.

Barrett said after all of that, he "de-venomized The Viper." Barrett said in two week's time, he will become the new WWE Champion at the Six Pack Challenge and bring the title back home to The Nexus, making history. Barrett continued his speech, but suddenly was interrupted as Randy Orton arrived out to the ramp. The Viper noted that he took out two members of The Nexus in less than 30 seconds. Orton said no need to roll the footage, because he'll just do it again. He told Barrett at Night of Champions he'll make it his business to hit him with the RKO. Barrett challenged Orton to come to the ring now and try it.

Orton started down the ramp but the Raw GM Email chime sounded. Cole got up to read from the podium, "And I quote..." The email said Nexus looked good as a unit last week, but tonight they'll go at it individually. Justin Gabriel will face John Cena one-on-one. Also, Randy Orton will face Wade Barrett tonight. The GM added a special stipulation to make things fair: Nexus is banned from ringside during these matches.

WWE Rewind showed last week's main event, the 5-on-5 elimination match. Edge had just shoved the ref to get himself DQ'd and eliminated on purpose. It made it just Cena, Orton and Sheamus versus the five Nexus guys. That was it for the replay.

John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho

As Jericho was getting to the ring, another email came through. Cole read the email saying that Jericho & Edge taking themselves out of the main event last week was a slap in the face to everyone including the GM. The GM said that if Jericho and Edge don't win their respective matches tonight, they'll be taken out of the match at Night of Champions. Jericho rushed over to Cole at the podium and demanded he tell him who the GM is. Just then his opponent, John Morrison arrived out for the match.

Late in the match, Jericho whipped Morrison across the ring to the corner. He charged at him, but JMo moved away and Jericho hit the ringpost shoulder first. Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Jericho rolled out of the way. JMo landed on his feet but tweaked his knee. Jericho quickly turned him over for Walls of Jericho. Morrison fought it and finally got to the bottom rope to break.

In the closing moments, Morrison was up on the corner fighting off Jericho. He eventually punched Jericho down to the mat, then went for Starship Pain, this time connecting and pinning Jericho. Jericho is now out of the Six Pack Challenge per Raw GM's stipulation. He was down on the mat and realized it as he started to get up. Jericho exited the ring then sat on the steps to contemplate what happened. Lawler and Cole talked of how Jericho's career was significantly changed from now. Lawler said it's a "turning point" in Jericho's career.

Winner: John Morrison wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox

Cole and Lawler talked about the upcoming Divas/WWE Womens Championship Unification match, a Lumberjill match scheduled for Night of Champions.

Alicia Fox came out to the ramp with a mic in hand and said Melina won't be defending the title at Night of Champions, because if anyone deserves to be the undisputed champion it's her. Fox said she'll be the one in the unification match at NOC not Melina.

Melina jumped up on Alicia's back in the corner and was going for her Sunset Flip move. Alicia dumped her over the ropes onto the apron. Moments later, Melina was able to grab Alicia, let out a scream, and hit her Sunset Split leg move on Alicia to get the pinfall.

Winner: Melina wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox.

The Miz was backstage admiring something behind a black curtain. He told Josh Matthews "tonight is all about The Miz." He said tonight the entire world will know about the "journey to awesome." Matthews tried to look under the curtain, but Miz slapped his hand and told him to get out of there now. On commentary, Cole laughed and asked what Miz is even doing hanging out with Josh Matthews backstage.

Back in the locker room, Edge was asking Zack Ryder why he should lose his Six Pack Challenge spot since Jericho already did. Edge said he only shoved the ref because he said something bad about his mom and nobody does that. Ryder suggested that Edge should take him on in his match tonight. Edge told Ryder he's brilliant, because Ryder sucks and he's an easy win.

From there, Edge yelled out to the anonymous GM that he accepts Ryder's challenge. Edge said if Ryder's music doesn't play for his opponent tonight, he'll smash apart the laptop that the GM uses to communicate. Ryder then asked Edge if he really called him a "tool." Edge said yes and Ryder said it hurt his feelings. Edge shook his head and left the scene.

Ted Dibiase was shown sitting down in a dressing room talking on the phone telling the person on the other end how much he loves them and spending time with them. Just then, Maryse came walking in and asked who he was talking to. Dibiase ended the call and said "talk to you later- Mom." Maryse then said "by the way, me too." Dibiase didn't know what she was talking about and she produced a note she found at her purse saying "I want you." Dibiase claimed he didn't write it, then suggested maybe it was a note to him. Maryse got upset and began going off in French, so Dibiase walked out.

An advertisement for next week's Season Premiere of Raw showed that next week will be "Raw Roulette."

John Cena vs. Justin Gabriel

During the match a battle of "Let's Go Cena!" vs "Cena Sucks" chants started. Shortly after that, Gabriel gained control, and hit a flip from off the apron over the top rope to Senton bomb onto Cena for a near fall. Moments later he hit a Cross body for another near fall.

Gabriel tried for a submission hold later on, with Cena withstanding the pain to work out of it. Gabriel was able to counter a Cena move for a Gutwrench bomb to a near fall.

In the closing moments, Gabriel had momentum and kicked Cena in the face on the mat, then pulled him near the corner. Gabriel climbed the corner for his 450 Splash. Cena was quick to get up and punched Gabriel on the corner. Cena climbed up the corner backwards, got Gabriel on his shoulders and then jumped off the corner to hit the Attitude Adjustment.

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over Justin Gabriel.

Cole and Lawler talked about "Legendary" starring John Cena. The movie will debut in limited theaters starting Friday. To find out theaters showing the movie near you, check out They showed an exclusive "Inside Legendary" preview including a scene where Cena had to toss a medicine ball at his young co-star's chest hard to take him out of the frame. Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson were also part of the behind-the-scenes look.

As Raw returned, The Miz was already in the ring with his black curtain item. He introduced himself as Mike Mizanin, and said six years ago he was told he had no right to be there. Miz said he used to be scum of the Earth, a reality TV star. Miz showed a pic of his days back on "WWE Tough Enough," the reality show competition to determine a new wrestling star. The Miz said back in the day everyone told him to go back to MTV. He said he refused to cave in to the pressure.

The Miz said he became host of Smackdown so he could still work with WWE. He talked about eventually partnering up with John Morrison to be tag champs. He said everyone thought Miz would disappear if he and Morrison split up. Miz said they did split up, but he went on to be US Champion. Miz said everyone told him he'd never rise to the next level, but he won Money in the Bank. Miz said he can now be looked at the biggest star in the entire company.

The Miz asked for a drumroll to reveal what was behind the black curtain. He pulled the curtain off the reveal the newest WWE Magazine cover, which has The Miz on it. He said as a kid he would buy each issue and dream he'd be on the cover one day. Miz demanded that everyone in the arena stand up to admit they were wrong about him and he made it. Miz said he's the posterchild for WWE now, not Cena or Orton. As Miz was finishing up his promo, Daniel Bryan came out from backstage to the ring.

Bryan got in the ring to introduce himself and said he was there to congratulate The Miz. Bryan said they have a lot in common, because nobody thought he'd make it either. Miz said he hasn't made it or done anything. Bryan told Miz if he gets to face him for the United States Championship, he will beat him. Miz told Bryan he doesn't even deserve a shot. Bryan had them show a fake WWE Cover up on the Titantron "Miz Taps" showing Bryan putting a Crossface on him. Bryan promised Miz that he can make him tap out and become the next US Champion.

Bryan finally made the challenge for a US Championship match and asked Miz - Yes or No? Miz paused then said "Yes." Bryan smiled and said "thank you, I appreciate it." Miz said no, thank you. He tried to attack, but Bryan dodged it, and then put Miz down in the Crossface. Suddenly, The Miz's NXT rookie Alex Riley rushed into the ring and tried to attack Bryan. Bryan was able to fight him off and then dump Miz out of the ring. He put Riley into the Crossface for a while while Miz watched helpless outside the ring. From there, Bryan started to smirk at the big WWE Magazine cover in the ring. After several moments he kicked the magazine down to anger Miz.

They showed September 4, 1995 when WCW Monday Nitro debuted against WWE Monday Night Raw. It talked about the start of the Monday Night Wars, which WCW dominated for two years, until the Raw Attitude Era started and eventually WWE bought WCW. More of these classic incidents are available on WWE Classics on Demand.

Edge was shown walking backstage on his way to the ring for the next match.

They showed a replay of how Edge intentionally got himself DQ'd in the main event elimination tag match last week, leading to tonight's singles match. If Edge loses tonight, he's out of the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.

The Great Khali vs. Edge

Cole talked about how Chris Jericho lost earlier, so he already lost his spot in the Six Pack Challenge, could Edge be next? Cole reviewed an email from the anonymous GM on his Blackberry, saying that next week Cena will face either Wade Barrett or Randy Orton depending who wins tonight's main event. Edge was surprised to see his opponent tonight was not Zack Ryder, but The Great Khali.

Edge went outside the ring and walked over to the laptop vowing to destroy it, however the Rated-R Superstar managed to stop himself after some orders from the ref. As soon as the bell rang, Edge rolled to the outside and began to mock Great Khali, walking like Frankenstein. He kept doing and eventually went over to grab Ranjin Singh. Khali came over and grabbed Edge by the hair. Edge eventually broke away, up the ramp. Khali got out of the ring and went after him on the ramp. He tried to swipe at Edge, but Edge avoided it and kicked Khali in the leg. Edge rushed back to get in the ring, beating the count, but Khali couldn't.

As Edge was raising his arms victorious, another email came through from the Raw GM. The Raw GM said he refused to acknowledge the cheap countout victory. The GM ordered the match to restart as a No DQ, Over-the-Top Rope Challenge. Raw went to commercial break.

Winner: Match was not acknowledged by Raw GM.

Great Khali vs. Edge
No DQ, Over the Top Rope Challenge

Edge went for a Spear late in the match, but Khali grabbed him for a Chokeslam. He threw Edge out through the middle ropes. Khali went to climb out, but Edge grabbed his leg and yanked Khali over the top rope by his leg to win it.

Winner: Edge wins the Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge to retain his spot at Night of Champions Six Pack Challenge WWE Title Match.

Cole and Lawler talked about The Undertaker versus Kane World Heavyweight Title match for Night of Champions, as well as the other matches including Daniel Bryan vs The Miz for the US Title. Also they mentioned the Six Pack Challenge which features Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena, Wade Barrett and Sheamus competing for the WWE Title.

Chris Jericho was seated backstage when Josh Matthews came up to interview him. Matthews reminded him of last week's statement that if he loses the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions and doesn't become WWE Champion, he's out of WWE. Matthews said now that he's out of the challenge, what are his future plans. Jericho was silent, so Matthews thanked him for his time and left. Just then, John Morrison came in and sat next to him. He said "bad day huh? do you still think you're the best in the world at what you do?" Morrison said "don't worry things will get better...Do you understand the words that I'm saying to you right now?" Jericho turned and glared at Morrison for a moment, then turned back, looking dejected.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

John Cena will face the winner of this match in next week's Raw main event. The WWE Champion Sheamus arrived out to watch the main event from ringside. Edge and John Cena also joined Sheamus on guest commentary. Cena said he'll be kicking of Raw Roulette next week by facing the winner of the Barrett-Orton match.

Orton started it off by bashing Barrett from corner to corner, then clotheslining him down. Barrett went to the outside, where Orton continued to attack him, eventually smashing him face first against the commentators table multiple times. Orton continued to dominate it, but Barrett eventually came back with a big boot kick to take The Viper down. Sheamus complained about the Six Pack Challenge rules during commentary.

Later in the match, Orton gained momentum, knocking Barrett down numerous times. With Barrett on the apron, Orton tried to set him up for the DDT through the middle ropes. Instead, Barrett blocked it and dumped Orton out of the ring. Just then, Darren Young showed up from backstage with a mic in hand. He asked Barrett if he thought they could kick him out of Nexus, beat him up and get away with it. Young said he's not the weakest link, he's the missing link. Young prepared to get in the ring, with Barrett daring him to. Meanwhile, Orton snuck into the ring behind Barrett, waited for him to turn then hit the RKO for the win.

After Orton won it, Young got into the ring to walk up to him. Orton looked at him, then quickly hit him with the RKO. Edge and Sheamus both tried to attack with their big moves, but Orton avoided the attacks and hit RKO's on both guys. Cena remained seated with Cole and Lawler, but finally stepped into the ring towards the end of Raw. He'll face Orton on next week's Raw. Cena and Orton stood in staredown position to close out the show.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Wade Barrett.

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