Wednesday, September 8, 2010

POLL: Is Chris Jericho leaving WWE?

The latest storyline with Chris Jericho has been about as mysterious as his formerly cryptic Matrix style return message. Not long ago on Raw, Jericho informed the WWE Universe if he doesn't win the WWE Title at Night of Champions in the Six Pack Challenge, he was done, for good with WWE. However, just this past week on Raw, Jericho was entered into a match by the anonymous Raw GM with the stipulation that if he lost the match, he also lost his spot in the Six Pack Challenge.

Jericho's opponent was John Morrison, who amazingly won the match, sending Jericho out of the Six Pack Challenge. A dejected and silent Jericho was shown backstage, leaving fans wondering, what's next? Is Jericho about to retire from pro-wrestling, following in the footsteps of legend Shawn Michaels? Or is this another elaborate storyline from WWE? Jericho has been talk before and warned he would leave, only to come back to further irritate the fans whom he calls "hypocrites."

They've yet to announce a replacement for Jericho in the Six Pack Challenge, meaning it's just a Five Pack Challenge now. Potential fill-ins could be the recently returning Darren Young (although he hasn't done much to earn it), John Morrison or even Evan Bourne who seems far out of contention too. There's always that lingering rumor that HHH returns too. Still the focus here is on Jericho's future, which we could learn more about on next week's Raw.

It's time for a new wrestling poll here at the blog, since the previous poll was up way too long. This time, it'll be interesting to see fans' take on the Jericho story, as to whether he's about to leave the WWE or it's part of a bigger story. Register your vote below, or over on the sidebar today!

What will Chris Jericho's story be?
Jericho retires from WWE wrestling
Jericho wins WWE Title by end of 2010
Jericho doesn't re-sign, goes to TNA
Jericho is all talk again.
Jericho takes time off to tour with FOZZY. free polls

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