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Smackdown Results 09/10/10

Smackdown Results from Baltimore, MD:

Smackdown opened with a Kane video, with the Big Red Monster narrating and speaking right to the camera to Undertaker. He said he's envied his brother's powers more than he could ever know. Kane told Taker his powers are gone now, and that after Night of Champions, Undertaker will be known as "the brother I destroyed."

Grisham said tonight The Undertaker returns to action in the ring against former 3-time World Champion CM Punk. Striker asked what condition is The Undertaker in? Grisham said we'll find out tonight what Undertaker has left in him. Suddenly, the bells tolled and the lights went out. Undertaker was in the ring as his fire and electricity went off on the stage.

Taker talked about how his brother Kane had always been a disturbed freak of nature. He said he's always had to protect Kane from others and himself. The Phenom said he won't regret doing what he has to at Night of Champions after Kane's cowardly attack. Taker said Kane is under the illusion to think he has the power of the darkness. Undertaker said that power is his though and he's still in control now. He said Kane will remember Night of Champions as the night his older brother stopped his reign of terror, and took back the World Title.

Taker said he knows they're going to unleash the Gates of Hell when they face off, and he can't wait. He added that they need to fight under the stipulation of "No Holds Barred," and asked for Kane's response to the challenge. Instead of Kane, CM Punk's music hit and he arrived out on stage applauding the speech. Punk said Taker deserves a standing ovation and asked everyone in attendance to stand up to applaud.

Punk said they all know that after NOC, nobody will see Undertaker ever again. Punk said he's enjoyed watching Taker on this personal downward spiral. He said he doesn't see anything phenomenal left, but a broken down, beat up man. Undertaker said when he looks at Punk, he sees his next victim. Punk said Taker's threats don't have the weight they used to. Punk said when he wins tonight he'll send a message: that the power of Undertaker and the Darkside can't compare to the power of Straight Edge Society.

Taker told Punk the result will be the same as always, he will fail. Punk reminded Taker of when he made him tap out at 100%, so he asked what he thinks he'll do tonight. Taker said he knows what he'll do - Rest In Peace.

vs. Jack Swagger

They showed a highlight reel from when Swagger got to host MVP's VIP Lounge last week. Swagger had his dad as special guest. MVP arrived down to say the Lounge was now closed for repairs. It created a fight between Swagger and MVP in the ring, which resulted in Swagger's already-hurt dad getting the Ballin' Elbow drop.

After commercial break, MVP and Swagger ended up battling near the steel steps. Swagger dropkicked them into MVP's leg. As they both crawled back for the ring, Swagger grabbed MVP by the leg down near the corner. He smashed his leg against the ringpost, then got back in the ring. Swagger locked the ankle lock onto MVP until he finally tapped out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over MVP.

Michelle McCool and Layla were backstage with Season 2 NXT champion Kaval sitting behind them. They talked over who will face Melina at Night of Champions, and how Vickie gave them a clause in their contract. They started arguing about who should fight Melina at NOC. Kaval interrupted to say tonight's his first night on Smackdown. Team LayCool started talking how they helped him get there, then insulted his non-smile demeanor and voice. Finally Kaval left to prepare for his match.

After a commercial break, they rolled a video package of the Big Red Monster, Kane and his dominant ways in WWE.

They showed highlights of Season 3 of NXT which features six rookie divas: Kaitlyn, Maxine, Aksana, A.J., Jamie and Naomi. Whichever rookie wins the most challenges in the next four weeks will have immunity for the first elimination poll. Naomi won the both of the first two challenges: diva dance challenge and capture the flag.

Grisham and Striker talked about the upcoming World Title match for Night of Champions between Taker and Kane. They rolled a video package on the history of The Brothers of Destruction. It included Taker's former manager Paul Bearer announcing that his brother Kane was coming to WWE and showed his debut, Tombstoning Taker in a steel cage. Also include was the unmasking of Kane to transition to his new look. Taker and Kane's recent promo speeches were used as narrative for the video.

Grisham and Striker said later tonight they'll see the Undertaker back in action to determine if he's powerful or powerless.

Matt Hardy was shown walking backstage getting ready for a match, against newcomer Alberto Del Rio.

Ring announcer Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, the personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came driving out in a Bentley convertible which Striker estimated is worth $250k. Grisham reminded fans that Del Rio broke Rey Mysterio's wrist. Last week, Del Rio had a fiesta in the ring, and Christian came out to confront him for it. Del Rio exited the ring telling Christian there would be another place and time.

Matt Hardy vs. Alberto Del Rio

Grisham noted that Matt's still favoring his ankle despite an attack by Drew McIntyre weeks ago.

In the matchup, Del Rio got the early advantage as he dominated Hardy. Del Rio whipped Hardy to the ropes and charged but Matt avoided it. Del Rio went straight through the ropes and hit the floor strange. Hardy followed by taking the fight to Del Rio outside the ring. However, as Hardy tried to get onto the apron, Del Rio hit an impressive enziguiri kick to knock Hardy out as Smackdown went to break.

The two competitors were back in the ring with Del Rio in control. He beat up Hardy some then locked a headlock on him down on the mat. Hardy staged a comeback though and eventually was able to hit a Side Effect for a near fall. Grisham got excited thinking Hardy might hand him his first loss.

In the closing moments, Del Rio got up on the corner for a high risk move. Hardy climbed up to fight him. Del Rio managed to fall off the corner and yanked on Hardy's arm to damage him. As Del Rio got back in the ring he shoved Hardy shoulder first into the ring post. From there it was all academic as Del Rio locked the Crossbar Armbreaker on Hardy for the submission.

Post match, Del Rio looked to do more damage on Hardy's arm, but was headed off by Christian who rushed to the ring to make the save. From the ramp, Del Rio was smiling but pointed at Christian and told him he's going to pay another place or time.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Matt Hardy.

They rolled the "Inside Legendary" behind-the-scenes interviews and footage featuring John Cena and his movie co-stars.

Kaval vs. Drew McIntyre

This match was Kaval's debut match on WWE Smackdown after winning Season 2 of NXT. Striker said that Kaval requested Team LayCool not accompany him to the ring. During the match, Kaval showed early flashes of brilliance as he was able to hit a spinning kick on Drew. Moments later though, McIntyre swiped his leg on the ropes and Kaval fell to the outside.

Outside the ring, McIntyre suplexed Kaval onto the ring apron. Later in the match, Kaval used kicks to subdue McIntyre. He rushed at Drew near the corner and got tossed up, but Kaval landed on his feet on the top rope then flipped back for a hard kick. He went for a pinfall but McIntyre kicked out. Kaval prepared for a trademark move from the corner, but Drew rolled to the outside. Kaval jumped at him, but Drew tossed him into the barricade, then brought Kaval back to the ring. Back in the ring, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT to hand Kaval his first loss ever.

Post-match, Team LayCool rushed to the ring to check on Kaval and helped him out of the ring. They noticed how sweaty he was and how it got on their hands, then yelled at some fans.

Winner: Drew McIntyre wins via pinfall over Kaval.

Time for a Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips segment. Rhodes talked about acne and blackheads, in a repeat of his previous bit. Rhodes was wearing a green facial mask and said it will give porcelain-like skin.

Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero arrived out from backstage with her NXT rookie Kaitlyn. She told Kaitlyn to introduce her. She tried, but Vickie snatched the mic away and told her she would show her how it's done. Vickie introduced her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, who arrived out from backstage with Chavo Guerrero to head to the ring.

Grisham and Striker looked at the IC title match from two weeks ago, where Vickie helped Dolph get counted out. Kofi won the match but not the IC title. At Night of Champions Kofi faces Dolph in a IC title match. If Dolph is counted out or disqualified he will lose the title.

Late in the match, Kofi and Dolph were both down on the mat, with Ziggler making a tag but the ref never saw it. Ziggler had to stay in the ring as the ref told Chavo to get out. Meanwhile, Kofi set up and hit the Trouble in Paradise kick to win by pinfall. Masters rushed in to prevent interference from Chavo.

Post-match, Vickie Guerrero kept yelling at the referee about the decision.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters win via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero.

They showed another "Legendary" ad, then talked about the Night of Champions PPV matches including the Six Pack Challenge, Big Show vs CM Punk, and the World Title match Kane vs Undertaker.

Backstage, Big Show was pretending to be Josh Matthews interviewing himself about the CM Punk match. Show said he's already single-handedly dismantled SES and now it's Big Show vs CM Punk one-on-one. Kelly Kelly was shown nearby laughing, and called Show a nerd for his impersonation bit. Matthews came in and asked if they've seen his microphone. Show had it under his arm, and Kelly convinced Show to hand it over. He smelled the mic then gave it to Matthews.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

CM Punk arrived out from backstage with Gallows and Joey Mercury. He told both guys to head backstage so he could handle Undertaker on his own. Taker took control of Punk early in the match, working on his left arm with numerous moves. He grabbed Punk by the left arm and rammed into it several times then hit a legdrop on the mat. Taker continued to focus his attack on the arm, but when he went for Old School, Punk retaliated to knock him off as Smackdown went to break.

When the show returned, Punk was the one in control, going after Taker's arm. Punk used a submission o nthe mat to try to make Taker tap out, then drove his elbow into Taker's skull several times. Later still though, Undertaker made a comeback and hit a huge legdrop on the side apron onto Punk. Taker recovered near the commentators table. Grisham noted that Undertaker's eyes are almost glazed-over looking. Meanwhile, Punk recovered in the corner as Taker came in and went for a running kick. Punk moved away then hit a huge kick to Taker's head for a near fall.

Late in the match, Taker hit Snakes Eyes on Punk but as he ran against the ropes, Punk came back to knee him high in the chest. With Taker down, Punk climbed to the side apron and went for a springboard clothesline. Punk jumped but Taker caught him for the Chokeslam. Punk barely kicked out at 2 1/2. Taker actually got Taker up for the GTS, but after hitting it, Punk fell back to the mat as well. He finally crawled over for the pin, but Taker responded by locking his Hell's Gate submission triangle choke. Punk soon tapped out.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via submission over CM Punk.

Following the match, Taker was still down on the mat recovering from the effects of the battle as his theme music played. He finally sat up but looked very worn out and beaten down. Grisham asked "Can this man beat Kane?" Undertaker finally stood up but stumbled around a bit. He finally got down on one knee in classic fashion, but suddenly fire exploded from the ringposts. Kane was hear laughing maniacally. Taker looked around but Kane was nowhere to be seen as the laughing kept going.

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